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1. an organization owned by a government which supplies all of a particular product or service, with no competitors, or a situation in which this happens: The company is a former State monopoly in …

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2. (Bloomberg) -- China’s top financial regulator dismissed claims the nation is distorting its economy throughState monopoly capitalism” as pressure grows on China to …

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3. State monopoly on violence, in political science and sociology, the concept that the state alone has the right to use or authorize the use of physical force. It is widely regarded as a defining characteristic of the modern state.

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4. State monopoly: nouna situation where the state is the only supplier of a product or service

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5. China Top Financial Watchdog Blasts ‘State monopoly’ Accusation


6. State monopoly China considers creating state-backed company to oversee tech data The preliminary plan, which is being led by the People’s Bank of China, would mark a significant escalation in regulators’ attempts to tighten their grip over the country’s internet sector

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7. State monopoly From Longman Business DictionaryState monopolyˌstate moˈnopoly(alsopublic monopoly)[countable, uncountable]ECONOMICSa monopolythat is owned and managedby a governmentFor a long time in Europe, broadcasting was a State monopoly,

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8. It prohibits discrimination on the ground of nationality in the operation of State monopoly


9. However, State monopoly should only be required if the provider of such goods and services cannot operate without being protected from competitors by a monopoly status

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10. Under Decree 94/2017, a State agency who is assigned to provide State monopoly goods and services can further delegate the assignment to another organisation which may include

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11. Hierarchical Display of State monopoly; Meaning of State monopoly; Overview and more information about State monopoly; Resources


12. Translation of State monopoly; Thesaurus of State monopoly; See also

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13. Http:// What is State monopoly? What does State monopoly mean? State monopoly meaning - State monopoly definition - STATE MO


14. State monopoly capitalism; Related Research Articles

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15. State monopoly presents a new quality in the development of capitalism, as, with the development of productive forces, the scale of ‘private’ monopolising alone is no longer sufficient to secure accumulation

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16. The essence of State monopoly capitalism is a union of the power of the monopolies with that of the bourgeois state for the achievement of two purposes: 1) that of strengthening the capitalist system … and 2) of redistributing the national income through the state to the benefit of monopoly capital.” On this view, dominant capital will

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17. En procurement of goods, works and services that are exclusively provided by a natural or State monopoly; or

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18. Control of assets in a State monopoly fund


19. The State monopoly has also taken Danish website to court, successfully proving last year that the wine retailer had broken the country's alcohol retail laws

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20. Hierarchical Display of State monopoly Business And Competition > Competition > Restriction on competition > MonopolyEducation And Communications > Communications > Communications policy > Control of communications > Monopoly of informationFinance > Taxation > Fiscal policy > Fiscal []

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21. China Top Financial Watchdog Blasts ‘State monopoly’ Accusation South Africa - Bloomberg (Bloomberg) -- China’s top financial regulator dismissed claims the nation is distorting its economy through “State monopoly capitalism” as pressure …

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22. How to pronounce State monopoly


23. The legitimate State monopoly over the means of violence is a condition in which a state’s security forces operate lawfully under a legitimate civilian authority, where actors conduct themselves in accordance with democratic norms and principles of good governance

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24. China Top Financial Watchdog Blasts ‘State monopoly’ Accusation By Bloomberg Australia - Bloomberg (Bloomberg) -- China’s top financial regulator dismissed claims the nation is distorting its economy through “State monopoly capitalism” as pressure …


25. State monopoly translation in English-Swahili dictionary

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26. Downloadable! We analyze competition with taxation as an alternative to State monopoly by highlighting the importance of the industry's cost structure and the external cost of consuming the good

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27. Under government revenue maximization assumption, competition is a better alternative to State monopoly if and only if the State monopoly has diseconomies of scale or is producing in the range of

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28. State monopoly permeates virtually all spheres of our society's economic life and is at once an integral element and substantive feature of state socialism

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29. Given the statization [ogosudarstvlenie] of all social and economic life, State monopoly is the only possible form of the organization of social life, including social production.

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30. Details about Wisconsin State monopoly Game - Wisconsin🧀Opo ly See original listing

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31. Wisconsin State monopoly Game - Wisconsin🧀Opo ly: Condition: New


32. I came upon the political science topic of State monopoly on Violence and was ruminating on past and contemporary political structures, curious what a system where no party was afforded this monopoly would look like

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33. The State monopoly of foreign trade is a reliable guarantee of the country’s economic interests and vigorously promotes the foreign trade policy of the USSR


34. The experience of the USSR in implementing the State monopoly of foreign trade has been studied by other socialist countries that have established foreign trade monopolies.

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35. Stromberg – The Role of State monopoly Capitalism 59 of the period was further marred by chattel salvery—a major viola-tion of natural rights theory—and by the imperialist war with Mex-ico, which was little more than land-grabbing under the mantle of “manifest destiny.”6 THE (ENFORCED) DECLINE OF LAISSEZ FAIRE

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