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1. The Successional stages that an area goes through following a devastating forest fire

Successional, Stages

2. Synonyms for Successional. back-to-back, consecutive, sequent, sequential, straight, succeeding, successive.

Synonyms, Successional, Strong, Se, Sequential, Straight, Succeeding, Successive

3. Continue to make fresh beds as formerly directed, and prepare fresh material for Successional ones


4. IN-DOOR GARDENING FOR EVERY WEEK IN THE YEAR WILLIAM KEANE A fresh bed to be made and spawned every three or four weeks, to produce Successional crops

Spawned, Strong, Successional

5. What does Successional mean? Of, related to or caused by succession

Strong, Successional, Succession

6. What is Early Successional Habitat? It is habitat with vigorously growing grasses, forbs, shrubs and trees which provide excellent food and cover for wildlife but need disturbance to be maintained. Examples of early Successional habitats include weedy areas, grasslands, old fields or pastures, shrub thickets (e.g

Successional, Strong, Shrubs, Shrub

7. Much of the planted early-Successional forest of the Refuge is naturally progressing into this stage

Strong, Successional, Stage

8. The varied layers of mid-Successional forest habitat create a diverse home.

Strong, Successional

9. Successional White Pine Forest Secure Successional White Pine forest

Strong, Successional, Secure

10. Description: Old field white pines form the canopy of Successional White Pine Forests which occur on abandoned agricultural land, usually former pastures

Strong, Successional

11. Management of early Successional habitats can be based on the “historic natural range of variation”, or can involve active forest management based on goals

Strong, Successional

12. ‘I challenged him specifically on the question of biostratigraphy and the Successional order of appearance of the various forms of life in the fossil record.’

Specifically, Strong, Successional

13. ‘Make Successional sowings of beetroot, carrots, lettuce, radish and turnips.’.

Strong, Successional, Sowings

14. At Successional Design, we aim to identify your needs and goals to design for your best path to success. Although we do offer installation and maintenance services, mostly we are here to empower you to find ways of coexisting with your land to regenerate soil and habitat, while also obtaining a yield.

Successional, Strong, Success, Services, Soil

15. Comparing the forest fragments, the highest values of richness of the edaphic arthropod community were observed in the forest fragments in intermediate Successional stages, FF2 and FF3, followed by the forest fragments in the advanced and initial Successional stages, FF4 and FF1, respectively (Table 1).

Strong, Successional, Stages

16. Early Successional Forest Pioneering trees and shrubs Plant pioneers inhabit this first forest stage in riparian areas that are most subject to wind and floods

Successional, Shrubs, Stage, Subject

17. A transitional stage, this early-Successional phase welcomes the growth of larger trees and the arrival of mid-Successional forest plants.

Stage, Successional

18. Here, different Successional biocrusts (alga, lichen, and moss-dominated biocrusts) were collected across the northern China, and assembly of biocrust …

Strong, Successional

19. Synonyms for Successional include subsequent, succeeding, ensuing, later, progressive, sequential, succedent, successive, chronological and consecutive

Synonyms, Strong, Successional, Subsequent, Succeeding, Sequential, Succedent, Successive

20. The earliest Successional stage was represented by a landslide along a pathway

Successional, Stage

21. From the Cambridge English Corpus The structure of low v'rzea depends on the Successional stage, and species diversa …

Structure, Successional, Stage, Species

22. Successional habitat, however, it should be used sparingly

Successional, Should, Sparingly

23. An important location for early Successional habitat in agricultural country is allowing it to grow in the corner of fields and in fence lines.


24. Succedaneous teeth (Successional teeth) the permanent teeth that have primary tooth predecessors in the dental arch

Succedaneous, Successional

25. A clearcut is an example of a stand replacing disturbance that resets the Successional process to the beginning

Stand, Strong, Successional

26. Many different tree and other plants species will occupy the site, but the early Successional dominants, such as pin cherry, birch and aspen will form the early canopy.

Species, Site, Strong, Successional, Such

27. Early Successional habitats form soon after a distur-bance

Successional, Soon

28. Early Successional plants are generally her-baceous annuals and perennials that quickly occupy disturbed sites

Successional, Sites

29. Early Successional Habitats Declining Most of Maryland's forests continued to mature after widespread harvesting at the turn of the century

Strong, Successional

30. As the forest has matured, sites dominated by early Successional habitats have declined to less than 15 percent of the total forest acreage statewide

Sites, Strong, Successional, Statewide

31. Early Successional habitats often have an open understory with scattered plants that create an umbrella-like canopy

Strong, Successional, Scattered

32. The Meaning of "Successional Interest" Some garden writers use "sequence of bloom" and "Successional interest" as if they were synonymous

Strong, Successional, Some, Sequence, Synonymous

33. Reserve the terminology "Successional interest" to refer to a broader range of plant characteristics than

Strong, Successional

34. Successional changes in plant communities were recognized and described well before the 20th century

Strong, Successional

35. Ductive early Successional species or longest-lived late Successional species, depending on whether the goal is to maximize productivity or maximize carbon storage

Strong, Successional, Species, Storage

36. However, the inventory data also show that stands with low Successional diversity fix and store less carbon than stands with high suc-cessional diversity.

