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1. Re: Subducts Fire dampers only are excepted when sub duct method is used per 607.5.5 X1.1, doesn't say anything about anything else in the shaft

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2. When two oceanic plates collide with each other and the older, denser oceanic plate Subducts under the other one

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3. A deep depression in the ocean floor when one plate Subducts under another

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4. A chain of volcanic islands that forms when oceanic crust Subducts, melts and pushes its way to the surface

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5. Steel exhaust Subducts extend at least 22 inches (559 mm) vertically in exhaust shafts provided that there is a continuous airflow upward to the outdoors; or

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6. The MKV 0810 set contains two calibres with different diameters for the calibration of Subducts with internal diameter 8,0 or 9,8-10,0 mm

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7. The MKV 1116 set contains three different calibres for testing Subducts of ID 11,4-16,0 mm

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8. The calibres are easily screwed onto the micro-transmitter and blown through the Subducts by air-pressure.

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9. Subducts are simple alternative to fire/smoke dampers when penetrating exhaust shafts in multi-story buildings

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10. However, Subducts can also be used for bathroom and kitchen exhaust shaft penetrations.

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11. Schematic Cross Section of a Typical Subduction Zone: When tectonic plates converge (illustrated by the thick black arrows on either side of the image), one plate slides beneath the upper plate, or Subducts, descending into the Earth’s mantle at rates of 2 to 8 centimeters (1–3 inches) per year (red-brown slab with skinny arrow shows direction of motion).

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12. Notably, the Pacific plate Subducts below (is pushed underneath) northern Honshu along the Japan trench at a rate of 93 mm/yr., while the Philippine plate Subducts beneath southern Honshu along the Nankai trough at a rate of 58 mm/yr.

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13. Subduct (third-person singular simple present Subducts, present participle subducting, simple past and past participle subducted) ( transitive ) To push under or below

Subduct, Singular, Simple, Strong, Subducts, Subducting, Subducted

14. What does Subducts mean? Third-person singular simple present indicative form of subduct

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15. When the denser plate Subducts below the less dense plate, hot rocks from below rises into the cooler areas above the subducting plate …

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16. Oceanic lithosphere Subducts beneath another oceanic lithospheric plate d

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17. Oceanic lithosphere Subducts beneath another oceanic lithospheric plate

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18. In the Japan Trench, the dense Pacific plate Subducts beneath the less-dense Okhotsk plate

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19. As the lithosphere Subducts, it sinks into the mantle, becoming more plastic and ductile

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20. The continental crust is thicker and more buoyant than the oceanic crust so the oceanic crust Subducts beneath the continental crust

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21. In general, it is accepted that in the Southern region, the Nazca plate continuously Subducts with a 30 [degrees] dip angle down to about 300 km depth; while in the Central region, the plate Subducts with an initial 10 [degrees] dip angle from the trench to the coastline, increasing to a 30 [degrees] dip to a depth of 120 km, and then becoming almost horizontal up to distances of 500 km from the trench.

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22. Trenches in the Pacific are located in places where one tectonic plate Subducts or slides under another one.

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23. Often it is the older and colder plate that is denser and Subducts beneath the younger and warmer plate

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24. As the Juan de Fuca Plate (lower cookie) Subducts beneath the North American Plate (upper cookie), the layers are scraped off the ocean floor and pile up as the Coast Range.

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25. The threadlike structure consists of a bundle of several Subducts, which is a characteristic feature of Bonghan ducts and distinguishes them morphologically from lymphatic vessels

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26. In addition, the Feulgen reaction clearly demonstrates that the Subducts pass through a corpuscle, which is usually irregular or oval-shaped and is connected to two

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27. The Pacific Plate Subducts beneath the Philippine Plate

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28. Subducts in a sentence - Use Subducts in a sentence and its meaning 1

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29. Innerducts are typically small-diameter, semi-flexible Subducts

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30. The new slab stops the lateral motion and Subducts beneath

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31. Click for more sentences of Subducts

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32. Where tectonic plates converge, the one with thin oceanic crust Subducts beneath the one capped by thick continental crust

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33. Cool ocean crust Subducts into the mantle along the plate boundary

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34. Relining pipes with Subducts to achieve increased capacity and adaptation to micro fibre technology.

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35. When a plate is denser, it Subducts toward the mantle and forms magma

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36. Which Crust Subducts? Do non-volcanic Mountains Form? Does a Trench Form? On Which Crust Do Volcanoes Form? Continental

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37. Subducts beneath another At which type of boundary does one plate Subducts beneath another plate? Answers: 2 Get Other questions on the subject: Chemistry

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an example of subduction?

One example of a subduction zone is the Pacific coast South America. The Pacific plate is converging with the South American plate. As the two plate s come together the Pacific plate is pushed down and under the South American plate.

What does subduction result in?

The process of subduction results in the formation of a zone called a subduction zone. The plate that bends usually curves down into the mantle. After curving, it forms a v-shaped zone in the ocean that is very narrow.

What does subduction produce on the surface?

Subduction zones drag down subducted oceanic sediments, oceanic crust, and mantle lithosphere that interact with the hot asthenospheric mantle from the over-riding plate to produce calc-alkaline series melts, ore deposits, and continental crust.

Where does subduction take place?

Subduction is a geological process that takes place at convergent boundaries of tectonic plates where one plate moves under another and is forced to sink due to high gravitational potential energy into the mantle. Regions where this process occurs are known as subduction zones.

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