Use U in a sentence


U [u]



U (noun) · U's (plural noun) · Us (plural noun) · u (noun) · us (plural noun)

  • the twenty-first letter of the alphabet.
  • denoting the next after T in a set of items, categories, etc.
Synonyms: unserviceable . inoperative . down . u/s .



  • the chemical element uranium.


U (noun)

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1. U definition is - the 21st letter of the English alphabet

2. NoUn, plUral U's or Us, U's or Us

3. Any spoken soUnd represented by the letter U or U, as in mUsic, rUle, cUrioUs, pUt, or jUg

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9. Let’s illUstrate by Using the capital U with UmlaUt accent alt code (0220)

10. The “U UmlaUt character is also known as U with two dots.

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17. The letter U with a grave accent

18. See also [ edit ] ( Latin script ) : A a B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i J j K k L l M m N n O o P p Q q R r S ſ s T t U U V v W w X x Y y Z z

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20. Û, û (U - circUmflex) is a letter of the Latin script.

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31. Any spoken soUnd represented by this letter

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46. For vowels the letters i, e, a, o, U are Used, and (in Sindarin only) y.As far as can be determined the soUnds represented by these letters (other than y) were of normal kind, thoUgh doUbtless many local varieties escape detection.That is, the soUnds were approximately those represented by i, e, a, o, U in English machine, were, farther, for, brUte, irrespective of qUantity.

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48. The <U> tag represents some text that is UnarticUlated and styled differently from normal text, sUch as misspelled words or proper names in Chinese text

49. The content inside is typically displayed with an Underline

50. YoU can change this with CSS (see example below)

51. Tip: Avoid Using the <U> element where it coUld be confUsed for a hyperlink!


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61. The <U> element was originally Used to identify text that shoUld be Underlined

62. The element was deprecated in HTML 4.01, bUt in HTML5 it was redefined to represent text that shoUld be displayed in a way that is an UnarticUlated bUt stylistically distinct from the sUrroUnding text

63. For example, one proper Use of the <U> element is to identify

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71. Opt + U, then U = ü *To type the Upside-down pUnctUation marks press the following keys all at once.

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