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[ˈvejtəb(ə)l, ˈvəjədəb(ə)l]




herb, flower, shrub, weed, greenery, flora, vegetation, undergrowth, herbage, verdure,

"Vegetable" in Example Sentences

1. How to use vegetable in a sentence. Example sentences with the word vegetable. vegetable example sentences. vegetable Sentence Examples. The first volume, vegetable Staticks (1727), contains an account of numerous experiments in plant-physiology - the loss of water in plants by evaporation, the rate of growth of shoots and leaves,
2. vegetable in a sentence up(4) down(1) Sentence count:176+14 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13. Synonym: veggie. Similar words: on the table, table, tableau, suitable, tablespoon, acceptable, inevitable, uncomfortable. Meaning: ['vədʒtəbl] n. 1. edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or
3. 1. How to use vegetable in a sentence. Example sentences with the word vegetable.vegetable example sentences.vegetable Sentence Examples. The first volume, vegetable Staticks (1727), contains an account of numerous experiments in plant-physiology - the loss of water in plants by evaporation, the rate of growth of shoots and leaves, 2. vegetable in a sentence up(4) down(1) Sentence count:176+14
4. How to use vegetarian in a sentence. Example sentences with the word vegetarian. vegetarian example sentences. vegetarian Sentence Examples The main course will be chicken with a chasseur sauce, or the vegetarian option is a vegetable quiche. 0. 0. Used in various vegetarian recipes; tests found traces of GM maize H & B soya protein
5. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " People should eat more leafy vegetables. (leafy, green) " My children only eat raw vegetables. (raw, cooked, grilled, steamed) " She cooks with fresh vegetables. (fresh, frozen, canned) " Many people are now buying organic vegetables. (organic) " Do you like spring vegetables? (spring, summer, winter)
6. Most high-fat equine foods use an animal fat high in saturated fats rather than vegetable oils. Butter has a lower melting point than hard white fats such as lard and hardened vegetable cooking fat. Even better, biodiesel can also be made cheaply and easily using waste vegetable oil recovered from restaurants and fryers.
7. English words and Examples of Usage use "vegetable" in a sentence Many homeowners in Lithuania take advantage of the fertile soil in that country to plant large vegetable gardens. Tofu has a fairly bland taste, but it's not bad when mixed into a vegetable sautÚ.
8. 31+2 sentence examples: 1. They railed in their vegetable garden. 2. They planned to visit a vegetable garden. 3. We must dig over the vegetable garden to grow this new improved strain of vegetable. 4. I'm trying to make room for a vegetable garden i
9. 1. 1. veg in a sentence. Veg; over to the fruit and veg section. among themselves as a write off veg.She went back to the fruit and veg section. We should : 24. 3. veg definition is - vegetable.How to use veg in a sentence. Recent Examples on the Web. Use in place of veg broth in risotto, chowder, or polenta. 2. 2. 2. 2. But a little consideration showed that, though Lamarck had seized what, as
10. How do you use vegetable in a sentence? Unanswered Questions. What is the hidden meaning of knee lights. Dice dice. What is the hidden meaning of GI over CCC.
11. Vegetables words and sentences. tomatoes, carrot, broccoli, lettuce, potato, mushroom, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, onion, chili pepper, garlic, eggplant, kilogram
12. English words and Examples of Usage use "vegetables" in a sentence The advantage of having a garden is that you can get wonderful fresh vegetables every day. The vegetables are dipped in batter and fried in oil. The vegetables probably bolted because they weren't getting enough water and became stressed.
13. How to use vegetable in a sentence. The vegetable list of example sentences with vegetable. vegetable examples - vegetable in a sentence - 6. Lists. Synonyms Antonyms Definitions Examples Part of speech. adjectives nouns 0. adjective "vegetable grindings clogged
14. The doctor told me to eat a certain number of servings of vegetables every day.
15. vegetable definition: vegetable means anything having to do with plants. (adjective) An example of vegetable is a soup made primarily with vegetables, “vegetable soup.”
16. vegetable marrow in a sentence - Use "vegetable marrow" in a sentence 1. In 1852 South went to Sweden, where he introduced the vegetable marrow. 2. He says that he wants to grow vegetable marrows. click for more sentences of vegetable marrow
17. Vegetables definition: Noun 1. plural form of vegetable
18. vegetable can be used as : 1. The vegetable soup that you made was extremely delicious . 2. No , he isn't a barber , he's a vegetable vendor . 3. This vegetable is called Pumpkin , and its my favorite . 4. Which vegetable is it and whatever I don'
