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1. Stubrag a person of a geeky nature

Strong, Stubrag

2. Without popularity or personality Only Stubrags will be at the party! by sheermace June 06, 2010

Strong, Stubrags, Sheermace

3. Stubrag! You have no idea in the world what that is, amirite? 78% Yeah You Are 22% No Way

Strong, Stubrag

4. 1 Comment Highest Score First what is a Stubrag people i need to know

Score, Strong, Stubrag

5. A Stubrag is a REALLY rude way of calling someone an idiot

Strong, Stubrag, Someone

6. Stubrag from Stockbridge Thread starter DaveB; Start date Feb 18, 2011; DaveB

Strong, Stubrag, Stockbridge, Starter, Start

7. User ID Stubrag-78 (Feedback score 2) 100% positive Feedback

Strong, Stubrag, Score

8. Based in Australia, Stubrag-78 has been an eBay member since 22 Feb, 2020

Strong, Stubrag, Since

9. Join Facebook to connect with Nub Stubrag and others you may know

Strong, Stubrag

10. View the profiles of people named Nub Stubrag on Facebook

Strong, Stubrag

11. Join Facebook to connect with Nub Stubrag and others you may know

Strong, Stubrag

12. Stubrag! in 5, 4, 3, 2 Whatcha doin'? Checking the icarly email

Strong, Stubrag

13. What is a Stubrag from iCarly? A stub rag is a nice way to call someone an idiot

Strong, Stubrag, Stub, Someone

14. No clue what Stubrag is but it's really not an opinion, it's objectively better

Strong, Stubrag

15. "You know, I'd be more offended if I knew what a Stubrag was." Sam motioned for Freddie to come over

Strong, Stubrag, Sam

16. Or do you mean why he's been acting like a huge Stubrag?" Sam sneered

Strong, Stubrag, Sam, Sneered

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