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1. Stercorary definition is - a place (such as a covered pit) for the storage of manure secure from the weather.

Strong, Stercorary, Such, Storage, Secure

2. Stercorary (noun) a place, properly secured from the weather, for containing dung Etymology: [LL

Strong, Stercorary, Secured

3. Stercorarium, from L. stercorarius belonging to dung.] How to pronounce Stercorary?

Stercorarium, Strong, Stercorarius, Stercorary

4. Stercorary A shelter for dung or a shit shack, often a shit head

Strong, Stercorary, Shelter, Shit, Shack

5. Hillary visited the Stercorary and returned with a mouthful of samples which she spewed over her adherents

Strong, Stercorary, Samples, She, Spewed

6. Stercorary Scrambled - Here are all of the possible ways to scramble the word, Stercorary

Strong, Stercorary, Scrambled, Scramble

7. The Stercorary, a covered area or pit where manure was stored, essentially became a massive compost heap for Washington

Strong, Stercorary, Stored

8. In an effort to include every form of natural waste, the design for the Stercorary includes perches for birds inside the building so that their waste will be added to the mixture below

Strong, Stercorary, So

9. Stercorary meaning A sheltered place for storing dung.

Strong, Stercorary, Sheltered, Storing

10. Stercorary definition: a weatherproof place where dung is stored Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Strong, Stercorary, Stored

11. The Stercorary, or manure enclosure, was an important innovation in GW’s soil conservation program

Strong, Stercorary, Soil

12. Stercorary synonyms, Stercorary pronunciation, Stercorary translation, English dictionary definition of Stercorary

Strong, Stercorary, Synonyms

13. A Stercorary is basically a storehouse for compost

Strong, Stercorary, Storehouse

14. The Stercorary and piggery are next resorted to by these insects, and the extract absorbed from them must be used as a tonic.

Strong, Stercorary

15. The Stercorary—a dung repository expressly designed for composting—was situated directly across from the stables to ease manure transfer to …

Strong, Stercorary, Situated, Stables

16. Stercorary Ster"co*ra*ry (?), n

Strong, Stercorary, Ster

17. While the documentary references to the dung repository--also known as the "Stercorary"--are not numerous, several

Strong, Stercorary, Several

18. Washington studied compost mixtures in a specially built Stercorary at Mount Vernon

Studied, Specially, Strong, Stercorary

19. Stercorary aseptic peritonitis due to diastatic caecal perforation: Computed tomography findings

Strong, Stercorary

20. In emergency conditions, the technique doesn?t change; but if there is Stercorary contamination, it is advisable to use direct repair according to the old method of Bassini

Strong, Stercorary

21. This pit was called a “dung repository” or a “Stercorary” and reached several feet into the ground

Strong, Stercorary, Several

22. Stercorary aseptic peritonitis due to diastatic caecal perforation: computed tomography findings

Strong, Stercorary

23. How many syllables in Stercorary? 8 5 1 9 6 4 3 2 7 syllables

Syllables, Strong, Stercorary

24. Divide Stercorary into syllables: ster-co-ra-ry Stressed syllable in Stercorary: ster-co-ra-ry How to say Stercorary: How to pronounce Stercorary

Strong, Stercorary, Syllables, Ster, Stressed, Syllable, Say

25. Wondering why Stercorary is …

Strong, Stercorary

26. Stercorary (Ster"co*ra*ry) n

Strong, Stercorary, Ster

27. He also had his slaves “rake and scrape up all the trash, of every sort and kind about the houses…and throw it (all I mean that will make dung) into the Stercorary” or dung repository

Slaves, Scrape, Sort, Strong, Stercorary

28. His Stercorary had stone walls and a gravel base and was 31 feet long, 12 feet wide and 8 feet deep

Strong, Stercorary, Stone

29. Stercorary aseptic peritonitis due to diastatic caecal perforation: computed tomography findings

Strong, Stercorary

30. When I arrived in Cairo then, the love towards this magical being was complete ′′ 🪲 ️ • the Stercorary beetle symbolizes the ability to carry on in its intentions despite the many difficulties you may encounter, and come out victorious • 🪲 ️ #carolinaravarini

Strong, Stercorary, Symbolizes

31. The sacred beetle is also sometimes referred to as the ′′ Stercorary beetle ′′ and we all know why

Sacred, Sometimes, Strong, Stercorary

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See, Steerco, Steer, Stercoral, Strong, Stercorary, Stercoraceous, Stercobilin

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