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1. Static discharge is commonly experienced with paints and coatings used to protect materials from corrosion


2. Some areas that are prone to Static discharge are waxed or painted surfaces, sealed concrete blocks and structures, fiberglass, spray cleaners, heat guns, blowers, plastic tools (e.g., solder suckers, brushes) and cathode ray tubes.

Some, Static, Surfaces, Sealed, Structures, Spray, Solder, Suckers

3. Static Electricity and Static discharge The relationship between the buildup of electrons and the sudden flow of electrons from one charged object to another

Static, Sudden

4. In fluid systems, Static discharge can spell disaster

Systems, Static, Spell

5. Open Spool Static discharge Reel 100' w/Round Grnd Plug

Spool, Static

6. Open Spool Static discharge Reel 100' w/Hex Grnd Plug

Spool, Static

7. Static discharge definition: Static discharge is the release of static electricity when two objects touch each other


8. ElectroStatic discharge (ESD) has been around since the beginning of time


9. Just thought I'd mention; I had to do this the other day when my touch pad was playing up! The icon for the touch pad in the system tray was always registering pressure on the left side of the pad, Dell phone support said it was probably overcharged capacitors, and after the Static discharge all was fine! And yes, it is with the AC supply UNplugged

System, Side, Strong, Support, Said, Static, Supply

10. Stack multiple upgraded Static discharges (via [[Echo Form]], [[Amplify]], or just taking multiple copies), work things so you take 1 or 2 points of incoming damage rather than blocking it …

Stack, Static, So

11. Proven Reel Solutions for Your Static discharge - Grounding Application! Coxreels ® Static discharge reels are a perfect solution for your grounding application needs

Solutions, Static, Strong, Solution

12. Static discharge wicks are used as electrical conductors to facilitate the dispersion of the static electricity that builds up on the fuselage from friction of the air with an airplane’s metal parts in dry air environments, or extreme weather conditions (storm).

Static, Storm

13. When a statically-charged person or object touches an electroStatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) device, there is a possibility that the electrostatic charge could be drained

Statically, Sensitive

14. IMHO: Static discharge should at least generate maelstrom and then move Echo of the Elements with Elemental Blast to have EB and SD compete in the same row while Echo has to compete with Aftershock and Echoing Shock, or even swap TWO talents and rebalance Earthen Rage.

Static, Should, Sd, Same, Shock, Swap

15. Our electroStatic discharge (ESD) measurement and control solutions include charge plate monitors, sensors, resistivity meters, and voltmeters

Solutions, Sensors

16. ElectroStatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact


17. Static discharge leaves Clinging Static, reducing movement speed by 50% and inflicting 13 Nature damage every 2 sec to enemies within the affected area.

Static, Speed, Sec

18. How dangerous is Static discharge? The energy required that increases the risk of some products combusting can be very low

Static, Some

19. Static discharge is a Gene Tonic that causes the user to emit an electric burst when struck by a melee attack, shocking and dealing damage to nearby enemies

Static, Struck, Shocking

20. In Worlds of Hurt, Static discharge can be bought at the Gatherer's Garden in the central hub for 40 ADAM


21. In A Shocking Turn of Events, Static discharge can be found near a damaged Gatherer's Garden on the second floor

Shocking, Static, Second

22. Shop for Static discharge Cables & Reels in Wire & Cable

Shop, Static, Strong

23. You just experienced a Static discharge, witnessing the same static reaction that pilots see on their windshields! Now let’s look at an airplane cockpit Static discharge

Static, Same, See

24. Static discharge wicks on a Boeing 767


25. Static discharge card now clarifies that it triggers when you receive unblocked attack damage


26. Reels: Static discharge manufacturers, service companies and distributors are listed in this trusted and comprehensive vertical portal

Static, Service

27. The comprehensive directory provides access to full contact and ability information for sourcing professionals, engineers and researchers wishing to get information on Reels: Static discharge.

Sourcing, Static

28. Static discharge is a Melee Mod for the Prova and Prova Vandal that causes Heavy Attacks to deal AoE Electricity damage to nearby enemies


29. Static discharge sticks are designed to safely remove the static charge after de-energising of medium/high voltage power systems – this includes draining voltage retaining components before maintenance work is performed up to 33kV

Static, Sticks, Safely, Systems

30. Static discharge is a level 3 Conjurations/Air Magic spell which releases charges of electricity at one or more targets adjacent to the caster

Static, Spell

31. Yellow Static discharge Stick, Fiberglass with Brass Alloy U Hook Material, Length 4 ft Item # 3GY63; Mfr

Static, Stick, Strong

32. Static discharge reels with 3/32 diameter 7x7 galvanized cable with orange vinyl coated cover 3/16 diameter 50 amp grounding clamp included


33. Static discharge Reels, Heavy Duty, Cable Length: 50 Feet.


34. Static discharge stick has a 6-foot 2 AWG cable with a flat jaw bronze serrated ground clamp that has a 1-1/2 inch capacity

Static, Stick, Serrated

35. Shop for Static discharge Grounding Cables & Reels in Hose & Cord Reels

Shop, Static, Strong

36. The Department of the United States Army has approved the Lifesaving Systems Static discharge Cable per the Airworthiness Release (AWR) for Rescue Hoist Equipment on UH/HH-60 Helicopters (AWR 980)

States, Systems, Static

37. Static discharge (PvE) Hit multiple foes with arcs of chain lightning


38. Static discharge (WvW, PvP) Hit multiple foes with arcs of chain lightning


39. Static discharge leaves Clinging Static, reducing movement speed by 50% and inflicting 13 Nature damage every 2 sec to enemies within the affected area.

Static, Speed, Sec

40. Honeywell Static discharge Sticks are used to de-energize capacitors and other voltage retaining components before maintenance work is performed

Static, Sticks

41. Shop Static discharge Reel By Burndy (BSD2050) At Graybar, Your Trusted Resource For Grounding Accessories And Other Burndy Products.

Shop, Static, Strong

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