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Looking for sentences with "Waddle"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Toddle 2. Dodder 3. Wobble 4. Totter 5. Shamble 6. Sway 7. Rock 8. Lurch 9. Limp 10. Shuffle 11. Stumble 12. Reel 13. Stagger 14. Duckwalk 15. Waggle
1. She walked with a waddle
2. Birds that waddle like the penguin represent another compromise
3. If pushed it will reluctantly and rather crossly waddle down the beach and take refuge in the sea
4. waddle played a lovely through ball to bright I think who was then hacked down
5. To walk with a clumsy sway ; waddle
6. Stand so still while they waddle my way
7. We waddle and hop and have lots of fun
8. In the evenings ducks waddle up to the front door to be fed
9. I am pregnant I waddle awkwardly my big stomach pressed against the weight of the world
10. On land they waddle and toboggan across the ice—sliding on their bellies [http://sentencedictcom/waddlehtml] and propelling themselves with their flippers
11. This may mean having to part with a waddle of cash
12. Their synchronized waddle could have caused the bridge to oscillate leading even more of them tandem
13. Pregnancy demolishes any attempts at personal elegance as we bulge and waddle along
14. Pre-pregnancy it seemed strange to me that pregnant women waddle while nonpregnant women who weigh the same walk normally
15. It was very funny the way in which the penguins used to waddle
16. Twice a day every day five mallards and their human duckmaster waddle the red-carpet from the Peabody hotel's fountain to its elevator and back
17. When the teacher or adult gives a signal, the children will waddle as fast as they can down to and around the cans or chairs and back to their teammates with the ball between their knees. 18 13 To make matters worse, headlines read "America's Next Top waddle " and "Tyra Porkchop."
18. Ducks waddle, geese strut, guinea fowl go trip-trip on feet too tiny. Their walk is a waddle, and they bulge with seaming corpulency. A SPONSORED walk is aimed at the under-fives, allowing them to waddle, toddle or be pushed to raise awareness of meningitis.
19. Examples of waddle in a Sentence Verb He waddled down the hallway. A fat goose waddled across the yard. Recent Examples on the Web: Verb From near and far, some will fly to him, others swim to the water’s edge and waddle to his bag of food.
20. 4. Use waddle in a sentence. A penguin also waddles. noun.The definition of a waddle is a: 2. Use waddle in a sentence. 4. Definition of waddle. to take small steps while walking in a stumbling way. Examples of waddle in a sentence. As the duck would waddle to the pond, its webbed feet would move back and forth along the path in bobbing motion
21. To waddle is to walk with a duck-like gait. The word also works as a noun denoting the duck-like walk. A wattle is (1) the fleshy, wrinkly fold of skin hanging from the chin of some birds and lizards, (2) a construction of poles intertwined with twigs, reeds, or branches, and (3) any of various Australian shrubs or trees of the genus Acacia.
22. waddle is a gifted return man and is absolutely dynamic once the ball is in his hands. He is capable of taking a slant route from quarterback Mac Jones to the house from anywhere on the field. What
23. Waddle, considered by most at the time to be the game’s most dynamic downfield weapon, suffered a fractured right ankle on Oct. 24.
24. Alabama Football: Jaylen waddle began practice for Ohio State on Tuesday. Check out what his teammates and others are saying about the Tide star. Alabama football has two star wide receivers. One
25. How Alabama will use waddle should he opt to play Monday at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens is intriguing, and at least provides Ohio State another player to scheme against.
26. waddle had 557 receiving yards and four touchdowns in Alabama’s first four games of the season. The Associated Press contributed to this report. Ryan Gaydos is the sports editor for FoxN
27. As waddle smoked a victory cigar in the back of an ambulance parked outside Neyland Stadium and was later flown to Birmingham for surgery, teammate DeVonta Smith could not help but feel guilty
28. A key component of Jaylen’s Waddle’s recovery was exercising to protect against muscle atrophy. The use of hydro-treadmills, allows Jaylen to run while incurring only a fraction of weight-bearing
29. waddle future so bright . They gone win . Just chill lil homie. Dez Bryant @DezBryant Keep waddle out of the game I know you love the game brotha but you not playing tonight is best for your
30. waddle is far from the only standout talent on Alabama's offense. Crimson Tide senior Devonta Smith won the Heisman Trophy in 2020 , entering Monday night with 102 receptions for 1,641 yards.
31. Alabama didn’t miss a beat without waddle in large part due to Heisman Trophy winner DeVonta Smith’s emergence. Still, adding waddle into the mix would make the Crimson Tide’s offense, which is
32. Waddle’s blazing speed and quickness in the open field made him an easy target for Tagovailoa while they were teammates at Alabama. From 2018-19, during his freshman and sophomore campaigns
33. Alabama Football may be getting a playmaker back just in time. Jaylen waddle can frequently be found on top of 2021 NFL Draft boards at the wide receiver position. The Alabama Football dynamic
34. waddle wound up coming back to take some limited snaps in the National Championship Game, which is a good sign for his injury outlook. However, his missed time may have dealt some damage to his
35. waddle had 557 yards and four touchdowns in the Tide's first four games, while opponents mostly kicked away from him. waddle has made three of the program’s five longest scoring catches. His

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