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1. Gastric suction, or Stomach pumping, is a procedure your doctor can perform to empty the contents of your stomach quickly during an emergency

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2. Stomach pumping is a procedure for removing the contents of the stomach by inserting a tube and suctioning out the contents

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3. Swallowing poison, consumption of too much alcohol, and accidental or intentional drug overdoses are the main conditions that require this procedure. Stomach pumping is also knows as gastric lavage or gastric irrigation.

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4. The medical term for getting your Stomach pumped is a gastric lavage

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5. One of the worst-case scenarios, and also the most common, in which Stomach pumping is used is to save you from an overdose or poisoning

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6. Stomach pump The Ideal ® Stomach pump unit is constructed out of nickel-plated brass, with ball valves for suction and tapered hose connection

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7. First of all, the procedure known as a Stomach pump or gastric lavage has a very specific use

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8. In life-threatening cases, the doctors might resort to performing gastric suction – also known as Stomach pumping. This procedure allows the physician to get rid of the excessive amounts of alcohol in the patient’s stomach. The procedure starts with the application of a numbing agent (anesthesia) on the throat.

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9. Stomach pump comes complete but you can special order any parts for it

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10. Description: Ever wonder exactly what the fish in your river or lake are eating Now you can know The Fly Rite Fish Stomach pump allows you to extract the contents of the fish s stomach without killing the fish and allowing you to choose the flies that exactly match what the fish are eating Product details.


11. Stomach pump Efficient, lightweight Stomach pump is solidly constructed of highly polished chrome-plated brass with monel ball valves

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12. Rock Star ‘Stomach pump’ Legend Urban legend describes a rock star who collapses at a party and has a pint of semen pumped from his stomach.

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14. This efficient, light weight Stomach pump is solidly constructed of highly-polished, nickel-plated brass

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15. Synonyms for Stomach pump include aspirator, drain, syphon, siphon, syringe, suction device and suction pump

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16. Stomach pump definition: a suction device for removing stomach contents by a tube inserted through the mouth Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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17. Stomach pump synonyms, Stomach pump pronunciation, Stomach pump translation, English dictionary definition of Stomach pump

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18. How to correctly use a Stomach pump to administer fluids to a dehydrated cow.


19. ‘An eccentric hotel owner is becoming the Basil Fawlty of the Peak District after publicly describing his hotel as ‘dingy’ and recommending that guests who dine there bring a Stomach pump.’


20. Stomach pump - Rinse water into the fish's throat, and suck it back into the pump to see what the fish has been eating

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21. Fill the Stomach pump full of water by slightly depressing the rubber ball

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22. Insert the Stomach pump into the trout – the key here is to slowly insert the tube into the trout’s mouth and push it straight in until you feel a small opening

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23. Buy Med-Eze™ Stomach pump, C28673 at Nasco


24. Medical definition of Stomach pump: a suction pump with a flexible tube for removing the contents of the stomach.

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25. Replacement Magrath Stomach pump only for the The Magrath Cattle Pump System

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26. Lightweight Thirsty Stomach pump


27. Administering oral fluids to large animals requires a reliable and fast acting Stomach pump


28. Traditional metal Stomach pumps have had two problems: 1


29. ‘It was the Stomach pump that bothered me, not the bleach.’ ‘Still it was supposed to be the thought that counted, even if they did not own a Stomach pump.’ ‘This year she's gotten me out of more scrapes than usual, and bought us our own home-use Stomach pump, so I needed to be extra expressive.’

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30. This efficient, light weight Stomach pump is solidly constructed of highly-polished, nickelplated brass

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 · This White River Fly Shop® Stomach pump for Trout is the quick, surefire way to solve the mystery of what insects the trout are keying on without harming the fish

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32. The Stomach pump is one of the most useful tools an angler can carry while fishing the Bighorn River because it helps you pinpoint exactly what insect the trout are feeding on


33. Stomach pump translate: 洗胃器,胃唧筒


34. The procedure for Stomach pump for poisoning cases is slight different than normal Ryle’s tube gastric lavage‘ Though this procedure is done by doctor most of the time, but during emergency nurse may be asked to do the procedure for life saving purpose.

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35. This 125mL Stomach pump is lightweight and efficient


36. The Magrath Cattle Stomach pump system enables one person to pump quantities of heavy viscosity material into the bovine stomach

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37. Spanish Translation of “Stomach pump” The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online

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38. Plastic Stomach pump The JorVet lightweight "Thirsty"Stomach pump for large animals contains no “O” rings or washers


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