19. After you wood burn, use a nylon pot scrubber to get rid of the waxy residue and give the gourd a more professional look. Heaps of bananas, pumpkins, ash and snake gourds, cucumber, bitter gourd and brinjal dotted the market area. In the vegetable market, even the prices of locally grown bitter gourd, ash pumpkin and cucumber are rising.
20. Words for Fruits & vegetables. Find words to describe fruits and vegetables, as well as a list of fruit types.
21. A person thought of as like a vegetable, as because of leading a dull, unthinking existence or because of having lost consciousness, the use of the mind, etc. Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.
22. Spanish translation of 'vegetable' Examples of 'vegetable' in a sentence vegetable. Example sentences from the Collins Corpus. It is preferable to use only vegetable oil for cooking. On his right was a thriving vegetable garden and beyond it a small orchard of apple trees.
23. The Word "Vegetable" in Example Sentences Page 1. 1908457 Eat your vegetables. Source_VOA 1 673233 This morning Tom had vegetable soup. persian 1 37140 Tom ate vegetable soup this morning. CK 1 1093896 Tom grows all the vegetables he eats. CK 1 680869 Tom likes all vegetables except cabbage.
24. Examples of how to use the word 'onion' in a sentence. How to connect 'onion' with other words to make correct English (n): a vegetable with a strong smell and flavour, made up of several layers surrounding each other tightly in a round shape, usually brown or red on the outside and white insideUse 'onion' in a sentence I cannot eat onions.
25. vegetable definition is - a usually herbaceous plant (such as the cabbage, bean, or potato) grown for an edible part that is usually eaten as part of a meal; also : such an edible part. How to use vegetable in a sentence.
26. Examples of masher in a sentence: 1. A wooden vegetable masher is indispensable when making jellies and purees (fig. 4). 2. These may also be made of canned corn by pressing it through a colander with a potato masher to separate the hulls from it.
27. vegetable Definition: edible seeds or roots or stems or leaves or bulbs or tubers or nonsweet fruits of any of numerous herbaceous plant. Examples: vegetables are healthy for you. Back to Misspelled words index
28. Yes, you can use butter or vegetable oil in place of shortening. If the shortening is not being melted in your cake recipe, I would substitute with the same amount of butter. The taste of the final product will be pretty similar, maybe a little butterier. If the shortening is being melted, then you can use equal amounts of vegetable oil.
29. Veggie definition is - vegetable. How to use veggie in a sentence. Recent Examples on the Web Does that mean my creations were mere homespun veggie patties? — Rachel Sugar, Bon Appétit, "I Tried to Recreate the Impossible Burger Because Now Is the Time for Absurdist Cooking," 13 May 2020 The VegTrug kids’ raised garden bed planter is two feet tall, which allows children to reach into the
30. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word vegetable: . See vegetable used in context: 32 poetry verses, 1 quotation, 121 definitions
31. What does vegetable mean? Information and translations of vegetable in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . Examples of vegetable in a Sentence. Ralph Waldo Emerson: All our progress is an unfolding, like a vegetable bud. You have first an instinct, then an opinion, then a knowledge as the plant has
32. Use in a sentence. " cooking oil"? Answer Save. 11 Answers. Relevance. g3010. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. The best way to get your french fries crispy and golden is to use a good brand of cooking oil. 0 18 0. Login to reply the answers Post; ranger12. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. The three main kinds of cooking oil are vegetable oil, corn oil
33. Examples of Healthiest in a sentence *** Travel surveys often sound as suspicious as medical advances: apples are the healthiest food. *** it is well known that rapeseed oil is one of the healthiest edible vegetable oils due to its high content of oleic acid and low content of saturated fatty acids.
34. Examples of Healthy in a sentence ***The red fruits are very healthy for human. ***They also consume plants because they need more vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. ***You should stop smoking to stay healthy. ***For an healthy living, I eat more fruit and vegetable, less fat and sugar. *** The healthy man can advise the sick. *** A healthy
35. Peal has to do with a loud ringing of bells or laughter. The church bells pealed for the entire town to hear. Now, let’s go over the specific ways each of these words are used. Using Peel in a Sentence. When to use peel: Peel is used when referring to the outer skin of a fruit or vegetable. In this sense, it can be a noun or a verb.

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