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Synonyms: 1. Triangular 2. Trilateral 3. Trigonal 4. Legal
1. Triangularity: 1 n the property of being shaped like a triangle Type of: angularity the property possessed by a shape that has angles
2. Negative triangularity tokamak plasmas are the subject of increasing interest both in existing experiments and in studies of core physics, as well as power handling relevant to fusion demonstration power reactors [1–5].The plasma shape optimization with positive triangularity leads to the stabilization of high-n modes such as ballooning modes by entering the second stability regime.
3. Welcome to Triangularity! This is a recreational programming language, very minimalistic, that doesn't yet have any kind of loops, and which is only meant to solve easy tasks.
4. triangularity can work with you to develop a tailored on-line, easy to access and use information resource for your team.
5. Summary A list of 196 countries ordered by “triangularity” can be found in the Results section of this post. Details of the methods are described in the following two sections. I have included all my code at the very end of this post. I was inspired to write this blog post after reading two excellent posts. One of these is about finding the most rectangular country and is by David Barry.
6. triangularity (GC1100K) was created by lightmann on 2/17/2007. It's a Micro size geocache, with difficulty of 2, terrain of 1.5. It's located in Washington, United States.This cache is on a part of the walking/biking trail that few people know about.
7. Hypernyms ("triangularity" is a kind of): angularity (the property possessed by a shape that has angles). Derivation: triangular (having three sides). triangular (having three angles; forming or shaped like a triangle)
8. Definition of triangularity in the D dictionary. Meaning of triangularity. What does triangularity mean? Information and translations of triangularity in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
9. The measurement of moment invariants like the triangularity ([T.sub.I]) and ellipticity ([E.sub.I]) was successfully used in several applications like the classification of mammographic masses and lung field boundaries. Anterior chamber angle shape analysis and classification of glaucoma in SS-OCT images
10. Mr Alps plotted the triangularity of each country. "This shows that there is a quite gentle decrease in triangularity over the first 150 countries, followed by a sharp drop-off, seemingly due to
11. Moment shape descriptors such as the triangularity and ellipticity are used to compare the performance of fractal dimension analysis. Anterior chamber angle shape analysis and classification of glaucoma in SS-OCT images So, reciprocal triangularity takes place only in one direction, which is US [right arrow] North Korea [right arrow] South Korea.
12. A collaboration with performance artist Kayla Tange (reading her poem), Triangularity: You Live A Good Lie starts with the theme of identity in relationship to the other. Through the use of loops, it asks the viewer to examine habitual thought patterns, revealing an inner perceptual prison, always recreating itself through infinite repetition.
13. Knowing that the math part was a bit of a challenge, I knew this would make for a great pattern! So, here we are! triangularity includes 5 quilt sizes: Baby, Throw, Twin, Full/Queen and King. In addition to that, I walk you through the math involved to create any size quilt you'd like, with whatever size triangle you'd like!

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