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1. Sublimators are also the only device on the market that can be used with an organic compound and concentrate simultaneously and even collect the purest solventless extracts possible as a by-product of their use

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2. Laboratory glass Sublimators Crystal Science USA high quality laboratory and scientific glassware with over 20 years of experience

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3. Before we can talk about Sublimators we should differentiate between two terms that are often used interchangeably: Sublimate: To transform directly from the solid to the gaseous state or from the gaseous to the solid state without becoming a liquid.

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4. Sublimators are heat rejection devices that transfer heat from space vehicles by venting water vapor into space in order to maintain temperature control of the cabin and vehicle hardware

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5. Sublimators accomplish this by freezing water inside a porous plate, allowing it to sublimate into vapor, then venting the vapor into space.

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6. Sublimators Same Difference (Instrumental), released

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7. Sublimators, vacuum, dailey** A grease-free, two-piece sublimation apparatus consisting of an upper water cooled condenser and lower vessel to hold the material to be sublimed

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8. SubNationUSA is a veteran-owned business that caters to professional and hobbyist Sublimators

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9. Typically, the Sublimators are used in arrays, where multiple cartridges can be used at one time

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10. The arrangement of vertical Sublimators with the ammonia separator below has a number of advantages over the older system where the ammonia separator is above a pair of horizontal Sublimators

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11. 0 1 Sublimators, VACUUM, DAILEY** A grease-free, two-piece sublimation apparatus consisting of an upper water cooled condenser and lower vessel to hold the material to be sublimed

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12. For Sublimators that meant the option to finally put designs on dark colors and non-polyester fabrics

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13. Sublimators, We Made It! Let’s celebrate making it through this past year with an amazing coupon, free artwork for orders over $75 and great sales on sublimation blanks & Forever transfer paper!

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14. Synthware Sublimators, Kemtech America

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15. Sublimators have been used as heat rejection devices for a variety of space applications including the Apollo Lunar Module and the Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU)

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16. Sublimators typically operate with steady-state feedwater utilization at or near 100%

Strong, Sublimators, Steady, State

17. Sublimators for oxalic acid with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa

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18. Sublimators for oxalic acid with temperature control, effective treatment against varroa

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19. Many Sublimators use a process that utilizes a sheet of high temperature foam during production to prevent lines from forming

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20. Our FREE sublimation printing cost calculator helps beginner Sublimators who work out of their home and therefore have minimal “overhead” costs.

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21. Epson printers are the go-to printer for Sublimators

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22. We also have an Adapt-A-Bong unit ourselves that we are using for testing and will be fully stocked on all Sublimators very soon

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23. NOTE: We do not offer sublimation (fully printed blankets) in house and these are sold as blank goods only with an additional 40% off with promo code for qualified Sublimators and wholesalers.Sold by the case (12 pcs.).

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24. For more about the practical aspects of sublimation and handy tips, be sure to consult the Sublimators Page of our Glassware Gallery

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25. The Sublimators still maintain a good relationship with their primogenitors, the Ultramarines and the chapter they drew that provided their first Chapter Master, the Aurora chapter

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26. Sublimators are two types of necessary heat sinks for space cooling [6,9]

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27. Conversely, water Sublimators can be

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28. Still, most of the time, standard glass Sublimators are used for this purpose, which do not enable optimal matrix deposition reproducibility, compromising inter-experiment comparison of the results

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29. Sigma-Aldrich Online Catalog Product List: Synthware Sublimators

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30. In some cases (like spacesuits) water ice Sublimators are used to reject heat without the need for a large radiator

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31. When many Sublimators look at the cost of making their products, they only take into account how much they spend on ink, paper, substrate and shipping

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32. The lot was made from the single final bulk but had to be freeze-dried in five Sublimators

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33. A common problem experienced by many Sublimators is dots — colored or white — seen on the final product or image

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34. Painless Heat Pressing Tips & Tricks Room 232 LIMITED Aaron Knight Set Me Up and Let's Get Started - OKI Laser Printing (Hands-On) Room 230 LIMITED Jim Tenholder It Takes Two - The Sublimators Guide to Selling Products Room 223 LIMITED Jared Hoch Decoding the Mystery of Licensing Room 231 LIMITED Erika Ferraby Essential Tips for Starting an E

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