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1. Urge definition is - to present, advocate, or demand earnestly or pressingly


2. Synonyms & Antonyms of Urge (Entry 1 of 2) to try to persuade (someone) through earnest appeals to follow a course of action the public service announcement Urges pet owners to spay or neuter their pets

Urge, Urges

3. Well the drug Urge allows that, and then some on repeat use

Urge, Use

4. March 8, 2021 Urge Response to Arraignment of Local Columbus Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Advocates Targeted with Criminal Charges (Columbus, OH) — Statement by Kimberly Inez McGuire, Executive Director of Urge: Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity on the…

Urge, Unite

5. See also synonyms for: Urged / Urges / urging

Urged, Urges, Urging

6. Urge is located in San Diego’s North County community of Rancho Bernardo


7. Urge Fitness is New Jersey and Pennsylvania best and most affordable 24-Hour Gym and Personal Training fitness center


8. Urge - spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts; "The crowd cheered the demonstrating strikers" exhort , pep up , root on , Urge on , barrack , inspire , cheer cheerlead - act as a …

Urge, Up

9. Urge definition, to push or force along; impel with force or vigor: to Urge the cause along


10. Urge Gastropub & Common House is located in San Diego’s North County community of San Marcos


11. The lack of any likable characters ultimately undoes "Urge." Kaufman and Stahl have made a classic party-throwers mistake: overrating the entertainment value in watching other people get high.

Ultimately, Undoes, Urge

12. To strongly advise or try to persuade someone to do a particular thing: [ + to infinitive ] Lawyers will Urge the parents to take further legal action


13. [ + that ] Investigators Urged that safety procedures at the site …


14. Urge is driven by young leaders


15. Together, Urge members educate their communities and advocate for local, state, and national policies in solidarity with other justice focused groups.


16. Urge (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more.


17. Urge is a citrus flavored soft drink produced by Coca-Cola Norway that was first introduced in the country in 1996, and later on was released in Denmark and Sweden


18. It is the predecessor of the American soft drink SUrge, which was introduced in the US in 1997


19. Vídeo oficial en vivo de Vicente Fernández de su tema 'Urge'


20. Urge - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums


21. Verb If you Urge someone to do something, you try hard to persuade them to do it


22. They Urged parliament to approve plans for their reform programme.


23. Synonyms for Urge in Free Thesaurus


24. 80 synonyms for Urge: beg, appeal to, exhort, press, prompt, plead, put pressure on, lean on, solicit, goad


25. With Urge incontinence, the muscles of an "overactive" bladder contract with enough force to override the sphincter muscles of the urethra, which is the tube that takes urine out of the body.

Urge, Urethra, Urine

26. To make someone or something move by shouting, pushing them etc Urge somebody/something forward He Urged her forward, his hand under her elbow

Urge, Urged, Under

27. Urge somebody into/towards something She began urging him towards the front door

Urge, Urging

28.Urge somebody ↔ on → See Verb table Examples from the Corpus Urge • Police are urging drivers not to come into London this weekend.

Urge, Urging

29. Urge surfing is a technique that can be used to avoid acting on any behavior that you want to reduce or stop

Urge, Used

30. Urges rarely last longer than 30 …


31. Urged, urg·ing, urg·es

Urged, Urg

32. To advocate earnestly the doing, consideration, or approval of; press for: Urge passage of the bill; a speech urging moderation

Urge, Urging

33. To stimulate; excite: "It Urged him to an intensity like madness" (D.H


34. If you have an Urge to eat candy, you really want to eat those sweets


35. Your mother might Urge you to wait until after dinner

Urge, Until

36. Urge control is a common term brought up in addiction-focused treatment where people are encouraged to manage the waves of Urges that come and go

Urge, Up, Urges

37. Urge [sth] upon [sb] vtr + prep (impress importance of) insistir a alguien sobre algo loc verb locución verbal : Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como verbo ("sacar fuerzas de flaqueza", "acusar recibo").

Urge, Upon, Unidad

38. Urge RANCHO BERNARDO, 16761 Bernardo Center Dr., San Diego, CA 92128, USA 8583958809 [email protected]

Urge, Usa, Urgegastropub

39. Id Urge swift action on this issue before local people put the skids under the authorities in the courts

Urge, Under

40. Suddenly I feel a great Urge to put on a pork-pie hat and do some ska dancing


41. They Urge everyone to report incidents of drug offences or anti-social behaviour on the estate to the boys in blue.


42. ‘She had the strong Urge to throw a pinecone at him, but kept focused on her main target.’ Synonyms desire , wish, need, impulse, compulsion, longing, yearning, …


43. Urge Gastropub and Common House, 255 Redel Road, San Marcos, CA, 92078, United States 760-798-8822 [email protected]

Urge, United, Urgegastropub

44. Lila Downs - Urge (Video Oficial)Lista Oficial Spotify: o escucha Salón Lágrimas y Deseo aquí:


45. As the drug causes society to degrade entirely over the course of a single weekend, “Urge” actually grows dull and numbing, just as it should be reaching a gripping climax


46. What does Urge mean? To force or drive forward or onward; impel


47. A strong Urge to urinate; Difficulty urinating; Loss of bladder control; Unusual urine color; Specific diseases, conditions or other causes of frequent urination include: Anterior prolapse (cystocele) Anxiety disorders; Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) Bladder stones; Change in kidney function; Diabetes insipidus; Diuretics (water retention

Urge, Urinate, Urinating, Unusual, Urine, Urination

48. 1 day ago · Airlines and travel groups Urge Biden administration to come up with a plan to lift international travel restrictions.

Urge, Up

49. ‘The crisis is in Washington’: Overwhelmed border officials Urge D.C


50. There’s a sUrge of migrants at the border

51. The Urge's 1998 release entited "Master Of Styles" delivers a hard-hitting, pure rock sound accompanied by jazz, ska, reggae and hip hop elements


52. Experts Urge caution as 15 states see uptick in COVID-19 infections

Urge, Uptick

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URGE [ərj]

urge (verb) · urges (third person present) · urged (past tense) · urged (past participle) · urging (present participle)

urge (noun) · urges (plural noun)

  • a strong desire or impulse.
Synonyms: desire . wish . need . impulse . compulsion . longing . yearning . hankering . craving . appetite . hunger . thirst . lust . fancy .