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Looking for sentences with "Wad"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Lump 2. Mass 3. Chunk 4. Hunk 5. Wedge 6. Ball 7. Clump 8. Block 9. Pat 10. Brick 11. Cube 12. Bar 13. Cake 14. Slab 15. Nugget 16. Plug 17. Pad 18. Knob 19. Gobbet 20. Glob ...21. Dollop 22. Cluster 23. Nub 24. Bit 25. Piece 26. Portion 27. Segment 28. Gob 29. Quid 30. Twist 31. Plug 32. Chew 33. Chaw 34. Pigtail 35. Cud 36. Cake 37. Bundle 38. Roll 39. Bankroll 40. Pile 41. Stack 42. Sheaf 43. Pocketful 44. Load 45. Quantities 46. Plenty 47. Masses 48. Many 49. Numerous 50. Scores 51. Hundreds 52. Thousands 53. Millions 54. Billions 55. Loads 56. Heaps 57. Piles 58. Oodles 59. Stacks 60. Scads 61. Reams 62. Wads 63. Pots 64. Oceans 65. Mountains 66. Miles 67. Tons 68. Zillions 69. Gazillions 70. Lashings 71. Gobs 72. Bazillions 73. Stuff 74. Pad 75. Fill 76. Pack 77. Line 78. Wrap 79. Cover 80. Encase 81. Cushion 82. Protect See more »
1. Use this wad of cloth to plug the barrel
2. Philpott tamped a wad of tobacco into his pipe
3. They had a wad / wads of money
4. wad the space with papersentencedictcom please
5. He took a wad of notes from his pocket
6. He pulled a thick wad of ? notes out of his pocket
7. He pulled a wad of notes out of his pocket
8. She grabbed a wad of tissues from the box and soaked up the spilt wine
9. The nurse used a wad of cotton wool to stop the bleeding
10. I wad tired of fighting for breath
11. Beside them was a thick wad of thin notes
12. Billy's eyes stared at the wad in disbelief
13. He choked on a wad of gum
14. But they want a big fat wad of that cash up front
15. With trembling hands she took the wad of bills from her pocket and began to count it out
16. I saw him trying to press a wad of cash into the woman's hand She wouldn't take it
17. You could wad it up into a ball with your fingers light it and heat your coffee
18. I made a wad out of the young leaves and twigs and tried to masticate slowly
19. She opened her handbag and pulled out a wad of banknotes
20. After positioning the wad in my cheek I sat around waiting for the hit feeling smug with my new-found anthropological skills
21. And then I saw my wad of bills lying on the floor
22. I took the wad of twenties out of the bag and stuffed them into the back pocket of my jeans
23. He produced a wad of large denomination bills and waved them in Franco's face
24. She came in with tears streaming down her face clutching a wad of tissues
25. Three thousand tabs of Ecstasy were handed over for a thick wad of notes
26. It needed gobs of honey or molasses along with a big wad of butter to create the illusion of good eating
27. By dealing in dollars you avoid paying high exchange fees or going home with a wad of pesos
28. My dearest neighbor I have been riding in taxicabs the livelong day wad have taken your advice
29. wad definition is - a small mass, bundle, or tuft: such as. How to use wad in a sentence.
30. wad files which some maps use. 0. 0. He aye hae mair men ti help him, an finnd the bairn thay wad, tho thay maun hunt the warld. 0. 0. Gunnar: ye saw ma ship â ye kent ma sang, an ye wad hae barred the door agin me! 0. 0. wad of cash needed for any of them. 0. 0. wad of cotton wool. 0. 0.
31. Holding in one hand the wad of guncotton the size of his head, he applied a match to it. Placing a grommet or other wad over elongated projectiles is positively prohibited. Where a shelf or prop rocks insecurely, a small wad of pugging will give a steady bearing.
32. A wad file is a game data file used by the Nintendo Wii game console. It contains the data required for installing Wii channels, system menus, or firmware updates. wad files are often used for installing genuine copies of Virtual Console (VC) games.
