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TIRESSE [ˈtī(ə)rləs]

tireless (adjective)

  • having or showing great effort or energy.
Synonyms: vigorous . energetic . industrious . determined . resolute . enthusiastic . keen . zealous . forceful . strong . herculean . spirited . dynamic . intense . dogged . tenacious . persevering . stout . pertinacious . untiring . unwearied . unflagging . unremitting . indefatigable . unshakeable . unrelenting . unswerving . lazy . halfhearted .

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What is another word for tirelessly?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for tirelessly. indefatigably. energetically, vigorously. actively, assiduously, busily, diligently,

What does working tirelessly mean?

tirelessly (comparative more tirelessly, superlative most tirelessly) In a tireless manner; without tiring, flagging, or ceasing. The volunteers worked tirelessly to improve the content.

What is the adjective for tireless?

The synonyms of "Tireless" are: hardworking, industrious, untiring, indefatigable, unflagging, unwearying, vigorous, energetic, determined, resolute, enthusiastic, keen, zealous, forceful, strong, herculean, spirited, dynamic, intense, dogged, tenacious, persevering, stout, pertinacious. Tireless as an Adjective

What does tireless efforts mean?

Definition of 'tireless'. tireless. If you describe someone or their efforts as tireless, you approve of the fact that they put a lot of hard work into something, and refuse to give up or take a rest.

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