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Looking for sentences with "Steer"? Here are some examples.

Synonyms: 1. Guide 2. Direct 3. Maneuver 4. Navigate 5. Pilot 6. Drive 7. Con 8. Helm 9. Guide 10. Conduct 11. Direct 12. Lead 13. Take 14. Usher 15. Escort 16. Shepherd 17. Marshal 18. Herd 19. Legal
1. You row and I'll steer
2. You steer and I'll push
3. I have to steer by him; he's my boss
4. Try to steer the light boat to the big ship so that we can be picked up
5. It took Mary weeks learning how to steer into the garage
6. We need to steer clear of this poverty of ambition where people want to drive fancy cars and wear nice clothes and live in nice apartments but don't want to work hard to accomplish these things
7. Try to steer the light boat towards the big ship so that we can be picked up
8. It takes a skilled pilot to steer the ship through
9. Jack dabbed his rope on the steer
10. His parents warned him to steer clear of trouble
11. His doctor advised him to steer clear of alcohol
12. They warned their children to steer clear of drugs
13. Managers were allowed to steer their own course
14. Helen tried to steer the conversation away from herself
15. This car is very easy to steer
16. Try to steer the boat for the harbor
17. Schools no longer steer girls towards arts subjects
18. Father tried to steer Jim into becoming a musician
19. The rabbis try to steer clear of political questions
20. If you push the carsentencedictcom[wwwSentencedictcom] I'll steer it
21. Jo tried to steer clear of political issues
22. Teachers try to steer pupils away from drugs
23. The fan's feelings finally became impossible to steer
24. The government chose to steer a middle course between the two strategies
25. He will steer a middle course between pacifism and revolution
26. We barbecued a steer
27. I can steer you to the best hotel in the city
28. It will be difficult to steer a middle course between the competing claims of the two sides in the conflict
29. I'm trying to lose weight so I have to steer clear of fattening foods
30. Use your body and the hull shape to steer the boat. 0. 0. We're bonded now, as in a kindred breed, but I shall steer, whilst you're my trusted steed. 0. 0. steer the boat around four buoys. 0. 0. It has become clear that a strategic steer is needed. 0. 0. steer well clear of, say the writers. 0. 0.
31. steer definition is - a male bovine animal and especially a domestic ox (Bos taurus) castrated before sexual maturity. How to use steer in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of steer.
32. 231+12 sentence examples: 1. You row and I'll steer. 2. You steer and I'll push. 3. I have to steer by him; he's my boss. 4. Try to steer the light boat to the big ship so that we can be picked up. 5. It took Mary weeks learning how to steer into the
33. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "steer" The person in the back of the canoe does most of the steeringMy dad let me steer the car as we drove around the parking lot. The person in the back of the canoe does most of the steering. The teenager was actually steering the car with his feet when he went by.
34. Steer. steer the brick in one direction using a turn ratio between two motors. AB.steer(0, 0) A brick driving with two motors can steer itself by changing the speed of one motor compared to the speed of the other. To make a slow turn to the left, you might make the right motor run slightly faster than the left one.
35. Steer, young neutered male cattle primarily raised for beef. Males retained for beef production are usually castrated to make them more docile on the range or in feedlots. The animals are also used for leather or in rodeo events. The size and weight of a steer largely depends on the breed.
36. Use steer to control your chrome (the browser). Contribute to AndreasMadsen/steer development by creating an account on GitHub.
37. A skid steer is a piece of equipment that can be seen on almost every job site. Also called a Bobcat or skid steer loader, it is the job site workhorse. This type of heavy equipment is available with a track or wheels. It is a smaller piece of equipment with a metal structure and two lifting arms on each side.
38. Steer: a male bovine (or bull) that has been castrated before reaching sexual maturity and is primarily used for beef. X Research source Stag : a male bovine (or bull) that has been castrated after or upon reaching sexual maturity and is primarily used for beef, but can and is also often used as a "gomer bull" for detecting cows and heifers in
39. How to Operate a Skid Steer, Skid Loader or Skid-steer Loader. Whatever name it goes by, this popular piece of machinery is used for many smaller jobs across
40. steer Manure Blend is a mix of steer manure and compost. It is an all-purpose soil amendment for vegetable gardens, flower beds, lawns, and landscapes. Add this blend of steer manure and organic compost to the soil to promote plant growth.
41. Snow and debris removal: You can use the bucket attachment on your skid steer to clear snow and other debris, such as brush. You can also get a snowblower or snow blade attachment if you use your skid steer for serious snow removal. Excavating, digging and trenching: A skid steer is great for earthmoving tasks like digging, trenching and
42. steer definition, to guide the course of (something in motion) by a rudder, helm, wheel, etc.: to steer a bicycle. See more.
43. For those heavy equipment operators, this is a follow-up to our popular “How to Operate a Skid Steer” vlog. In this video, we will go over grading, spreading
44. While steer manure is a good fertilizer for vegetable gardens, safe handling and application practices must be followed for the health of the plants, nearby water sources and your family.
45. When to Use steer Clear. What does steer clear mean? steer clear is a verb phrase. It is an idiom that means to stay away from something. Children might steer clear of a bully on a playground, for instance, or an investor might steer clear of a financially unstable company’s stock. Here are a few more examples,
46. 1 product rating - (Lot of 14) Bobcat 7102097 Skid Steer/Loader Flare Dirt Bucket Teeth Used. $400.00. or Best Offer. Free shipping. Watch; Skid steer Heavy Duty All Purpose 96" Bucket With Coupler Good Used Condition. Pre-Owned. $1,000.00. or Best Offer. Freight. Watch; Caterpillar Skid steer Loader 68" Industrial Tooth Bucket. Pre-Owned
47. Skid steer Loaders. Save time and money by using a skid steer loader to shoulder the weight of time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks. Sellers on eBay offer a wide selection of these small and incredibly versatile laborsaving machines, including models from big-name brands such as John Deere, Caterpillar, and Case.With such a large choice of heavy equipment, in new, used, and refurbished
48. Your seat and legs are incredibly important tools to use when riding your horse. By aligning your body correctly and learning how to adjust the pressure and movement of your seat and legs, you will be able to control and steer your horse without relying on the reins as much.

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