33. A wad file is usually a file that, once installed, will become a channel, but can also be a patch or something else of the sort like the cios wad file. It is helpfull to know how to install wad files in case some of the channels you bought got deleted.
34. In this example, we load the mod "" with the Iwad doom2.wad in the old source port Boom. All files are in the same directory, which is the current working directory for the command window. -iwad doom2 -file mymap.wad Selecting the iwad is unecessary if you have only one in the executable's directory.
35. wad Manager When you hear about WADs, people are talking about files with the file extension "wad". WADs can contain a lot of data. Mostly, this data is a channel or IOS file.
36. Rise of the Triad uses the wad format apparently. This file from 3D Realms which describes the ROTT file format confirms that it was used with permission from id. Tomb Raider also seems to use some files with a.wad extension but these don't appear to be the same format (although I haven't looked into it too closely).
37. Shotshell wads. Powder Valley offers the finest shotshell wads available. We sell Claybuster wads and Fiocchi wads to fulfill all of your shotshell reloading needs.. If you are shopping for shotshell reloading supplies we have all of your needs covered.
38. wad Substitution Chart The following chart shows wads designed to perform as replacements for current popular models as listed in the ensuing data. BP/SPTG16: BPG/BP, G/BP16, SG16 Federal 12C1: CB3118-12AR Federal 12SO: CB2100-12, DR XXL Orange, DR HFO, DR FO, MEC100S4 Federal 12S3: CB2118-12, DRF3, DR HF3, MEC118T8 Hornady Versalite: DRV-12
39. The hollow base is deep and using a wad under it does nothing for accuracy like OP75 stated. A hollow based bullet can be shot without using a wad under it or you can fill it with lard and use a paper wad like butcher paper thickness under the bullet. This will do two things.
40. When used in a percussion revolver, the wad is used over the powder and under the round lead ball. No messy grease is needed with Wonder wads. They safely seal each chamber and prevent chain-firing. Black powder cartridge reloaders have discovered that dry wads reduce leading and prevent melting the base of the bullet.
41. A wadcutter bullet is essentially just a lead cylinder with a flat top. They’re commonly used by shooters who compete in matches but can also be an effective round for self-defense..45 ACP 200 Gr. SWC wadcutter Bullets. A cartridge loaded with a wadcutter bullet will have the bullet fitted flush into the casing.
42. A wadcutter is a pistol bullet with a completely flat face. For example, a.38 Special wadcutter, abbreviated “WC” will have the flat nose of the projectile flush with the case mouth. wadcutters were originally designed for target shooting. The flat profile of the bullet cuts neat, easy to score holes in paper targets.
43. Card wads or fiber wads are used commonly in black powder loads,.030 or.060. They can be used for spacing, for instance if you're using a 1 1/8oz wad in a shotgun and desire to use a lesser charge, the shell will not crimp right. Drop a card wad or the required thickness into the wads shot cup before adding shot, problem solv-ed.
44. ZDoom is always too far for me and takes a hell to reach it with the dragged wad. Just use the Command Prompt from Accessories. To run a wad named DEATH.WAD, located in subdir wads, run Doom as doom -file wads\death.wad remembering to use the .wad extension. 0. Share this post. Link to post. Edward850
45. If you need to load an older map, use the , , or rogue.wad WADs that are circulating. Those are much messier, but will load the map in question mostly intact. Alternatively, custom maps, especially maps with many custom textures, often come with WADs as a counterpart to the map source. Use that wad instead of these.
46. All operating systems: Go to Options -> wad Options. From here you can configure a directory and load WADs at runtime. Drag and drop . Most source ports allow dragging and dropping PWADs, DeHackEd patches, and demos onto the executable file, and will load them the same as via use of the command line. Windows shell
47. wad is a little script that replaces the usual bundle install on Travis-CI. It installs the bundle and uploads it to Amazon S3 to speed up consecutive runs. It installs the bundle and uploads it to Amazon S3 to speed up consecutive runs.

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