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Looking for sentences with "Wormers"? Here are some examples.

1. Valbazen- use for treatment of tapeworm and liver fluke. The does is 2cc per 25lbs and this is a wormer that is NOT SAFE to use on pregnant does. Next, you have the clear wormers. These are Ivermectin and Ivomec Plus. 9. Only use wormers that are labeled safe for foals and pregnant/lactating mares. Horses with very heavy round worm infestations
2. Only use the drugs that are necessary to kill the worms that are detected in the fecal egg count reduction test. Overexposing worms to dewormers can cause them to become resistant after awhile. Try to use the weather and climate to your benefit. Different climates can affect parasite reproduction which in turn reduces the frequency of deworming.
3. Help remove large and small strongyles, pinworms, ascarids, hairworms, large mouth stomach worms, lungworms, intestinal threadworms, and bots with an assortment of effective horse wormers. Our wormers also help reduce the chance of re-infection by decreasing the number of worm larvae in the horse's feces and subsequently, the pasture.
4. You should be aware that a few of the wormers we mentioned are not approved for use in poultry. They require the authorization of a veterinarian for use in poultry. Unless your birds have a heavy worm load and are exhibiting symptoms of illness, you do not have to worm your chickens. Healthy adult chickens rarely suffer from a worm overload.
5. The de-wormers should be used in minimum numbers of treatment to control the internal parasites. The overuse of the de-wormers will make the parasites resistant to the de-worming. However, a mixture of safe grazing and anthelmintic (de-worming medicines) dose should be used to control the worm’s infection. wormers should be changed yearly.
6. Other wormers. Solubenol – A water-soluble wormer used for the treatment of worm infestations caused by large roundworm, caecal worm and capillaria worms. This is often used commercially so will sometimes be in stock at your vets but beware, it needs careful mixing and must be used in quite a short time by your hens.
7. Only use combination wormers that contain pyrantel such as STRATEGY-T ® and EQUIMAX ® ELEVATION; Use STRATEGY-T as the first wormer of the foal at 8–12 weeks of age then repeat each 8–12 weeks before use of EQUIMAX ELEVATION from 9–12 months of age; Begin a FEC monitoring program in yearlings . For the Gold Standard Adult horses program
8. Then you can pick and choose the type of wormer to use. However, rarely do folks do this sort of thing. So on this note, worming with medications that take care of worms their birds do not have is common practice. And it is best to alternate two different types of wormers twice a year so that worms do not become immune to the wormers.
9. To change the class of wormers for more effective results. Follow the Directions on the Package, But Do Not Use wormers Containing Moxidectin. May Be Harmful To Miniature Horses. JANUARY/FEBRUARY Dose with fenbendazole- is given to rid your mini of large and small ascrids, strongyles and pinworms. Give every 6 months as directed on the package, in
10. Only use wormers that are labeled safe for foals and pregnant/lactating mares. Horses with very heavy round worm infestations can die from impaction colic when too many dead worms are released into the gut at once.

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