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1. Strewnfield An area which is associated with a specific group of tektites and microtektites that can be distinguished according to their age and chemical composition, and which probably represents a particular impact event.

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2. A Strewnfield is a geographic area representing a field where meteorites have been strewn

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3. This region where tektites are found is known as the Australasian tektite Strewnfield


4. A fifth Strewnfield is in the Libyan Desert

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5. A Strewnfield is a zone where multiple meteorites from the same fall have been recovered

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6. There are many Strewnfields around the world, and several here in the United States

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7. The Strewnfield for Gibeon meteorites is perhaps the largest in the world

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8. Definition of Strewnfield in the dictionary

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9. What does Strewnfield mean? Information and translations of Strewnfield in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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10. Huge pallasite at Brenham Strewnfield: The author (above left) and his hunting partner, Steve Arnold, with a 230-lb pallasite from the famous Brenham, Kansas Strewnfield. The mass was discovered by us while filming the Science Channel documentary "Meteorite Men" in the fall of 2008.

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11. Strewnfield meaning (astronomy) An area on the surface of the earth, usually having an elongated oval shape, containing rocky fragments which detached from a disintegrating meteor as it streaked through …

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12. It’s possible the known Strewnfield, as depicted in these maps, only account for HALF of the actual distribution ellipse


13. Strewnfield (plural Strewnfields) (astronomy) An area on the surface of the earth, usually having an elongated oval shape, containing rocky fragments which detached from a disintegrating meteor as it streaked through the portion of earth's atmosphere above the area.

Strewnfield, Strewnfields, Surface, Shape, Streaked

14. A meteorite Strewnfield is the area where meteorites and glassy tektites from a single meteor fall are found.

Strewnfield, Single

15. The Strewnfield at Morasko (near Poznan, Poland; f: 52.48° N, ?: 16.90° E) comprises 8 craters, which have diameters from less than 18 m (3 m deep) up to 95 m (11.5 m deep)

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16. The Strewnfield extends out into the Atlantic ocean for some distance based on microtektites recovered from cores of the sediments

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17. Unique chemistry of a diamond-bearing pebble from the Libyan Desert Glass Strewnfield, SW Egypt: Evidence for a shocked comet fragment - NASA/ADS We have studied a small, very unusual stone, here named “Hypatia”, found in the area of southwest Egypt where an extreme surface heating event produced the Libyan Desert Glass 28.5 million years ago.

Strewnfield, Sw, Shocked, Studied, Small, Stone, Southwest, Surface

18. The Chiemgau Strewnfield compared to others worldwide; Geology of the target; Crater structure and material; Geophysics; Macroscopic deformations; Mineralogy, petrology, geochemistry; Lake Tüttensee crater; An impact layer near Grabenstätt; Melt rock experiments; Astronomical aspects and relations; Historical aspects – or when was the sky

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19. An L5 chondrite Strewnfield is centered at Park Forest, Illinois, a southern suburb of Chicago: Planetary Science Research Discoveries (PSRD) educational on-line space science magazine.

Strewnfield, Southern, Suburb, Science, Space

20. Meteorites, Meteorite, meteoritic, iron, meteorites, photos, pictures, in situ, Strewnfield, strewn field, impact, fall, finds, Meteorite searching

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21. Later, they travel to the legendary Brenham, Kansas Strewnfield and make a truly amazing discovery.

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22. Note 19: If you check this box, only meteorites for which information is stored on individual members of the Strewnfield will be shown.

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23. Plural of Strewnfield Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

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24. The Mundrabilla Strewnfield was discovered in 1966 when two large meteorites (12 ton & 6 ton) were found in a remote area in the Nullarbor Plain in WA

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25. These are pallasite individuals from the uprange end of the Strewnfield with patches of preserved fusion crust and single olivines embedded in the Ni-Fe matrix

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26. Has Strewnfield What's new in the last: Has photo

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27. The geographic location, stratigraphic age and major element compositions indicate that these microtektites are part of the Ivory Coast tektite Strewnfield

Stratigraphic, Strong, Strewnfield

28. Present data suggest that the Ivory Coast Strewnfield may cover an area of about 4.5 million square kilometers and contain about 20 million metric tons of microtektites.

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29. Hunting For Meteorites At The Holbrook Strewnfield

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30. Abu Hureyra lies at the easternmost sector of what is known as the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB) Strewnfield, which encompasses about 30 other sites in the Americas, Europe and parts of the Middle East

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31. Based on pairing data, including carbon and beryllium isotopes, it seems likely that there is a substantial amount of Buck Mountain Wash in the “Franconia Strewnfield.” The data also allow the possibility for a substantial amount of Franconia to be present as well, but it seems unlikely that the majority of the material will be solely

Seems, Substantial, Strong, Strewnfield, Solely

32. Introduction to the australasian Strewnfield and tektite formation One of the most fascinating things about the huge Australasian strewn field is the absence of a source crater

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33. The Strewnfield was searched three times using metal detectors: north to south, east to west, and finally at a diagonal, to ensure that all pieces were recovered

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34. A carbonaceous stone found in the Libyan Desert Glass Strewnfield was studied

Stone, Strong, Strewnfield, Studied

35. Using Doppler radar and eyewitness testimony, the Meteorite Men track a Strewnfield down to Dugway Military Base

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36. Unique chemistry of a diamond-bearing pebble from the Libyan Desert Glass Strewnfield, SW Egypt: Evidence for a shocked comet fragment

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37. The next morning I was in West at the Strewnfield

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38. My first trip was 48 hours and I was mainly securing land permissions and trying to determine the Strewnfield direction

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39. Strewnfield of a meteorite shower

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40. It is well known that larger fragments tend to travel farther and impact at the far-end of the Strewnfield

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41. As a working hypothesis, we might expect a systematic vari- ation of cosmogenic radionuclide levels with location of fragments in the Strewnfield

Systematic, Strong, Strewnfield

42. Similar agreements exist between tektites from the North American Strewnfield and the Chesapeake Bay impact crater and between tektites from the Ivory Coast Strewnfield and the Lake Bosumtwi Crater

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