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Shop, Stand, Strong

2. The Stand alone computer has no connection to any other computers, meaning any data that is associated with that computer stays saved inside it and is not accessible from anywhere else where networked computer users can easily share there files.

Stand, Stays, Saved, Share

3. What is a Stand alone computer? A Stand alone computer is a self-sufficient system that is not connected to any other computer hence the term "stand alone." The stand alone is only used for writing memos and spreadsheets however it may also have a printer, scanner or an external hard drive attached to its CPU

Stand, Self, Sufficient, System, Spreadsheets, Scanner

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Stand, Strong, Sukusolun, Syntyv, Solu, Skoro

5. This can be integrated into a remote control system or a local stand alone computer so continuous monitoring of the mix is achieved

System, Stand, Strong, So

6. Giving powder mixers the eye In chapter eight, Morrow has defined multimedia as "the use of audio, still images, animation, motion video, text, and/or graphics in a stand alone computer application."

Still, Stand, Strong

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