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Synonyms: 1. Piece 2. Portion 3. Wedge 4. Chunk 5. Hunk 6. Lump 7. Slab 8. Segment 9. Rasher 10. Collop 11. Sliver 12. Shaving 13. Helping 14. Round 15. Escalope 16. Scallop 17. Scaloppina 18. Fricandeau 19. Hunch 20. Bit ...21. Section 22. Slice 23. Chunk 24. Segment 25. Lump 26. Hunk 27. Wedge 28. Slab 29. Knob 30. Block 31. Cake 32. Bar 33. Tablet 34. Brick 35. Cube 36. Stick 37. Length 38. Sample 39. Particle 40. Fragment 41. Flake 42. Sliver 43. Splinter 44. Chip 45. Crumb 46. Grain 47. Speck 48. Scrap 49. Remnant 50. Shred 51. Shard 52. Snippet 53. Mite 54. Mouthful 55. Morsel 56. Stroopwafel See more »
1. The 15 Best Ways to Put Vanilla wafers to Use. Laurie Dixon Updated: Nov. 14, 2019. If you're anything like us, you LOVE vanilla wafers. They're delicious on their own, but even better in these decadent desserts. 1 / 15. Taste of Home. Banana Pudding
2. Perhaps the most prominent use of vanilla wafers is in banana pudding. The cookies get perfectly soft, but still lend a great texture to the dish. There are a few ways to make banana pudding with vanilla wafers: You can choose Southern-Style Baked Banana Pudding, which features a meringue topping.
3. Chocolate wafers, kosher salt, unsalted butter, heavy cream, pure vanilla extract and 2 more. Turkey Rice Krispie Treat Cookies - The Perfect Kid Friendly Dessert Jen Around the World. chocolate wafers, orange food coloring, marshmallows, butter and 4 more. Black Cat Cookies McCormick.
4. wafers generally used at Mass, freshly baked bread that is consecrated will quickly go stale. 0 0 Family affair With fans from Britney Spears to the Queen, Tunnock's caramel wafers are one of Scotland's most successful exports.
5. wafers of 200 mm diameter and above use a single small notch to convey wafer orientation, with no visual indication of doping type. Impurity doping. Silicon wafers are generally not 100% pure silicon, but are instead formed with an initial impurity doping concentration between 10 13 and 10 16 atoms per cm 3 of boron, phosphorus, arsenic, or
6. Silicon wafers are responsible for jump-starting the digital era and continue to be widely used in electronics and computing. They form the critical components of integrated circuits (IC’s). IC’s are a combination of various electronic components that perform a specific function.
7. In cookie world, using wafers means you'll end up with thin sheets of chocolate threaded through the dough, instead of self-contained molehills.” Guittard makes chips as well, but we’re fans of the
8. In a microwave-safe bowl, melt birthday cake wafers on 50% power in 30-second intervals. Stir after each interval until smooth. Dip pretzels in melted wafers. Set on a waxed paper-lined cookie sheet to set up.
9. wafers wafers make perfect melting chocolate. Unlike, chips, they do not hold their shape. They melt smoothly and set up firmly when used.
10. Researchers have used Arsenic (As) and Boron (B) doped silicon wafers to research the incredible promis of silicon-air batteries. The following wafer specs were used in the experiment.
11. A host is a portion of bread used for Holy Communion in many Christian churches. In Western Christianity the host is often a thin, round, unleavened wafer. Roman Catholic unleavened hosts for the Celebrant and wafers for the communicants. In the Roman Rite, unleavened bread is used as in the Jewish Passover or Feast of Unleavened Bread.
12. Tempering chocolate for dipping fruit or cookies takes patience and care to create a shiny, snappy coating—even when using our foolproof microwave technique. So we were intrigued when the producer of our favorite chocolate baking bar came out with Ghirardelli Chocolate Melting wafers (available in
13. Transparent wafers were made of fine glue, or isinglass. After the introduction of gumming, some fancy wafers were cut from gilt or silver paper, gummed on the lower surface and usually embossed. How to Apply A Wafer To use a wafer to fasten papers and letters depends on the wafer becoming soft and adhesive when it is moistened.
14. Silicon wafers have been used abundantly in microelectronics and MEMS as a platform for fabrication. An interesting variation of the standard silicon wafer is the silicon-on-insulator substrate. To produce these wafers two sili- con wafers are bonded together, by using silicon dioxide of approximately 1–2 μ m thickness as a bond layer.
15. A wafer is the part of the ostomy appliance that sticks to your skin. wafers can also be referred to as a baseplate, skin barriers or a flange, although “flange” is more commonly used to refer to the coupling component that you attach the bag to on a two-piece system, and skin barriers are more likely to be associated with barrier wipes/sprays or even barrier rings.
16. Silicon wafers are a key component of integrated circuits such as those used to power computers, cellphones, and a wide variety of other devices. A silicon wafer consists of a thin slice of silicon which can be treated in various ways, depending on the type of electronics it is being used in. Silicon is a very high quality semiconductor, making it ideal for the production of such circuits
17. If you want to use a colored white chocolate, I recommend buying colored wafers and using those. How to Melt Chocolate. You can melt your chocolate for this recipe for peppermint bark candy in a double boiler, in the microwave, or in a chocolate melter. Personally, I do not have luck using the microwave.

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