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Stores [stôr]

Halver [hav]

Aver [əˈvər]

Liquidators [ˈlikwəˌdādər]

Yanka [yaNGk]

Caponata [ˌkäpəˈnädə]

Fretish [ˈfediSH]

Novaturient [əv]

Sated [sāt]

Knouter [nout]

Looking for sentences with "Stores"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Shop 2. Reseller 3. Emporium 4. Supermarket 5. Hypermarket 6. Superstore 7. Mart 8. Shed 9. Supply 10. Stock 11. Stockpile 12. Reserve 13. Cache 14. Hoard 15. Accumulation 16. Cumulation 17. Quantity 18. Pile 19. Heap 20. Load ...21. Fund 22. Bank 23. Pool 24. Mine 25. Wealth 26. Deposit 27. Reservoir 28. Inventory 29. Repertoire 30. Repertory 31. Supplies 32. Provisions 33. Stocks 34. Rations 35. Food 36. Foodstuffs 37. Comestibles 38. Provender 39. Cache 40. Disk 41. RAM 42. ROM 43. Keep 44. Stow 45. Stockpile 46. Deposit 47. Save 48. Hoard 49. Cache 50. Collect 51. Gather 52. Accumulate 53. Cumulate 54. Amass 55. Husband 56. Reserve 57. Preserve 58. Stash 59. Warehouse 60. Use 61. Discard 62. Legal See more »
1. He now owns a chain of food stores
2. On sale at record stores now
3. Some stores inventory their stock twice a month
4. Most of the stores do not open until am
5. Grocery stores sell many foods that have been processed
6. Department stores are often congested before Christmas
7. At Christmas the stores stay open late
8. They have tried to reinvent their retail stores
9. Soldiers went on a rampage pillaging stores and shooting
10. The stores were overrun with rats and mice
11. RAM stores information for immediate access
12. I usually trade at our local stores
13. This model is available at selected stores only
14. Most stores will allow the purchaser to exchange goods
15. stores spend more and more on crime prevention every year
16. It will close more than stores nationwide resulting in the layoffs of an estimated employees
17. Flavored coffee is sold at gourmet food stores and coffee shops
18. stores are getting desperate after two years of poor sales
19. This store can undersell other stores because it sells by cash
20. Hardware stores have sold out of water pumps and tarpaulins
21. Caroline visited all the big stores
22. He dallied in the stores
23. Small local stores are going down the drain
24. The scanners are available from high street stores
25. Many of the smaller stores have closed down
26. We've expanded the business by opening two more stores
27. Mike's found himself a soft job in the stores
28. A wholesale rush from the burning stores
29. The charity approached several stores about giving food aid
30. Use stores insights to optimize ad campaigns The stores insights dashboard provides you with a powerful understanding of your Store-related sales, visits, and page views, and traffic sources both on and off Amazon.
31. You can use Google Pay in apps, on the web, in stores, on transit, and more. Here is a list of some popular vendors who accept Google Pay from around the world. 40. Google to crack down on Play Store billing policy and make it easier to use other app stores on Android. The change comes as Google faces scrutiny for the 30% cut it takes from app
32. Only eight stores, eight cultivation facilities, four manufacturing businesses and one testing laboratory have been licensed by the state to operate adult-use activities, which curtailed the
33. Use the Best Buy store locator to find stores in your area. Then, visit each Best Buy store's page to see store hours, directions, news, events and more.
34. Habitat Restores are independently owned reuse stores operated by local Habitat for Humanity organizations that accept donations and sell home improvement items to the public at a fraction of the retail price. Proceeds are used to help build strength, stability, self-reliance and shelter in local
35. Destiny USA combines all the stores of your favorite shopping mall with outlet and factory stores offering 30-70% discounts all under one roof providing perfect weather year round. Shopping Sales All Shopping. BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF* Steve Madden; 10/21/2020 - 10/27/2020; Free Cleanings and Inspections.
36. You can use Google Pay in apps, on the web, in stores, on transit, and more. Here is a list of some popular vendors who accept Google Pay from around the world.
37. Use Commerce Cloud to turn shoppers into buyers, faster. Make shopping experiences seamless across the web, social, mobile, and stores. Try a retail CRM that lets you enable omni-channel order management capabilities that let shoppers buy anywhere and retailers sell and fulfill anywhere.
38. 1099 stores FOUND OFFERS stores. B 9 Offers. Up to 2.0% Cash Back. Shop Now. Under Armour 14 Offers. Shop Now. G 13 Offers. Shop Now. YETI Coolers 5 Offers. Shop Now. TaylorMade Golf 262 Offers. Shop Now. Home Depot 315 Offers. Shop Now. Columbia Sportswear 20 Offers. Shop Now. TurboTax 8 Offers. Up to 7.5% Cash Back. Shop
39. OMP was on pace for a spring 2020 launch of adult use before the COVID-19 pandemic necessitated the postponement of these plans. The first active licenses were issued to adult use establishments on Tuesday, September 8, 2020. Actively licensed adult use marijuana stores began retail sales to the public on or after October 9, 2020.
40. The company is closing all of its stores and offering liquidation sales now. Whisel recently found a gift card and tried to use it. "I've got $50 of their money in my hand and they refuse to honor
41. Theory Wellness will open as one of only eight adult-use retail stores licensed to operate in Maine on the first day of sales. The company has plenty of experience. It is based in Massachusetts
42. At Amazon physical retail stores, like Amazon Books, Amazon 4-star, Amazon Go and Presented by Amazon, you can test drive devices, explore smart home products, browse books, toys, & games, or find delicious food on-the-go.
43. Pret A Manger: Fewer commuters, 17 fewer U.S. stores, 30 fewer in the U.K. Among the victims of America’s shift to working at home is the British grab-and-go chain, which had struggled for years to secure a U.S. foothold. With fewer office workers dashing into a unit for a breakfast nosh or a lunch they could munch in their cubicles, sales

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