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Looking for sentences with "Wafering"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Feedback 2. Legal
1. Remove the wafers with a spoon and transfer them to a plate
2. The sundae was topped with chocolate and a wafer
3. She opened her mouth to receive the papery - thin wafer
4. I ate Cornish Wafers and Philadelphia cream cheese
5. The wafers finished a large pot of tea arrived with a plate of fruit cake slices
6. A wafer thin translucent something undulated through the air towards her chuckling gently to itself in a liquid voice
7. Mr Gibbs returned with five wafers one each for everybody except his wife
8. These high-precision quartz plates are used in the manufacturing of semiconductor computer wafers
9. The brittle wafer dissolving against the roofs of their mouths was their promise of life in a world beyond Holy Hill
10. The US studies have drawn attention to the use of glycol ethers - solvents used to etch circuits on to silicon wafers
11. Screen-printed silver metal contacts on the surface of the wafer collect the streams of electrons and produce an electric current
12. She and Justine developed a long distance friendship cemented by immensely long letters on wafer thin paper
13. They made a lemon meringue pie from the recipe on the back of a box of vanilla wafers
14. Conventional cell: The conventional cell is made from wafers of monocrystalline silicon the semiconductor material used in microchips
15. If only I had a duck's back instead of wafer thin skin
16. I chipped up the wafers and mixed them into a jar of white crystals
17. The communion wafers and wine have been replaced with a wholemeal loaf and a bottle of home brew
18. Later we carried steaming hot water through the Buffalo snowdrifts to thaw our chickens' wafer bucket
19. Human contact is limited to loading the wafers on to racks and moving the racks between machines
20. It was fashioned from dark green plastic wafer thin yet of considerable weight
21. The representative of above mentioned new type materials is silicon carbide single crystal The manufacture technique of silicon carbide single crystal consists of single crystal growth and wafering
22. Define wafering. wafering synonyms, wafering pronunciation, wafering translation, English dictionary definition of wafering. n. 1. A small, thin, crisp cake, biscuit, or candy. 2. Ecclesiastical A small thin disk of unleavened bread used in the Eucharist. 3. Pharmacology A flat,
23. wafering is the process by which a silicon crystal (boule) is made into wafers. This process is usually carried out by a multi-wire saw which cuts multiple wafers from the same crystal at the same time. These wafers are then polished to the desired degree of flatness and thickness.
24. Definition of wafering in the D dictionary. Meaning of wafering. What does wafering mean? Information and translations of wafering in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
25. Entry for 'Wafering' - Webster's Dictionary - One of 28 Bible dictionaries freely available, this dictionary, with more than 75,000 entries, is a timeless resource no serious scholar should be without
26. The manufacture technique of silicon carbide single crystal consists of single crystal growth and wafering. 22. Thirdly, the parameters deciding the quality in polishing process are as follows: slurry, polish pad, pressure, temperature, rotation speed, wafering time, and so on.
27. Other wafering Techniques. The process of growing large silicon ingots and then slicing them up into wafers continues to dominate the photovoltaic market. However there are many other processes that try to grow wafers from the outset and so avoiding the cutting process.
28. Precision wafer cutting is used for sectioning very delicate samples or for sectioning a sample to a very precise location. Precision wafering sawstypically have micrometers for precise alignment and positioning of the sample and have variable loading and cutting speed control. PICO 150 Precision wafering Saw
29. Direct wafering technology. The wafer cost comprises around 40% of the total photovoltaic module costs [1]. Conventionally, the silicon wafer is made by growing an ingot and slicing them into desired thickness and the size. Recently, new wafer technologies have been developed to improve the quality of the wafers and to reduce cost.
30. Use this table to cross reference the Item Number of the Existing / Conventonal Diamond wafering Blade you may have been using to the New Generation, sintered (metal bond) Diamond Wafeing Blade with SMART CUT™ technology manufactured by UKAM Industrial Superhard Tools.
31. wafering irons, in both square and round designs, crop up in art, like this sketch by Hieronymous Bosch. The waffle has gone in many different directions since the days of oublies, according to
32. Simply, a diamond blade wafering blade is a cutting tool which has exposed diamond particles captured in a metal matrix each with a small cutting edge. 1A1R wafering blade is made of a steel core with an Inside Diameter (ID) usually ½” or other size, that rotates around a center shaft.
33. Wafer Sectioning - Sectioning with diamond wafering blades is most commonly used for delicate materials requiring a precise cut. The important parameters for sectioning with wafering blades are speed, load, diamond concentration and diamond size. The cutting speed and applied loads are a function of the material being cut.
34. Diamond Sectioning / wafering Blades. Can be used on all popular precision sectioning and cutting saws from PELCO ®, Buehler, LECO, Struers, Allied and many others.. These competitively priced Smart Cut™ precision diamond wafering blades are designed to provide superior smooth surface quality, low-distortion sectioning and enhanced blade life.
35. Diamond wafering & Cut-Off Blades Electroplated – Consists of a single layer of abrasive on a solid steel core. It is very aggressive and works well with composite materials such as ceramics, glass, sapphire, and rock. It has a limited life due to the single layer of abrasive.

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