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Looking for sentences with "W."? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Legal
1. I am writing to inform you that your rent will be increased to £ pw from October st
2. George w Bush was elected President of the United States
3. JMw Turner is one of Britain's best-known landscape painters
4. They used to have a cottage in Nw Scotland
5. Rent is £ pw
6. George w Bush carried the state with percent of the vote
7. The WHO safety standard for ozone levels is somewhere about a hundred
8. He does a very good imitation of George w Bush
9. Rent is ? pw
10. Jeffcoate w Obesity is a disease: food for thought
11. Another photographer that year Captain w de W
12. President George w Bush sent representatives
13. George w Bush is living a charmed existence
14. John McCain R-Ariz[wwwSentencedictcom] and John W
15. George w Bush or Edgar arrived at the meeting
16. After a painting by WJ Muller
17. Gw Davidson will be in charge
18. Both Perry and the governor of Texas George W
19. The pioneering work of E Schmid and JW
20. George w Bush could do much to build confidence and a mandate for his leadership both abroad and at home
21. George w Bush who has made a point of neutrality in the race
22. In the relaxed discipline of those days Dw let him but finally decided to roust him out for breakfast
23. For this tour Sugar also carried two engine fitters and an airframe fitter Cecil W Brownlee as well as the air crew
24. The idea of a selfish herd is w D Hamilton's and is perhaps best explained by his own imaginary example
25. A neighbor w H Tonn had several cattle die or give birth to stillborn calves after the explosion
26. George w Bush advised Dole to keep his day job while campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination
27. She has written a memoir of her encounters with WH Auden over the years
28. The two basic assumptions behind the method were set out in a classic paper by WS
29. It is identical to the first carriages provided for the WCJS and may well be one of them
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