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1. Use these highly accurate Straightedges as a guide to scribe and cut straight lines and to check surface straightness

Strong, Straightedges, Scribe, Straight, Surface, Straightness

2. Straightedges Use these highly accurate Straightedges as a guide to scribe and cut straight lines and to check surface straightness.

Strong, Straightedges, Scribe, Straight, Surface, Straightness

3. These Straightedges are also ideal for laying out projects on wood or paper, and for setting up table saws, jointers, and other shop equipment

Strong, Straightedges, Setting, Saws, Shop

4. Straightedges Always true, accurate, and will not warp

Strong, Straightedges

5. Shop Luthier Straightedges at StewMac

Shop, Strong, Straightedges, Stewmac

6. These Canadian-made precision steel Straightedges are ground flat over the entire length on both edges, the 12" length to within 0.0010" and the 24" and 36" lengths to within 0.0015"

Steel, Strong, Straightedges

7. Ideal for measuring and drafting, Straightedges are designed to be installed on a drafting table or drawing board and are used for drawing parallel lines


8. Straightedges are lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant, easily cleaned and hold a true edge indefinitely.


9. Bon Tool is the contractor's choice for Concrete Screeds and Straightedges

Screeds, Strong, Straightedges

10. Our anodized aluminum Straightedges will not rust, and they are wide enough to stand on edge unsupported, so you have both hands free to make precise adjustments to your tools.

Straightedges, Stand, So

11. Straightedges and Rulers: Find a wide assortment of Straightedges and rulers for measuring and cutting including stainless steel Straightedges, stainless steel rulers, aluminum Straightedges, aluminum rulers, cutting Straightedges, cutting rulers, center finding Straightedges, center finding rulers, and more from Alvin, C-thru, Fairgate etc

Straightedges, Stainless, Steel

12. Replacement parts for paver Straightedges Proven to provide reliable service for many years

Strong, Straightedges, Service

13. Straightedges and Parallel Rulers MAYLINE Mobile Parallel Ruling Straightedge with Delrin Rollers Straightedge has transparent plastic blade

Strong, Straightedges, Straightedge

14. Straightedges from Gilson are quality 304 stainless steel and used in many ASTM and AASHTO soil test methods for trimming and leveling specimens

Strong, Straightedges, Stainless, Steel, Soil, Specimens

15. These Straightedges are the industries finest and will provide years of service

Strong, Straightedges, Service

16. These hardened aluminum Straightedges are ideal

Strong, Straightedges

17. Highway Straightedges are perfect for checking flatness on large slabs

Strong, Straightedges, Slabs

18. Available in steel or aluminum, Straightedges blades are 1” x 2”

Steel, Strong, Straightedges

19. Chicago Brand Straightedges are ideal for use with feeler gauges if you want to check the flatness of a surface

Strong, Straightedges, Surface

20. Of true, these industrial Straightedges are 1/4 in

Strong, Straightedges

21. Professional mobile Straightedges afford friction-less operation through the floating action of the nylon or metal rollers mounted underneath the blade while Straightedges with no rollers are a more economical option

Strong, Straightedges

22. Buckaroo concrete Straightedges, buckeye concrete Straightedges and paver concrete Straightedges

Strong, Straightedges

23. All 40", 48" 60" and 72" concrete finishing Straightedges in stock for fast shipping

Strong, Straightedges, Stock, Shipping

24. Order your concrete Straightedges from us today.

Strong, Straightedges

25. IGaging's Straightedges are hardened steel with a satin finish

Strong, Straightedges, Steel, Satin

26. The Straightedges are 1-1/2" wide and 3/16" thick.

Strong, Straightedges

27. Choose from our category of Rulers and Straightedges.

Strong, Straightedges

28. Chicago Brand Straightedges are ideal for use with feeler gauges if you want to check the flatness of a surface

Strong, Straightedges, Surface

29. Of true, these industrial Straightedges are 1/4 in

Strong, Straightedges

30. We also have Drafting Straightedges.

Strong, Straightedges

31. Straightedges are used to make straight lines that are exact measurements

Strong, Straightedges, Straight

32. This standard relates to engineers' precision Straightedges in metric units

Standard, Strong, Straightedges

33. It covers four standard types and provides for three grades of accuracy, as follows:Cast-iron Straightedges Bow-shaped Grades A and B Cast-iron Straightedges I-section Grades A and B Steel Straightedges Rectangular section Grades A and B Stone Straightedges Rectangular section Grades AA and AThe standard specifies

Standard, Strong, Straightedges, Shaped, Section, Steel, Stone, Specifies

34. Straightedges Concept Integrated Services ltd, Ibadan, Nigeria

Strong, Straightedges, Services

35. Parallel Straightedges When you want to draw a line that is square with your drawing paper, or use drafting triangles on, a parallel straightedge bar will perform the job with ease

Strong, Straightedges, Square, Straightedge

36. Please note: When ordering single Straightedge a minimum of 3 Straightedges is required as this has proven to greatly reduce the likely hood of damage to straightedge during shipping

Single, Straightedge, Strong, Straightedges, Shipping

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does it mean when someone is straight edge?

    A straight edge person is someone who refrains from the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, other recreational drugs and occasionally the use of caffeine or chocolate. The "straight edge" mentality came up through music subculture, emerging in the 1980s. Some straight edge adherents also include veganism and/or animal rights as part of the mentality.

    What is a straight edge used for?

    A straightedge or straight edge is a tool used for drawing straight lines, or checking their straightness.

    What is meaning of straight edge?

    straight·edge (strāt′ĕj′) n. A rigid flat rectangular bar, as of wood or metal, with a straight edge for testing or drawing straight lines. adj. also straight-edge (strāt′ĕj′) 1. Having a level, even edge: a straightedge ruler; a straightedge razor blade.

    What does straight edge and SXE mean?

    sXe is a lifestyle of respect, peace and self control. Straight edge is about being it total control of your life , thinking for yourself, its not a set of rules that you must follow its a choice no-one is forcing you to be straight edge, Basically straight edge is sXe = XXX = no drinking , no drugs and no smoking ,and no casual sex.

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