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Looking for sentences with "Undecorated"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Plain 2. Unadorned 3. Unembellished 4. Unornamented 5. Unpretentious 6. Unostentatious 7. Unfussy 8. Basic 9. Modest 10. Unsophisticated 11. Honest 12. Homely 13. Homespun 14. Everyday 15. Workaday 16. Stark 17. Severe 18. Spartan 19. Austere 20. Chaste ...21. Spare 22. Bare 23. Muted 24. Unpatterned 25. Patternless 26. Classic 27. Understated 28. Uncluttered 29. Clean 30. Restrained 31. Homestyle 32. Fancy 33. Elaborate 34. Legal See more »
1. All that remained was that lovely blank undecorated space upstairs which led up to the administrative offices
2. The Hilton is absolutely undecorated consisting of great columns and slabs of reflective glass which return images of sky and church
3. The boy walks through the undecorated arch
4. But contrary to myth the pyramids are relatively undecorated
5. This is a bare undecorated tree
6. The rooms were spartan and undecorated
7. Raw and undecorated hidden within are faith hope and love
8. Find the line that contains the undecorated function definition in the resulting listing
9. The undecorated frame support is a result of an entry in Sun's bug database bug ID from March and frame zooming support was requested in August with bug ID
10. Decorated:ceilings carpet and glass doors; Undecorated:central air-conditioning system fire control and lamps
11. The undecorated Foosay method in this case is a simple placeholder with the entire behavior determined by the decorator
12. For starters the Democrats can hold their next convention in an undecorated airplane hangar
13. Symphony telemarketers spend about four hours a night and some Saturday afternoons phoning county residents from undecorated offices in Copley Symphony Hall
14. To hide the title bar on the framehttp://sentencedictcom/undecoratedhtml you need to set the undecorated property of the specific frame to true
15. The simplest of the two features to use is support for undecorated frames
16. Mind you the order of elements might not be strictly what you expect: it is not identical to an undecorated sort even where the undecorated sort succeeds
17. He believes that most women already try to make their offices as homey as possible--and that even though men seem to be satisfied with plain undecorated rooms they appreciate office style too
18. LINK and other tools can usually handle the name in its undecorated form
19. The last column in a numbered line is the symbol name both decorated and undecorated
20. However in other cases the decorator might combine the undecorated method behavior with some new capabilities
21. undecorated definition is - having no decorations or ornaments : not decorated; also : plain, simple, unadorned. How to use undecorated in a sentence.
22. 10 synonyms of undecorated from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 31 related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for undecorated. Undecorated: free from all additions or embellishment. Synonyms: bald, bare, naked… Antonyms: adorned, decorated, embellished… Find the right word. SINCE 1828.
23. Adj. 1. undecorated - not decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction
24. How to use undecorated in a sentence. Example sentences with the word undecorated. undecorated example sentences.
25. By setting undecorated // to true will remove the frame's title bar including the maximize, // minimize and the close icon. Undecorated(true); // As the the frame's title bar removed we need to close out frame for // instance using our own button.
26. $ pip install undecorated Try it on one of your functions: >>> from undecorated import undecorated >>> undecorated (my_decorated_function) < function my_decorated_function at 0x7fbdd6e95938 > undecorated has returned your original function clean of any decorators. It also works with class decorators!
27. In my Swing application, I want the ability to switch between decorated and undecorated without recreating the entire frame. However, the API doesn't let me call setUndecorated() after the frame is made visible.. Even if i call setVisible(false), isDisplayable() still returns true. The API says the only way to make a frame not-displayable is to re-create it.
28. Definition of undecorated in the D dictionary. Meaning of undecorated. What does undecorated mean? Information and translations of undecorated in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
29. Problem with undecorated jframe . I have an app that i run as an undecorated full screen jframe - i need all the screen real estate i can get. all works well until the app is minimized. When the application is brought back up, the windows task bar stay on top of the app.
30. Shop for quality finished, undecorated hats. We have straw and fabric hats to suit your needs. The hats are ready to wear or decorate as you wish. Showing all 42 results. 4″ Garden Hat. SKU: S 4 Garden Black $ 16.00 (USD) Out of Stock. Select Options. Add to Wishlist. Add to Wishlist. Alice Band. SKU: SF Alice Band
31. Use the following code if we want to prevent the frame from being resized: Resizable(false); Set background color: ContentPane().setBackground(Color.GREEN); Undecorate the frame: Undecorated(true); If the frame is undecorated, its border, title bar and window buttons are all removed, only keep its content pane visible. 8.
32. To use undecorated symbols, call the SymSetOptions function with the SYMOPT_UNDNAME option. All DbgHelp functions, such as this one, are single threaded. Therefore, calls from more than one thread to this function will likely result in unexpected behavior or memory corruption.
33. What does this migration do?link This migration adds an empty @Directive() decorator to undecorated base classes that:. use Angular features; are extended by directives or components; For example, in the diff below, a @Directive() decorator is added to BaseMenu because BaseMenu uses dependency injection.. Before:
34. undecorated JavaFX Scene with implemented move, resize, minimise, maximise, close and Windows Aero Snap controls. Implement any style you want for your JavaFX application using custom css or default .
35. To use DUMPBIN to view decorated names. To see the exported symbols in an .obj or .lib file, enter dumpbin /symbols objfile at a developer command prompt. To find the decorated form of a symbol, look for the undecorated name in parentheses. The decorated name is on the same line, after a pipe (|) character and before the undecorated name.
36. Another word for undecorated. Find more ways to say undecorated, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
37. The following example illustrates how to move an undecorated JFrame.As they don't move by default, we need to keep a component that acts like a titlebar, add a MouseListener and MouseMotionListener for it to listen to mousePressed and mouseDragged respectively and change the location accordingly. The logic is going to be dead simple.

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