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Looking for sentences with "Wadding"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Stuffing 2. Filling 3. Filler 4. Packing 5. Padding 6. Lining 7. Cushioning 8. Quilting 9. Reinforcement 10. Buffer 11. Protection 12. Guard 13. Stuff 14. Pad 15. Fill 16. Pack 17. Line 18. Wrap 19. Cover 20. Encase ...21. Cushion 22. Protect See more »
1. Sewing Tack wadding to wrong side of fabric pieces
2. Slow sideboard sparkler we watch its wadding softly fray
3. The files can come wadding down the network cable
4. Pillow Pc Sweat absorption wadding
5. The enclosure is filled with acrylic - fiber wadding
6. The quilts with cotton wadding made By this factory are soft and comfortaBle
7. Sweat absorption no wadding
8. He bought a new quilt with very soft wadding for himself
9. wadding of man - made fibres and articles thereof other than sanitary articles
10. The chandelier arrived in a big box tightly packed around in wadding
11. The roundness of the pleat is improved by filling it with a little wadding or a tube of curtain buckram
12. Batt: The term used to describe a sheet of wadding
13. Synthetic sleeping bags are insulated with layers of insulating wadding
14. Spirits cabined and confined by winter expanded like matted cotton wadding fluffed out again
15. Drift Xu completedwwwSentencedictcom strips gallery will be some residue left over from wadding
16. The armor piercer sends the strength Is the typical wadding fist sends the strength method
17. The polymers have two different effects in the filtering progress: Firstly the polymers can improve the structure of coal cake and this effect is helpful to remove the water between wadding groups
18. Examples of wadding in a Sentence the last step is to fill the pillow with wadding and stitch it closed Recent Examples on the Web The brain fights off invaders, surrounding things like electrodes with a protective wadding of cells called glia.
19. The decision to use cotton wadding, polyester wadding or a mixed blend really comes down to personal preference. 0 0 take some metal polish wadding and gently rub over the marks.
20. wadding is the middle layer of a quilt, it goes between the quilt top and quilt backing to provide softness and warmth. The type of wadding you choose to use will affect the final look and feel of your quilt. How is wadding made? Today most waddings used in quilting are needle-punched.
21. For comfort, wool wadding can’t be beaten; it is warm without being heavy, but also light enough to use all year round. It is also known for wicking moisture away so is a practical choice for a regularly used quilt.
22. wadding is commonly mistaken for quilt wadding by non-quilters or newbies, and it is really difficult to quilt and doesn’t play nicely with your lovely patchwork cotton fabric – so best to avoid if you intend to make a traditional patchwork quilt. However, high-loft batting mimics the look of down, and it is also often used in tied quilts.
23. For comfort, wool wadding can't be beat; it is warm without being heavy, but also light enough to use all year round. It is also know for wicking moisture away so is a practical choice for a regularly used quilt. However, some people are allergic to wool and it is more expensive than cotton, polyester and bamboo, though less expensive than silk.
24. Recovery wadding is a thin, fire resistant tissue-like paper used to create a buffer between the ejection charge of a model rocket’s engine and the recovery system. Without this buffer, the parachute or recovery system could become damaged by the hot gases issuing out of the motor.
25. The wadding we stock are Australian Made and owned. Your finished quilt’s appearance, drape, softness, and comfort are all directly related to the wadding you use in the middle. Glossary . wadding – Sometimes called batting or stuffing, this is the layer in the center of the quilt sandwich.
26. Something that we use is cellulose insulation, known as "dog barf" among serious rocketeers. It's cheap and easily obtainable and works better than the paper type of wadding. Check out The Rocketry Forum for more information. If you haven't alreay, look for a rocketry club near to to launch with.
27. Quilt batting is used in various sewing and quilting projects, is also known as wadding. It is used as a layer of insulation between fabrics, most often used in quilt making. Batting is the filling of quilts and makes them warm and heavy.
28. Quilt batting was known as wadding and was used for warmth in a quilt. wadding made a quilt warm, cozy, and sometimes could even be quite heavy. wadding was often made up from any type of filler that a quilter could find at the time.
29. wadding is used as padding for quilts or certain upholstery products. There are many different types of wadding and they are all based upon the production techniques and the material used to create the wadding such as cotton, polyester or wool.
30. How to use Fusible wadding.swf
31. Search for What Shotgun Does The Military Use And What Size wadding For Beretta Tricentennial Shotguns Ads Immediately . Free shipping and returns on
32. If you use a piece of cotton wadding either side of the insulated piece, you increase the protection even more – ideal for oven gloves. Your quilt shop will be more than happy to suggest the best wadding for your project, so go and have a chat, or if online, send them an email. The quilting community is a very friendly one!
33. Rub the wadding over the metal! Depending on the metal's tarnishing you might need to apply a fair amount of pressure to squeeze out more of the oil. Go over each area a few times, rubbing back and forth in small circles or following the metal's grain. 4
34. Synonyms of wadding (Entry 1 of 2) soft material that is used to fill the hollow parts of something the last step is to fill the pillow with wadding and stitch it closed
35. The battings that stores use are made from polyester. Note: batting is known as “wadding” in the UK. The best middle layer is a really thick, heat-resistant batting. This protects your hand from burns and cushions it.
36. Wadding, or ‘batting’ as it is known in the US, is the layer of material in between your quilt top and backing fabric, and the type of wadding you choose will determine the way your finished quilt will look and feel. The first thing you need to consider is how thick you want your finished quilt to look.

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