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Looking for sentences with "Zoospore"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Swarmer
1. zoospore An asexual motile spore produced by a zoosporangium
2. There was no correlation between zoospore and sporangium yeild in different medium
3. The production condition of zoospore of P sojae was studied The results showed that the mycelia could be induced to produce sporangia that released zoospores by changing intermittently
4. The biological characteristics of growth rate and colony morphology of single–zoospore isolates were studied
5. The movement of the zoospore is effected by the lashing of the cilia and is in the direction of the beak, while the zoospore slowly rotates on its long axis at the same time. 0 The so-called zoospore of Vaucheria is a coenocyte covered over with paired cilia corresponding in position to nuclei lying below.
6. How to use “zoospore” in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences “zoospore”. 20 examples of simple sentences “zoospore” . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate). The subject is the person or thing that does something
7. A zoospore is a motile asexual spore that uses a flagellum for locomotion. Also called a swarm spore, these spores are created by some protists, bacteria and fungi to propagate themselves. Heterokont zoospore of Saprolegnia with tinsel and whiplash flagella. Diversity Flagella types. Zoospores may possess one or
8. zoospore definition is - an independently motile spore; especially : a motile usually naked and flagellated asexual spore especially of an alga or lower fungus. 7. zoospore definition, an asexual spore produced by certain algae and some fungi, capable of moving about by means of flagella.
9. zoospore definition, an asexual spore produced by certain algae and some fungi, capable of moving about by means of flagella. See more.
10. zoospore alignment and orientation of germination. When zoospores settle on a host surface, the cysts almost invariably germinate towards the host (Figure I). This raises the possibility that zoospores might pre-align during encystment. Several lines of evidence support this idea and also suggest that the site of germination is predetermined.
11. Other articles where zoospore is discussed: spore: …aplanospores, whereas others produce motile zoospores, which lack true cell walls and bear one or more flagella. The flagella allow zoospores to swim to a favourable environment in which to develop, whereas monospores and aplanospores must rely on passive transport by water currents.
12. They use flagella for their locomotion. zoospores are specialized structures for dispersal. Hence, they are incapable of dividing and absorbing organic nutrients during germination. They encyst by shedding their flagella and secreting a cell wall. Features of zoospores. Three common features are shared by zoospores. zoospore cells are wall-less.
13. Main Difference – zoospore vs Conidia. A spore is a minute, single-celled, reproductive cell that gives rise to a new individual without fusion. Lower plants, fungi, and protozoans produce spores. Zygospores, oospores, ascospores, and basidiospores are sexual spores produced by meiosis.Sporangiospores, zoospores, and conidia are asexual spores produced by mitosis.
14. Chytridiomycota are a division of zoosporic organisms in the kingdom Fungi, informally known as chytrids.The name is derived from the Greek χυτρίδιον chytridion, meaning "little pot", describing the structure containing unreleased zoospores.Chytrids are one of the early diverging fungal lineages, and their membership in kingdom Fungi is demonstrated with chitin cell walls, a posterior
15. zoospore propulsion is driven by high-frequency undulation of the flagellum from base to the tail and a velocity of 100 μm per second (20-times cell length per second) is typical for a chytrid. Zoospores can swim for many hours in a culture dish or glass microscope chamber. They spend most of the time swimming in straight lines or following
16. How to use zoospores in a sentence. Example sentences with the word zoospores. zoospores example sentences. 3. Flagella. There are two types of flagellated zoospores, whiplash and tinsel or "decorated". Whiplash flagella are straight, to power the zoospore through its medium.
17. zoospore definition is - an independently motile spore; especially : a motile usually naked and flagellated asexual spore especially of an alga or lower fungus.
18. The key difference between zoospore and zygospore is that zoospore is a haploid structure while zygospore is a diploid structure.. zoospores and zygospores are two types of spores produced by the fusion of unicellular gametes. They are reproductive structures. Moreover, both these types of spores originate in the sporangia.However, zoospores are swarm spores with locomotive abilities while
19. ‘Oedogonium grows in two different ways, through zoospores, or through syngamy of sperm and egg.’ ‘This suggests that infected host cells were negatively selected by the parasite zoospores under these conditions.’
20. Allan P. Pessier, in Current Therapy in Reptile Medicine and Surgery, 2014. Life Cycle. The infective stage of Bd to amphibians is the motile flagellated zoospore 8,66 (Figure 22-8).Zoospores are released from mature zoosporangia that have been established within amphibian keratinocytes (skin of postmetamorphic animals or oral disk of tadpoles); they then swim in the environment before
21. zoospore definition: 1. Bot. an asexual sporangial spore, esp. of certain fungi or algae, capable of independent motion usually by means of cilia or flagella 2. Zool. a motile flagellate or amoebic reproductive cell arising from a sporocyst in certain
22. Three to 4 days after the seed plates were taken from darkness and exposed to light, mass zoospore release occurred. Use of algal diets to aid early weaning in the abalone haliotis iris zoospore germination and germling development in Chaetophora elegans (Chaetophorales, Chlorophyta).
23. Define zoospore. zoospore synonyms, zoospore pronunciation, zoospore translation, English dictionary definition of zoospore. n. A motile flagellated asexually produced spore, as of certain algae, oomycetes, and fungi. zo′o·spor′ic adj. American Heritage® Dictionary of the English

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