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1. Statesmen Defeat Shorter in Penalty Shootout to Advance in GSC Tournament

Strong, Statesmen, Shorter, Shootout

2. Statesmen Football Adjusts Remaining Spring Practice Schedule

Strong, Statesmen, Spring, Schedule

3. Welcome to the Statesmen College Preparatory Academy for Boys

Strong, Statesmen

4. is an online encyclopedia of the leaders of nations and territories. The goal of this site is to provide readers with detailed lists of leaders, chronologies, flags, national anthems and maps to give an overview of territories past and present.

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5. The Statesmen Club is an integral factor in providing for the excellence of the program

Strong, Statesmen

6. Through donations of DSU supporters, The Statesmen Club is able to provide financial support for student-athletes participating in 13 varsity sports, as well as cheerleading.

Supporters, Strong, Statesmen, Support, Student, Sports

7. Plural statesmen an experienced and respected politician or member of a particular profession: He was a statesman who opened Hawaii to international relations. He has confirmed his reputation as an …

States, Strong, Statesman

8. The Statesmen is a male-voice ensemble open to students of all disciplines without audition

Strong, Statesmen, Students

9. The Silver Statesmen Chorus is a non-profit 501c(3) organization and we appreciate your tax-deductible donations

Silver, Strong, Statesmen

10. Nog voordat Statesmen ook maar één song heeft uitgebracht weet de band zich begin 2016 al verzekerd van een platencontract én boekingsdeal

Strong, Statesmen, Song

11. The Blackwood Brothers and Statesmen with Hovie Lister used to make the Southern Gospel concert circuit on a regular basis, coming to West Monroe, Louisiana consistently

Strong, Statesmen, Southern

12. World HOME > United States of America 12 Apr 1606 - 4 Jul 1776 : 1775 - 14 Jun 1777 U.S

Strong, Statesmen, States

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STATESMEN [ˈstātsmən]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the characteristics of a statesman?

The Characteristics of a Statesman is about the characteristics difference between the a political leader and a visionary leader (Statesman). Human nature erodes the loyalty, truth and the integrity in government.

What is another word for Statesmanship?

Princeton's WordNet(0.00 / 0 votes)Rate these synonyms: statesmanship, statecraft, diplomacy(noun) wisdom in the management of public affairs. Synonyms: statecraft, delicacy, discreetness, diplomatic negotiations, diplomacy, finesse.

What does elder statesman mean?

Definition of elder statesman : an eminent senior member of a group or organization especially : a retired statesman who unofficially advises current leaders : a retired government leader who gives advice to current leaders : a respected man who has been a member of a group or organization for a long time

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