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"Wikipedia" in Example Sentences

1. Use a reference, such as the Kiss makeup patterns from Wikipedia, to replicate the exact design. 0 Many people do not understand that while wikipedia offers free content, this does not imply that you are free to copy it.
2. Walloon wikipedia in a sentence - Use "walloon wikipedia" in a sentence 1. I couldn't find anything in Walloon ( e . g . at walon . org or the Walloon wikipedia ) or in Dutch ( de inwoners van Waterloo ? ). click for more sentences of walloon wikipedia
3. Misinformation on wikipedia in a sentence - Use "misinformation on wikipedia" in a sentence 1. It's usually possible to correct misinformation on wikipedia. 2. I could edit it and take out that opinion from a vandal but how will that prevent any further Libel and misinformation on wikipedia? click for more sentences of misinformation on wikipedia
4. 1. 1. 1. 1. How to use buzansay in a sentence. Buzansay pronunciation. But, before he had altogether done, Triboulet with his fist gave him a bouncing whirret between the shoulders, rendered back into his hand again the empty bottle, fillipped and flirted him in the nose with the hog's bladder, 3. Example sentences from wikipedia that use the word whirret: .
5. Aiding and abetting - wikipedia Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets in the commission of a crime. It exists in a number of different countries and generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not use abet in a sentence the principal
6. How to Cite a wikipedia Article in MLA Format. This wikiHow teaches you how to create an MLA-style citation for a wikipedia article. You can do this manually, or you can use Wikipedia's automatic citation option. Keep in mind that
7. Use Glass Ceiling In A Sentence. sentence myself glass ceiling at hay s galleria mixed use building south of the river thames southwark between london brdige and tower bridge she broke the glass ceiling what a jagged image we use for women who achieve greatly defining accomplishment in terms of barriers rather than. Glass Ceiling Wikipedia
8. Use superego in a sentence use aquaculture in a sentence use mettle in a sentence use lionised in a sentence use contempt in a sentence use spoonfuls in a sentence use vigilant in a sentence use Talk:Marine Shrimp Farming – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia This report of the World Bank et al. programme has been prepared by the KPMG
9. Use atavism in a sentence The Elements of Style - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. use atavism in a sentence. Aujourd'hui sont déjà 10 visiteurs (49 hits) Ici! => Veux-tu aussi créer une site gratuit ? Alors clique ici !
10. Use "wikipedia" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. wikipedia in a sentence. Wikipedia; That’s what wikipedia is for. wikipedia demonstrates that at [j. Burning of Cats (Found on Wikipedia). From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
11. Hôm nay là Chủ nhật, 29 tháng 12, 2019 . Hiện có 1.237.472 bài viết trên wikipedia tiếng Việt. (làm mới) Tài liệu bản mẫu Usage Placing {{Bản mẫu:Đồng hồ chứa lịch và thông số Wikipedia}} will place the template at the place. This template is not visible on mobile versions of wikipedia. See also [sửa] Category:Bản mẫu lịch, ngày tháng và
12. {} – Month and year, prefixed by "date=" (for use with templates through substitution) {} – Same as {{Currentdate}} but in a sentence {} – Date in DMY format, and time {} – Blue banner with time and current number of wikipedia articles
13. - wikipedia. Since your sentence is identical in both instances, syntax and grammar are the same. The semantics can be different, depending particularly on the meaning of get (get=fetch or get=assail). However, even if we take get to mean fetch as your question implies, the pragmatics are different.

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