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1. Sonaris Touchless Digital Sonar Stadiometer by Detecto

Sonaris, Sonar, Strong, Stadiometer

2. Stadiometers are an essential height-tracking tool for medical professionals

Strong, Stadiometers

3. Stature (height) was measured by using a Stadiometer (Holtain Ltd., Crymych Dyfed, UK)

Stature, Strong, Stadiometer

4. THE ANTHROPOMETRIC CHARACTERISTICS OF PAKISTAN U-19 AND MALAYSIAN U-19 CRICKET PLAYERS Weighing scale and Stadiometer were calibrated and validated by Department of Biometrics prior to the study.

Scale, Strong, Stadiometer, Study

5. The Stadiometer measures from 4.5 in – 81 in and 11.5 cm – 205 cm with 0.125 in / 0.1 cm graduations visible on both sides of the height rod

Strong, Stadiometer, Sides

6. The PHR Stadiometer features a unique reversible head piece that lets you add a DETECTO DR400C digital floor scale at the base to …

Strong, Stadiometer, Scale

7. Newborn Stadiometer Ideal for use in hospital nurseries for measuring newborn infants

Strong, Stadiometer

8. Overview DETECTO’s SONARIS Stadiometer provides touchless height measurement via its state-of-the-art sonar technology that triangulates the top of the patient’s head instantly

Sonaris, Strong, Stadiometer, State, Sonar

9. Stadiometer - CM/IN Seca® Aluminum Wall Mount Seca 2221814008

Strong, Stadiometer, Seca

10. When you use a Stadiometer or measuring rod and a scale, you can obtain your patient's height and weight in a single step

Strong, Stadiometer, Scale, Single, Step

11. Digital stationary Stadiometer with wireless transmission

Stationary, Strong, Stadiometer

12. Used to measure patient height, a Stadiometer is an essential piece of equipment at any medical practice

Strong, Stadiometer

13. The most basic Stadiometer is composed of a ruler and sliding headpiece.

Strong, Stadiometer, Sliding

14. The Stadiometer comprises a rigid vertical backboard and a horizontal headboard running free, perpendicular to the backboard and without cross-play

Strong, Stadiometer

15. Stadiometers and Height Measuring Devices are devices that, when used properly, provide highly accurate height measurements for medical diagnostic purposes

Strong, Stadiometers

16. A Stadiometer is a piece of medical equipment used for measuring human height

Strong, Stadiometer

17. Stadiometers are used in routine medical examinations and also clinical tests and experiments.


18. This mobile Stadiometer can be dismantled into several pieces and sets up quickly

Stadiometer, Several, Sets

19. The portable Stadiometer is lightweight and when disassembled is self-contained

Strong, Stadiometer, Self

20. At only 5.3 lbs, the seca 213 mobile Stadiometer is especially suitable for use in the field but also ideal for doctors’ practices and pediatric hospitals

Seca, Stadiometer, Suitable

21. 200cm/2M Body Height Measure Measuring Tape Stature Meter Stadiometer Retractable Durable Wall Height Meter Stature Meter US $0.50-$1.00 / Piece 200.0 Pieces (Min Order)

Stature, Strong, Stadiometer

22. Medical Definition of Stadiometer : a device for measuring height that typically consists of a vertical ruler with a sliding horizontal rod or paddle which is adjusted to rest on the top of the head Learn More about Stadiometer Dictionary Entries near Stadiometer

Stadiometer, Sliding

23. The Detecto PHR Portable Stadiometer features a smooth gliding head piece that can be used to measure both children and adults and has a measuring range of 4.5 to 81 inches

Strong, Stadiometer, Smooth

24. The Full Length Stadiometer is constructed from durable plastic and is light in weight at only 8.7 lbs for accurate measurements on to go.

Strong, Stadiometer

25. The Harpenden Stadiometer, model 602VR, is a counter recording instrument, with an effortless counter balanced movement

Strong, Stadiometer

26. The Hopkins Road Rod® Portable Stadiometer is a lightweight and sturdy Stadiometer that sets up and breaks down easily for transportation between healthcare settings

Strong, Stadiometer, Sturdy, Sets, Settings

27. The Stadiometer is a popular measuring instrument used to measure human height


28. The advantages of the Stadiometer The scale that is clearly visible when measuring makes it easy to read the Stadiometer results

Stadiometer, Scale

29. Best sellers in the Seca range include the Seca 813 Weight Scale, Seca 213 Portable Stadiometer, Seca 201 Measuring Tape, Seca 284 Measuring Station, Seca 703 Column Scales & Seca 334 Baby Scales.

Sellers, Seca, Scale, Strong, Stadiometer, