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1. Surtaxing synonyms, Surtaxing pronunciation, Surtaxing translation, English dictionary definition of Surtaxing

Surtaxing, Synonyms

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Strong, Surtaxing

3. Surtaxing is an acceptable word in Scrabble with 17 points

Surtaxing, Strong, Scrabble

4. Surtaxing is an accepted word in Word with Friends having 20 points

Surtaxing, Strong

5. Surtaxing is a 9 letter long Word starting with S and ending with G

Surtaxing, Strong, Starting

6. 7 letter Words made out of Surtaxing


7. Surtaxed (2 syllables), Surtaxing (3 syllables), supertax (3 Syllables) supertax (3 syllables), Two syllable words that rhyme with Surtax

Surtaxed, Syllables, Strong, Surtaxing, Supertax, Syllable, Surtax

8. Meaning of Surtaxing: This definition of the word Surtaxing is from the Wiktionary dictionary, where you can also find the etimology, other senses, synonyms, antonyms and examples

Strong, Surtaxing, Senses, Synonyms

9. Compounding this problem, government had mortgaged the future of succeeding generations by increasing taxation on the creation of wealth and Surtaxing higher income levels to support its social programs

Succeeding, Surtaxing, Support, Social

10. Surtax (third-person singular simple present surtaxes, present participle Surtaxing, simple past and past participle surtaxed) ( transitive ) To impose a surtax upon

Surtax, Singular, Simple, Surtaxes, Strong, Surtaxing, Surtaxed

11. “While other parties have advocated raising the age, means testing and Surtaxing for NZ Super, only NZ First has consistently addressed the residency issue as party policy,” Patterson said.

Strong, Surtaxing, Super, Said

12. Surtaxing the rich is a social good from a rational economic perspective because it takes money out of the economy to control inflation and prevent wealth hoarding and speculation, and Surtaxing

Strong, Surtaxing, Social, Speculation

13. Saturday midday open thread: Saving $160 trillion with renewables; Surtaxing the 0.1%

Saturday, Strong, Saving, Surtaxing

14. Surtaxing the Rich and Global Warming Are Most Divisive

Strong, Surtaxing

15. (Note: See Surtaxing for more definitions.) Also see Surtaxing Words similar to surtaxes Usage examples for surtaxes Words that often appear near surtaxes Rhymes of …

See, Strong, Surtaxing, Similar, Surtaxes

16. Surtax, surtaxed, surtaxes, Surtaxing

Surtax, Surtaxed, Surtaxes, Strong, Surtaxing

17. Surcharging <p>surprising</p> alternatives <p>superimposing</p> <p>Surtaxing</p> <p>surcharging</p> answer explanation

Surcharging, Surprising, Superimposing, Strong, Surtaxing

18. Those who worry that the stimulus will go to those not needing it should consider Surtaxing it

Stimulus, Should, Strong, Surtaxing

19. The following article from today’s Sunday magazine section of the NY Times: Fat Tax by David Leonhardt lays out a well reasoned argument for Surtaxing soft drinks

Sunday, Section, Strong, Surtaxing, Soft

20. Congress passed the Pittman-Robertson and Dingell-Johnson Acts that established a fund to support conservation and management of game and sport fish species by Surtaxing gear used by hunters, recreational shooters, fishermen, and boaters.

Support, Sport, Species, Strong, Surtaxing, Shooters

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