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1. Starch, a white, granular, organic chemical that is produced by all green plants

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2. Starch is a soft, white, tasteless powder that is insoluble in cold water, alcohol, or other solvents

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3. The simplest form of Starch is the linear polymer amylose; amylopectin is the branched form.

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4. Starch is a fine, white, odorless powder

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5. Starch: [noun] a white odorless tasteless granular or powdery complex carbohydrate (C6H10O5)x that is the chief storage form of carbohydrate in plants, is an important foodstuff, and is used also in adhesives and sizes, in laundering, and in pharmacy and medicine.

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6. Starch is the main carbohydrate in the diet and a major part of many staple foods

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7. In modern diets, foods high in Starch tend to be highly refined and stripped of their fiber and nutrients.

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8. The Starch Solution is similar to a whole foods diet, which is also based on whole, unprocessed foods and emphasizes fruits, vegetables, and legumes—though it does include meat.Another oil-free, plant-based diet is the Engine 2 diet, which is also associated with weight loss and disease prevention, but more flexible about dietary fat like nuts and seeds.

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9. Natural Starches often come from plants that also serve as an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and fiber

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10. Starches can also be refined and added to foods in the manufacturing or cooking process


11. CornStarch is an example of a refined Starch, as are tortilla chips, potato chips, French fries, biscuits, pastries and desserts.

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12. With a polysaccharide, long-chain structure, Starch is classified as a complex carbohydrate — the healthier, more filling type you want to get plenty of in your diet, according to EUFIC

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13. Starch isn’t just for potatoes anymore

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14. Laundry Starch helps shirts keep their shape without compromising comfort

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15. Specifically, Starch is composed of the sugar glucose.Glucose is a sugar molecule made up of carbon (C), hydrogen (H), and oxygen (O) with a basic chemical formula of C6H12O6.

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16. The Starch is basically flavorless, but potato flour has a flavor similar to a potato

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17. Potato Starch is a white powder similar in texture to cornStarch while potato flour has more weight to it and is similar to wheat flour

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18. Potato Starch is used in baking and as a thickener in various recipes.

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19. Starch and laundry sizing are two different products

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20. Starch stiffens, but sizing (found near spray Starch in the store) adds a bit of body to the fabric

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21. Your daily Starch intake will likely come from a range of foods from different groups in the dietary guidelines

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22. Organic Potato Starch, 1 Pound - Unmodified Powder, Non-GMO, Pure Flour, Kosher, Vegan, Bulk, Great for Cooking, Baking, and Thickening Souces, Soups and Gravy 4.7 out of 5 stars 49 $14.49 $ 14

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23. Starch is a type of carbohydrate

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24. Starch is a white solid at room temperature, and does not dissolve in cold water

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25. High-quality potato Starch will often be gluten free, non-GMO and organic

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26. Much like cornStarch, potato Starch is used to thicken soups, sauces and pie fillings

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27. Depending on which potato Starch you …

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28. A common type of modified Starch is octenyl-succinated anhydrate, or octenyl-succinated Starch, which is produced by the esterification of Starch with anhydrous octenyl-succinate acid (Taherian et al., 2008).After modification, the resulting octenyl-succinated anhydrate is an example of an amphiphilic polysaccharide, or a hydrophobically modified Starch (Chanamai and McClements, 2002; Taherian

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29. Starch is the most important source of carbohydrates in the human diet and accounts for more than 50% of our carbohydrate intake

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30. Starch definition, a white, tasteless, solid carbohydrate, (C6H10O5)n, occurring in the form of minute granules in the seeds, tubers, and other parts of plants, and forming an important constituent of rice, corn, wheat, beans, potatoes, and many other vegetable foods

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31. Starch, Corn is a Starch derived from corn grain and used as food or food ingredient, with potential anti-hypoglycemic activity

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32. Upon ingestion, corn Starch is broken down and releases glucose in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract

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33. Like the NCAA tournament, the Starch Madness bracket is made up of 64 contestants, which are divided among four regions

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34. Special issue on “Starch modification in biomedical and pharmaceutical applications” Have a look at the recently published special issue, edited by Prof

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35. Resistant Starch is a carbohydrate that resist digestion in the small intestine and ferments in the large intestine

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36. There are several types of resistant Starch

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37. More than one type of resistant Starch can be

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38. 29 synonyms of Starch from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 42 related words, definitions, and antonyms

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39. Starch: active strength of body or mind.

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40. Starch comprises 54–72% of the dry weight of wheat kernels

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41. Starch content is positively associated with grain yield, but inversely related to protein content

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42. The Starches differ in average granule size, apparent amylose content, gelatinization temperature, and enthalpy and pasting parameters.

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43. Resistant Starch is a type of Starch that’s “resistant” to digestion—your body can’t break it down

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44. That’s a good thing because resistant Starch feeds your good gut bacteria

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45. The best sources of resistant Starch are green banana and plantain flours, cooked and cooled white rice and raw potato Starch.

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46. Search results for Starch at Sigma-Aldrich

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47. Starch is an important food product and a versatile biomaterial used world-wide for different purposes in many industrial sectors including foods, health, textile, chemical and engineering sector

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48. Starch versatility in industrial applications is largely defined by its physicochemical properties and functionality

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49. Starch in its native form has limited functionality and application.

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50. Starch is a type of carbohydrate, also referred to as a complex carbohydrate since it is made up of long chains of sugar molecules

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51. Pregelatinized Starch derives primarily from corn, has been cooked and then dried

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52. Instant puddings, pie fillings, soup mixes, salad dressings, candy often contain pregelatinized Starch

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53. Pregelatinized Starches (dried, cooked Starches) are highly digestible


54. Consumption of excessive quantities of raw Starch has resulted in obesity and iron

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55. What does Starch mean? Starch is a white, odorless and tasteless substance found in some foods and used as a thickener or stabilizer

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56. Hosted by MEP Asger Christensen (European Parliament, Renew Europe) and moderated by Jacki Davis (Journalist), the event will bring together high-level panelists to discuss both the opportunities and challenges for the Starch industry, and what contribution it can bring, in achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal and Farm to Fork Strategy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does starch stand for?

The word "starch" is from a Germanic root with the meanings "strong, stiff, strengthen, stiffen". Modern German Stärke (strength) is related.

What does the name starch mean?

Starch(adj) stiff; precise; rigid. Starch(noun) a widely diffused vegetable substance found especially in seeds, bulbs, and tubers, and extracted (as from potatoes, corn, rice, etc.) as a white, glistening, granular or powdery substance, without taste or smell, and giving a very peculiar creaking sound when rubbed between the fingers.

What foods are high in starch?

Foods high in starch include legumes, such as beans and lentils, vegetables, such as potatoes and butternut squash, and grains, such as rice and flour.

What starch is good starch?

What Are Good Starches to Eat? Whole Grains. Refined grains, such as white flour, are grains that have had the bran and germ, the most nutritious... Legumes. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics describes legumes -- starchy, podded vegetables -- as highly versatile,... Potatoes. Potatoes, whether sweet, white or baked, provide rich amounts of vital nutrients. According... More ...

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