Show, Stands, Strong, Successional, Store, Suc

37. “What are early Successional habitats, why are they important, and how can they be sustained?” Pages 1-10 in Sustaining young forest communities: ecology and management of early Successional habitats in the Central Hardwood Region, USA

Strong, Successional, Sustained, Sustaining

38. Discussion of Successional change has traditionally focused on plants


39. The role of animals in producing and responding to Successional change has received far less attention


40. Dispersal of plant propagules by animals is a fundamental part of Successional change in the tropics.


41. Preparing for a Successional Crop

Strong, Successional

42. Vegetables finished early enough for a Successional crop include bush beans, many salads, early potatoes and carrots, onions and garlic, and beets

Strong, Successional, Salads

43. Late Successional mixed conifer forests are defined by plant species composition, overstory tree age and size, and the forest structure

Strong, Successional, Species, Size, Structure

44. Successional habitats from this functional perspective (e.g., Thompson and DeGraaf 2001)

Strong, Successional

45. Plant composition and micro-physical structure differ considerably among these diverse early Successional habitat types, and can be dominated by grasses, forbs, shrubs, seedlings, woody sprouts, or a patchy mix of herbaceous and develop-ing woody cover.

Structure, Strong, Successional, Shrubs, Seedlings, Sprouts

46. Climax species, also called late seral, late-Successional, K-selected or equilibrium species, are plant species that can germinate and grow with limited resources, like they need heat exposure or low water availability

Species, Seral, Strong, Successional, Selected

47. In Duke Forest, various hardwood species normally develop under pines and other early Successional species and eventually replace them

Species, Strong, Successional

48. Conditions, late-Successional and old-growth forests, social and economic conditions, tribal relationships, and the populations and habitats of marbled murrelets (Brachyramphus marmoratus) and northern spotted owls

Strong, Successional, Social, Spotted

49. Modern Successional theories view the landscape as being in a sort of dynamic equilibrium, in that various patches make up a shifting mosaic of various Successional stages

Strong, Successional, Sort, Shifting, Stages

50. IMPORTANCE We document the Successional patterns of rhizosphere bacterial communities associated with a “wild” annual grass, Avena fatua , which is commonly a dominant plant in Mediterranean-type annual grasslands around the world; the plant was grown in its grassland soil.

Strong, Successional, Soil

51. After taking one step into Successional Forest, it’s easy to forget that Forest Park sits in the center of St

Step, Strong, Successional, Sits, St

52. Early Successional Habitat Management In order to maintain early Successional habitats, landowners must carry out management on the property

Strong, Successional

53. Early Successional habitats are open habitats generally covered in annual plants, grasses, and forb species

Strong, Successional, Species

54. Synonyms for Successional in Free Thesaurus

Synonyms, Strong, Successional

55. 6 synonyms for Successional: consecutive, sequent, sequential, serial, subsequent, successive

Synonyms, Strong, Successional, Sequent, Sequential, Serial, Subsequent, Successive

56. What are synonyms for Successional?

Synonyms, Strong, Successional

57. Early Successional habitats should also be managed so that a diversity of vegetation is available and interspersed across the property

Strong, Successional, Should, So

58. The plant species composition and structure of early Successional habitats can be balanced by conducting appropriate habitat management practices at the proper frequency and times of year.

Species, Structure, Strong, Successional

59. Early Successional nesters in eastern North America, like the Prairie Warbler, have declined rapidly during the last 50 years

Strong, Successional

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What does successional mean?

1. The act or process of following in order or sequence. 2. A group of people or things arranged or following in order; a sequence: "A succession of... Successional - definition of successional by The Free Dictionary Printer Friendly

What does succession mean?

Succession definition, the coming of one person or thing after another in order, sequence, or in the course of events: many troubles in succession. See more.

How do you use succession in a sentence?

Examples of succession in a Sentence As third in the line of succession, she would only become queen if her brothers both died or became ineligible. Recent Examples on the Web His son, Prince Carl Philip who is fifth in the line of succession, and his wife Princess Sofia have both tested positive and had milder flu symptoms.

What are successional stages?

These are known as successional stages, which can be characterized using several methods reported in the literature (SIMINSKI; FANTINI; REIS, 2013). CONTINUE successional sowing of salads, and sow cucumber, sweetcorn, squash, French, runner and broad beans outdoors.

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