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1. The Starter motor is an electric motor that turns over or "cranks" the engine to start

Strong, Starter, Start

2. They have been proudly serving customers for over 45 years, and their mission is to sell high quality products at great prices while providing exceptional customer service! New Starter motor, not rebuilt

Serving, Sell, Service, Starter

3. The Starter motor can be tested without fitting to the car, and this will find problems like me putting the solenoid in upside-down

Strong, Starter, Solenoid

4. A Starter motor is a car part that is electric in nature and is very vital in the running of the engine

Strong, Starter

5. After the engine starts the Starter motors work is done and therefore it turns off.

Starts, Strong, Starter

6. A Starter motor is a device that is capable of turning over an internal combustion engine until the process of combustion takes over

Strong, Starter

7. Shown below are the most commonly used Starter motors as fitted to Perkins Marine & Industrial Diesel Engines

Shown, Strong, Starter

8. When you turn the ignition, your vehicle’s electrical system transfers some of your car battery’s electrical power to the Starter motor

System, Some, Starter

9. Sullivan Products SUL631 Starter motor

Sullivan, Starter

10. Ever since we introduced the first Starter motor into series production in 1914, one thing has not changed: the engine needs to start smoothly and quietly, every time

Since, Starter, Series, Start, Smoothly

11. But our Starter motors now do much more than smooth cold-starts: As technology leader for start/stop, our products also significantly reduce fuel consumption and CO 2 emissions

Starter, Smooth, Starts, Start, Stop, Significantly

12. Starter motor The Starter motor is like the car's heart - it's what gets the whole system going

Strong, Starter, System

13. Used to start the engine, if a Starter motor fails, the vehicle won't turn over or crank - and will need replacing

Start, Strong, Starter

14. A starter or Starter motor is an electrical device that used to rotate (crank) internal combustion engines so as to initiate the engine’s operation under its own power

Starter, So

15. A Starter motor is required to run the internal combustion engine up to a speed sufficient to produce satisfactory carburation

Starter, Speed, Sufficient, Satisfactory

16. The Starter motor is mounted on the engine casing and a pinion on the end of the Starter motor shaft engages with the flywheel teeth

Starter, Shaft

17. Starter motor by Fire Power®


18. This video explains the working of a Starter motor with relevant animations


19. The Starter motor model shown here is a pre-engaged type Starter motor

Starter, Shown

20. Your vehicle's Starter motor is usually a part that only needs to be replaced once in the vehicle's lifetime, if ever, as they are an exceptionally reliable part


21. Starter motor Part #: SA1026 (11002) No image available Select a Vehicle to view additional diagrams and ensure you are ordering the right part for your vehicle Select a Vehicle Search Parts

Starter, Select, Search

22. Starter motor – a small but high-torque motor that provides the kinetic energy to get the engine running

Starter, Small

23. Starter motor replacement will be much more profitable


24. You can buy a Starter motor at a bargain price.


25. Bosch Premium Starters are designed, built and tested Bosch Premium Starters are designed, built and tested to provide the ultimate in performance and reliability Bosch Starter motor's built a reputation in the automotive industry for quality and craftmanship

Starters, Starter

26. We manufacture Starter motor's for virtually every automobile on the road today.


27. The Starter motor itself has a device, called a Bendix gear, which engages its pinion with the gear ring on the flywheel only while the starter is turning the engine


28. The Starter motor is a simple piece of equipment that plays a huge part in ensuring your engine turns over and starts up

Starter, Simple, Starts

29. Bosch manufactures and supplies 100% New Starter motors for virtually every vehicle manufacturer and is the preferred engine starter by professional installers.

Supplies, Starter

30. Starter motor with external battery power supply

Starter, Supply

31. THE complete guide to Starter motors


32. Starter motor and related parts diagram for Ford 9N and 2N Tractors


33. Ref # Ford Part Number *Links provided for available parts: Part Name: 11001: 8N11001 (6 volt or 12 volt) Starter motor and Drive Assy


34. If it fails to transmit the electricity, the Starter motor will fail to function


35. A wide variety of Starter motor options are available to you, There are 79,534 suppliers who sells Starter motor on, mainly located in Asia

Starter, Suppliers, Sells

36. The top countries of suppliers are United States, China, and Taiwan, China, from which the percentage of Starter motor supply is 1%, 98%, and 1% respectively.

Suppliers, States, Starter, Supply

37. Product variant manufacturer part # quadboss Starter motor: smu0060, smu0297, smu0299, smu0281, smu0419, smu0433, smu0300, smu0397, smu0287, snd0513, snd0478, smu0047


38. NEW Starter motor FITS NISSAN CAR B210 1974 1.3L 1975-78 1.4L S114-87L S114-87M (Fits: Datsun 1200) $109.90


39. NEW Starter motor FITS NISSAN CAR B210 1974 1.3L 1975-78 1.4L S114-87L S114-87M (Fits: Datsun 1200) $109.88


40. Starter motor Quality-Built 16211 Reman (Fits: Datsun 1200)


41. The Evolution of the Starter motor


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of a starter in a motor?

A guide to the four basic functions of a motor starter - Disconnection and breaking. Any motor starter must be able to be disconnected from the mains and isolated to prevent a restart. ... - Short-circuit protection. The challenge with turning off electricity is that it likes to flow. ... - Overload protection. ... - Control. ...

What is the purpose of a starter in running a motor?

What is the purpose of a starter in running a motor? The main purpose of a starter is to limit the starting current taken by the motor within twice full-load current, either by reducing the applied voltage or by adding resistance in the motor circuit.

What does a motor starter consist of?

The typical starter motor is composed of heavy copper wire wound around an armature. This device is placed inside of a heavy steel or aluminum case equipped with electrical brushes that contact the armature and pass the electrical charge to the heavy wire. As the electricity flows through the wire, it causes the armature to spin.

What are the parts of a motor starter?

A starter is an electrical motor that is part of the starting system of a vehicle. The starter converts electrical energy into mechanical energy to start the engine. Two major parts of a starter include an electromagnetic field and a rotating armature. Other significant parts of a starter include a solenoid, shift fork and the starter drive gear.

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