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1. Pathologically, the keloid is an irregular, dense connective tissue mass, localized to the dermis, and non-existent Submucosally. Keloids immunologically contain increased levels of immunoglobulins A, G, and M by the direct immunofluorescent antibody method levels well above those of normal skin.

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2. Submucosally invasive colorectal carcinoma (pT1) has the potential to be cured by local excision. In US surgical intervention is reserved for tumors with high-grade morphology, lymphvascular invasion, and close/positive margin.

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3. Procedure After locating the adenoma (Paris classification 1-S), 2 cc’s of ORISE™ Gel was injected Submucosally using a dynamic injection process

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4. The 1% Bevacizumab is then injected Submucosally throughout the nasal cavity sparing the mucosa of the cartilage and the septum

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5. EXP is injected Submucosally between the bladder neck and mid-urethra, via either a transurethral or periurethral approach

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6. “You can use a microdebrider, or you can simply resect tissue with any instrumentation, provided this is done Submucosally.” Becker’s ASC Review, an online source on business issues affecting physicians, notes that when the submucosal approach is not …

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7. The patients in Group-T who were injected tramadol Submucosally, had less pain intensity (average 4.73on VAS), longer time elapsed till first intake of rescue medication (Ibuprofen) and took less number of analgesic pills (128 in first 48 hours, Mean=4.26) post extraction as compared to patients in Group-P (145 in first 48 hours, Mean=4.83) who were injectednormal salinesubmucosal after 3rd molar extraction …

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8. Injecting tramadol Submucosally is an easy and suitable method considered to be an additional therapeuticoption, available to dentists because it can be performed directly in the operative field9

Submucosally, Suitable

9. Physician states, "inferior turbinate was then reduced Submucosally using a cauterization shaver blade by creating a tunnel between the medial soft tissue and the bone and lateral soft tissue of the turbinate

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10. To provide proof of concept regarding the feasibility of ESD using a CO 2 laser with Submucosally injected laser absorber solution, an experimental study in ex vivo and in vivo porcine models was performed

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11. Poster of Distinction for "The Durability of Different Solutions Injected Submucosally in a Porcine Model" Digestive Disease Week

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12. A Submucosally invaded early rectal tumor model was estab-lished by inoculating HCT-116-GFP or Colo205-GFP human colorectal cancer cells orthotopically into athymic nu/nu mice

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13. METHODS: We investigated 130 Submucosally invasive gastric cancers and analyzed the pathological risk factors for lymph node metastasis

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14. IPCL type Vn is a pattern for massively Submucosally invasive cancers

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15. Cryotherapy and laser coagulation is also effective Pleomorphic adenoma: mostly seen Submucosally on the hard or soft palate

Seen, Strong, Submucosally, Soft

16. During this procedure, the endoscopist injects a lifting fluid medium Submucosally and then resects the lesion with a snare device

Strong, Submucosally, Snare

17. E gastric mucosa but harbored Submucosally infiltrating adenocarcinoma

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18. Malignancy, including Submucosally infiltrating adenocarcinoma, should be considered in patients with strictures involving ectopic gastric mucosa in the proximal esophagus.

Strong, Submucosally, Should, Strictures

19. At this time, a Cottle elevator was used to raise an inferior flap Submucosally overlying an inferior left septal bone spur

Strong, Submucosally, Septal, Spur

20. Evaluation of Submucosally Injected Polyethylene Glycol‐Based Hydrogel and Bovine Cross‐Linked Collagen in the Canine Urethra using Cystoscopy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Histopathology

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21. MANCUSO KEY POINTS All masses presenting Submucosally around the pharynx or presenting in the deep face should be imaged before they are biopsied

Strong, Submucosally, Should

22. Reported the presence of diminutive Submucosally invasive cancers of the colon and rectum; therefore, careful endoscopic observation is strongly recommended when adopting the "resect

Strong, Submucosally, Strongly

23. Ated cancer and Submucosally invasive gastric cancers [1]

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24. In some cases, Submucosally invasive gastric cancers are often endoscopically resected intentionally or uninten-tionally

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25. Regional lymph node metastasis has been reported to occur in about 10 % of patients with Submucosally invasive gastric cancers [2–5]

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26. The implants were placed Submucosally or transmucosally in the left or the right side of the mandible

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27. A live attenuated vaccine against Streptococcus equi was administered Submucosally in the upper lip to 224 pregnant and healthy mares to evaluate its safety

Streptococcus, Strong, Submucosally, Safety

28. As control group, 206 mares of the same breeding farm were administered the solvent of the vaccine Submucosally.

Same, Solvent, Strong, Submucosally

29. In group B (injected group), 20 units of BTX_A (2ml) will be injected Submucosally in each inferior turbinate using insulin syringe needle after local anesthesia using 10% xylocaine spray

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30. Abandoning a suture Submucosally can lead to foreign body reactions, infection and eventually implant loss

Suture, Strong, Submucosally

31. 99m Tc-tin colloid was injected Submucosally, and ICG solution was injected either Submucosally or subserosally

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32. The aim of this study is to clarify the conditions of curative EMR for CRC with Submucosally (sm) massive invasion

Study, Strong, Submucosally, Sm

33. Experimental Design: Nude mice were injected Submucosally in the tongue or subcutis with human squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity cell lines Tu159, Tu167, and MDA1986

Strong, Submucosally, Subcutis, Squamous

34. Complications of ulceration, necrosis, and delayed esophageal perforation appear to occur more frequently when ETHAMOLIN (ethanolamine oleate) Injection is injected Submucosally

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does submucosa mean?

A layer of tissue beneath a mucous membrane; the layer of connective tissue beneath the tunica mucosa. Synonym (s): tela submucosa. Layer of tissue beneath mucous membrane; layer of connective tissue beneath tunica mucosa. [TA lists submucosae of the following viscera: bronchi, esophagus, small and large intestines, pharynx, stomach, bladder.]

What does submucosal plexus mean?

sub·mu·co·sal plex·us. A gangliated plexus of unmyelinated nerve fibers, derived chiefly from the superior mesenteric plexus, ramifying in the intestinal submucosa. submucosal plexus. The division of the enteric plexus found in the submucosal layer of the walls of the gastrointestinal tract.

Can submucosal fibroids cause infertility?

Besides causing infertility problems, submucosal fibroids may also cause some major complications during pregnancy. As when fibroids grow in size, there is no space for the baby in the uterus which may lead to miscarriage and several deformities. During the post-partum phase, it may also lead to hemorrhage which can lead to several complications.

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