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Stores [stôr]

Halver [hav]

Aver [əˈvər]

Liquidators [ˈlikwəˌdādər]

Yanka [yaNGk]

Caponata [ˌkäpəˈnädə]

Fretish [ˈfediSH]

Novaturient [əv]

Sated [sāt]

Knouter [nout]

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Synonyms: 1. Calling 2. Mission 3. Purpose 4. Function 5. Position 6. Niche 7. Profession 8. Occupation 9. Career 10. Job 11. Work 12. Employment 13. Pursuit 14. Trade 15. Craft 16. Business 17. Line 18. Speciality 19. Specialty 20. Province ...21. Sphere 22. Game 23. Thing 24. Bag 25. Racket 26. Job 27. Post 28. Position 29. Situation 30. Occupation 31. Profession 32. Trade 33. Livelihood 34. Career 35. Business 36. Line 37. Calling 38. Craft 39. Pursuit 40. Work 41. Labor 42. Service 43. Racket 44. Game 45. Employ 46. Legal See more »
1. Pebworth here rightly emphasizes Donne's "ethos of performance" (p. 65), which is an important feature of manuscript poetry. I think it needs to be questioned, however, whether the performative aspect of the poetry should lead to the conclusion that Donne has "little sense of poetic vocationn (p.
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3. Madopted vocationn with financial assistance. Qualifying councils and assemblies receive a $100 re - fund for every $500 donated, up to a limit of $2,000 per to an individual supported. The refund for Squires is $20 for every $100 donated. In the Philippines and Mexico, councils and assemblies receive the equivalent in local
4. Professor 教授,讲师(美)profession 行业,专业(更体现 专一化与技术性) He ional 职业的,专业的professional skills voc, vok 词根表示“voice, cry” vocationn.职业,行业 (一般的 工作性质概括) vocational 职业的vocational education/training 14vocational technical college 拥护
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6. Element!try, Secondary, and' vocationn 7duc'ation'held. overvight. hearings regardingth-e new OffiCe C'. Education Form No. 50c, used to determine sChOol districts eligibility. for Part -2k- public \.school programs under the .Indian EduQationAct. The fact finding. P \beating was, prompted by ,mail. to the' dOemittee 'indicating tfiat

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