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1. Unfortunately, by the time she handed this down, the fashions that allowed Mary to wear Stomachers with such panache had long gone out of style

She, Strong, Stomachers, Such, Style

2. The Stomacher® 400 Bag Range Caters for both the Circulator bag (round-bottom) designed bags, and the Classic (square-bottomed) for the older square paddle designed Stomachers®.

Stomacher, Square, Stomachers

3. A Stomachers could be a V-shape or U-shape

Strong, Stomachers, Shape

4. Stomachers were made from silk and embellished with various techniques

Stomachers, Silk

5. Paddle Blenders (Stomachers) Paddle Blenders, also known by the common brand name Stomachers, are used primarily in microbiology applications to extract and wash intact microbes into solution

Stomachers, Strong, Solution

6. Stomachers could be sewn into the garment or they were attached to the reverse of the bodice and could be removed

Strong, Stomachers, Sewn

7. 80 stomacher connector assembly, #3802 w/bearing & bushing seward model 80 Stomachers qty: quick look

Stomacher, Seward, Strong, Stomachers

8. Stomacher® 400 Classic Bags The Stomacher® 400 Bag Range caters for both the Circulator blender bag (round-bottom) designed bags, and the Classic blender bags (square-bottomed) for the older square paddle designed Stomachers®.

Stomacher, Square, Strong, Stomachers

9. If you're paying close attention you'll see that Claire has a set wardrobe in S1, with a few bodices, jackets, Stomachers, and skirts being worn again in different combinations

See, Set, Strong, Stomachers, Skirts

10. I’m of the opinion that one can never have too many Stomachers

Strong, Stomachers

11. Stomacher (plural Stomachers) (obsolete) A type of men's waistcoat

Stomacher, Stomachers

12. While many Stomachers were made to blend seamlessly with a dress, other Stomachers were made to compliment the dress with a contrasting patterns or color

Strong, Stomachers, Seamlessly

13. Early Stomachers were decorated with blackwork, polychrome silk embroidery, redwork, metal lace, and scads of jewels if you were rich enough to afford them.

Strong, Stomachers, Silk, Scads

14. “Heavily decorated Stomachers became especially popular in the eighteenth century

Strong, Stomachers

15. Of all of the grand pieces of nineteenth-century royal jewelry, Stomachers are undoubtedly the most difficult to wear with today's clothing

Strong, Stomachers

16. Mary Adelaide kept the necklace and the earrings intact, but she used two of the loose emeralds to embellish one of her diamond Stomachers

She, Strong, Stomachers

17. Aug 1, 2016 - Explore Anneliese's board "18th Century Stomachers", followed by 144 people on Pinterest

Strong, Stomachers

18. The Stomachers and gowns originally had silver snaps in two styles: square (c

Strong, Stomachers, Silver, Snaps, Styles, Square

19. Gowns with square snaps will only work with Stomachers with square snaps, while dresses with round ones will work with both square and round snaps

Square, Snaps, Strong, Stomachers

20. Synonyms for Stomachers in Free Thesaurus

Synonyms, Strong, Stomachers

21. What are synonyms for Stomachers?

Synonyms, Strong, Stomachers

22. Feb 11, 2019 - Explore Sara Cofield's board "Stomachers", followed by 1551 people on Pinterest

Sara, Strong, Stomachers

23. Range of Seward Stomachers and bags for sample preparation in many industries such as food microbiology, life sciences and forensics

Seward, Strong, Stomachers, Sample, Such, Sciences

24. We offer lab blender units and Stomachers for all applications and budgets such as the EZ-Mix 400 sample preparation unit, which is our most economical lab blender and features paddle blending technology as well as an electronically protected motor and stainless steel construction.

Strong, Stomachers, Such, Sample, Stainless, Steel

25. Triangular inserts called Stomachers were used to fill the widening space left in between, and adjustable lacings were another practical design feature

Strong, Stomachers, Space

26. Whether that means shortening necklaces, as Queen Elizabeth II has done to ensure a better fit, or entirely dissembling Stomachers—an accessory often unwearable with modern clothing—most of

Shortening, Strong, Stomachers

27. 'Stomachers' hits on the web You may have been searching for a specific social media @Stomachers profile or the tag #Stomachers

Strong, Stomachers, Searching, Specific, Social

28. Google search 'Stomachers' Facebook 'Stomachers' profiles Watch 'Stomachers' Youtube videos Order 'Stomachers' on Amazon Research 'Stomachers' on Wikipedia

Search, Strong, Stomachers

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does stomacher mean?

Definition of stomacher. : the center front section of a waist or underwaist or a usually heavily embroidered or jeweled separate piece for the center front of a bodice worn by men and women in the 15th and 16th centuries and later by women only.

What are stomachers made of?

Stomachers were often embroidered, or covered in pearls and other jewels. They could be made of the same fabric as the dress or of a contrasting fabric. Depending on the period, their bottom point was at waist level, or lower; towards the end of the 18th Century they could be as deep as 10 inches below the waistline,...

How are stomachers attached?

The stomacher may be boned, as part of a corset, or may cover the triangular front of a corset. If simply decorative, the stomacher lies over the triangular front panel of the stays, being either stitched or pinned into place, or held in place by the lacings of the gown's bodice.

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