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1. A Statistical model is a mathematical representation (or mathematical model) of observed data. When data analysts apply various Statistical models to the data they are investigating, they are able to understand and interpret the information more strategically.

Statistical, Strong, Strategically

2. Cox (1994), Section 1.1; Bernardo and Smith (1994), Chapter 4] a Statistical model is a set of probability distributions on the sample spaceS

Section, Smith, Statistical, Set, Sample, Spaces

3. A parameterized Statistical model is a parameter set together with a function P: →P(S), which assigns to each parameter point θ ∈ a probability distribution Pθ on S.

Statistical, Set

4. In probability theory a Statistical model is a mathematical model that reflects a set of statistical assumptions with regards to the process governing the generation of sample data from a larger population. The Statistical model is thus an idealized form of …

Statistical, Strong, Set, Sample

5. In simple terms, Statistical modeling is a simplified, mathematically-formalized way to approximate reality (i.e. what generates your data) and optionally to make predictions from this approximation

Simple, Statistical, Strong, Simplified

6. The Statistical model is the mathematical equation that is used


7. Statistical model A Statistical model embodies a set of assumptions concerning the generation of the observed data, and similar data from a larger population. A model represents, often in considerably idealized form, the data-generating process.

Statistical, Strong, Set, Similar

8. How to choose a Statistical model


9. It is a very interesting illustration of how one would choose a Statistical model


10. Building a Statistical model involves constructing a mathematical description of some real-world phenomena that accounts for the uncertainty and/or randomness involved in that system

Statistical, Some, System

11. A Statistical model is a type of mathematical model that comprises of the assumptions undertaken to describe the data generation process. Let us focus on the two highlighted terms above: Type of mathematical model? Statistical model is non-deterministic unlike other mathematical models where variables have specific values.

Statistical, Strong, Specific

12. A Statistical model is a probability distribution constructed to support analysis of data. They differ from standard mathematical models in that they are non-deterministic

Statistical, Strong, Support, Standard

13. The choice of a Statistical model can also be guided by the shape of the relationships between the dependent and explanatory variables. A graphical exploration of these relationships may be very useful

Statistical, Strong, Shape

14. A Statistical model is a family of probability distributions, the central problem of statistical inference being to identify which member of the family generated the data currently of interest


15. The Statistical model of grain growth is able to predict the effect of Zener drag on the grain size distribution evolution and on grain growth kinetics [1, 2]

Statistical, Size

16. Statistical model: a formal representation for a class of processes that allows a means of analyzing results from experimental studies, such as the Poisson model or the general linear model; it need not propose a process literally interpretable in the context of the individual case.

Statistical, Studies, Such

17. A Statistical model on another hand needs a supercomputer to run a million observation with thousand parameters

Statistical, Supercomputer

18. Differences between Machine Learning and Statistical modeling: Given the flavor of difference in output of these two approaches, let us understand the difference in the two paradigms, even though both do almost similar job :

Statistical, Similar

19. A Statistical model is a combination of inferences based on collected data and population understanding used to predict information in an idealized form


20. Methodology: Statistical model We generate our Statistical Risk Assessment by identifying historical instances of mass killing, discerning patterns that distinguished countries that experienced mass killing from others, and then applying that model to the latest publicly available data to estimate the likelihood of a new mass killing in each of

Strong, Statistical

21. A Statistical model for the genetic origin of allometric scaling laws in biology

Statistical, Scaling

22. From the Cambridge English Corpus In order to explain legislative success, this article presents a Statistical model estimating both …

Success, Statistical

23. Statistical models “All models are wrong, but some are useful” -George E

Statistical, Some

24. Other articles where Statistical model is discussed: nuclear model: …second group, called strong-interaction, or Statistical models, the main assumption is that the protons and neutrons are mutually coupled to each other and behave cooperatively in a way that reflects the short-ranged strong nuclear force between them

Statistical, Second, Strong, Short

25. There are Statistical model that are robust to outlier like a Tree-based models but it will limit the possibility to try other models


26. This will allow us to try more number of Statistical model


27. This paper addresses two closely related questions, "What is a Statistical model?" and "What is a parameter?" The notions that a model must "make sense," and that a parameter must "have a well-defined meaning" are deeply ingrained in applied statistical work, reasonably well understood at an instinctive level, but absent from most formal theories of modelling and inference

Statistical, Sense

28. In a couple of lectures the basic notion of a Statistical model is described


29. Emphasis is placed on R’s framework for Statistical modeling.


30. Researchers have developed a new Statistical model that predicts which cities are more likely to become infectious disease hotspots, based both on interconnectivity between cities and the idea


31. An example of a Statistical model is the apparent dependence of the transmissibility of influenza on temperature and humidity; studies done with guinea pigs have shown that the probability that a guinea pig gets infected by an infected cage-mate is significantly related to temperature and humidity (in a non-linear way).

Statistical, Studies, Shown, Significantly

32. The new functionality implemented in Version 5 allows Users to easily create a Statistical model to find anomalies in data containing a large number of dimension values


33. If the Fisher information matrix is positive definite for all θ, then the corresponding Statistical model is said to be regular; otherwise, the Statistical model is said to be singular

Statistical, Said, Singular

34. Examples of singular Statistical models include the following: normal mixtures, binomial mixtures, multinomial mixtures, Bayesian networks, neural networks, radial basis functions, hidden Markov models

Singular, Statistical

35. A Statistical model is a set of mathematical equations which describe the behavior of an object of study in terms of random variables and their associated probability distributions.

Statistical, Set, Study

36. In this lecture, I show which types of Statistical models should be used when; the most important decision concerns the explanatory variables: When these are

Show, Statistical, Should

37. Methods of Statistical model Estimation examines the most important and popular methods used to estimate parameters for Statistical models and provide informative model summary statistics

Statistical, Summary, Statistics

38. Designed for R users, the book is also ideal for anyone wanting to better understand the algorithms used for Statistical model fitting.


39. Regression is the most popular Statistical model for predicting demand


40. A Statistical model is used to describe the total loss, S (in kwacha), experienced in a certain computer manufacturing company over a period of one year due to mal- …


41. A Statistical model is a set ${\mathcal S}$ of probability models, this is, a set of probability measures/distributions on the sample space $\Omega$

Statistical, Set, Sample, Space

42. In a Statistical model, the parameters and the


43. This paper addresses two closely related questions, "What is a Statistical model?" and "What is a parameter?" The notions that a model must "make sense," and that a parameter must "have a well-defined meaning" are deeply ingrained in applied statistical work, reasonably well understood at an instinctive level, but absent from most formal theories of modelling and inference.

Statistical, Sense

44. Statistical model Analysis The Wolfram Language's symbolic architecture makes possible a uniquely convenient approach to working with Statistical models

Statistical, Symbolic

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