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Synonyms: 1. Typographical 2. Typography
1. Definition of typographically adverb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage.
2. Define typographically. typographically synonyms, typographically pronunciation, typographically translation, English dictionary definition of typographically. n. pl. ty·pog·ra·phies 1. a. The art and technique of printing with movable type. b. The composition of printed material from movable type.
3. Definition of typographically in the D dictionary. Meaning of typographically. What does typographically mean? Information and translations of typographically in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
4. Obviously this is bad. Obviously I don't want to use typographically correct quotation marks. Already tried: Escape as {"} (caused display errors and showed errors in the console)¹ or as \" (did not help). Actually escape the {e} in example – did not work either. \shorthandoff is a good recommendation from the already linked question and helps.
5. One of Lubalin’s many typographically expressive designs that have become iconic and inspiring to generations of graphic designers. (Image: Peter Gabor) Using delicate and well-considered composition of typographic detailing, Lubalin has succeeded in making an unpleasant message seem attractive and pleasing.
6. An en dash surrounded by spaces achieves the same effect as an em dash with no spaces, but typographically it is less disruptive. This was a big debate between my editor and me when I was writing my book. The practice of using two hyphens for a dash is a holdover from the days of typewriters. Besides being visually disruptive to smooth blocks
7. Physically, we use our voice, facial expressions. gestures and posture to convey a wide range of emotional cues from the subtle to the dramatic. Typefaces and the way they are used provide a similarly extensive emotional range typographically.
8. Professional time-saving tools for Microsoft Office. Hide text from your CAT tool, convert non-translatable text into tags, perform quick search and replacement using search & replace lists, apply highlighting to speed up editing, remove excessive spaces, use non-breaking spaces to keep text on the same line, use typographically correct symbols, and do much more.
9. XD offers several tags and classes to make it easy to render typographically consistent designs. Fonts. In general you should avoid specifying specific font families. Instead, allow your text to use the font provided by Adobe XD (which is typically the system font). If you do need to use a different font, ensure that:
10. Get six cool printable web typography cheat sheets that will help you recognize font styles, use typographically correct punctuation, font weights, font styles, combine fonts and more. Bonus. Printable font memory game. Available in the Premium version.
11. Finally, the following are several examples of common mistakes and good suggestions on how to make your printed pieces and websites typographically correct: Using All Capital Letters. Use all “CAPITAL” letters in moderation in body copy. They can draw too much attention and spoil the look of the overall design.
12. TransTools+ provides several useful tools that speed up document editing: search and replace multiple words and phrases, use regular expressions to find or replace almost anything, unleash the power of color highlighting, remove excessive spaces and insert missing ones, add non-breaking spaces and insert typographically correct symbols to
13. But if you use certain literal characters, like typographically correct quotation marks, dashes, ellipses, and so on, you’ll run into trouble. These characters are not part of ISO 8859-1.

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