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journey, trip, expedition, safari, odyssey, hike, march, slog, footslog, tramp,

"Trek" in Example Sentences

1. The Great Trek, as it is called, lasted from 1836 to 1840, the trek kers, who numbered about 7000, founding communities with a republican form of government beyond the Orange and Vaal rivers, and in Natal, where they had been preceded, however, by British emigrants.
2. How to use trek in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word trek? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Ok, now I imagine on a trek like this you carry your food and all supplies, or are there food drops or some basic support?
3. trek in a sentence English words and Examples of use Example Sentences for "trek" "A Matter of Honor" is the eighth episode of the second season of Star trek: The Next Generation first broadcast on February 6, 1989.It is episode
4. trek definition: The definition of a trek is a journey or part of a journey. (noun) An example of a trek is a hike from one village to another in the Himalayas.
5. How do you use the word trek in a sentence? When Dottie walked into the woods, she knew that she was in for a long trek before she would see another person.
6. Moreover, the inadequate compensation awarded to slaveowners, and the suspicions engendered by the method of payment, caused much resentment, and in 1835 the trekking of farmers into unknown country in order to escape from an unloved government, which had characterized the 18th century, recommenced.
7. Use trek in a sentence trek; The daily trek to midtown Manhattan takes about an hour and a half. One quick stop at the shop later and we started the trek upwards. [verb] to make a slow, long and difficult journey; The travelers trekked deep into the desert to see the sunset over the hill.
8. Use "trek" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. trek in a sentence. Trek; Is the Star trek movie. He began his trek towards. That sums up the whole trek. Star Trek: The Wrath of Kahn. My dad is a Star trek fan. Star trek was a Sci-Fi show.
9. English words and Examples of Usage use "trek" in a sentence The daily trek to midtown Manhattan takes about an hour and a half. Academic English Words List and Example Sentences Example sentences with the trek, a sentence example for trek, and how to make trek in sample sentence, how do I use the word trekin a sentence?
10. trek definition is - to make one's way arduously; broadly : journey. How to use trek in a sentence.
11. Star Trek's Mr. Spock is famous for the four word line, "That would be illogical". "use in a sentence the word fixed input" "use in a sentence the word fixed input" Asked in Example Sentences
12. trek definition, to travel or migrate, especially slowly or with difficulty. See more.
13. Using “that is” in a sentence. Ask Question Asked 2 years, 3 months ago. Use of “That” as a single word in a sentence. 2. Using “that” before or after a clause. 0. How could this that-clause come out in this sentence? 0. References to holographic medics in Star trek TNG
14. Definition of trek in the D dictionary. Meaning of trek. What does trek mean? Information and translations of trek in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
15. Synonyms for trek at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for trek.
16. When into is used in a sentence, Into modifies the word trek as trek is the verb. Remember, directional spatial adpositions can only combine with verbs that involve motion. 'trek Into' becomes the verb phrase and then 'trek Into Darkness' becomes the noun phrase because it describes a specific event (such as the Civil War.) Star becomes an
17. Its frequent use on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine has nearly depleted any deep invective qualities of the term. But vehemently, I must disagree with you. Often student can articulate their thoughts aloud. A little passe. The Pope's legates, laid a general interdict on the whole of England
18. Use of “by“ in a sentence. Ask Question Asked 1 month ago. Active 1 month ago. Which preposition should one use: for, with, in, or by? 4. In Star Trek, are food replicators also used by everyday people as a household item? Almost half a million, yet smaller than hundred
19. The famous line from “Star Trek” (written below) would just not sound as dramatic if it said to go boldly! Informal example: You can try to use the person’s name all the time, or say the person, but that doesn’t sound natural. What people usually do in this case is to use the word they.
20. Regular expression to extract whole sentences with matching word. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. If there are two of the same word in a sentence is there anyway to get two copies of the sentence around the word? Do gray aliens exist in Star Trek?
21. How To Use Err In A Sentence? References & Definitions. Jack preferred to err on the side of caution with everything he did. How To Use Compare In A Sentence? What's your favourite mountain trek and what made it a special route? What will life be like after 2011 if the Liberals have their way?
22. (to trek across) a. to travel around. Recorrí el país durante cinco años a pie. I traveled around the country for five years on foot. b. to traverse. Recorreré las tres montañas en una semana. Easy to use. Works on any device. Start Learning. report this ad. report this ad.

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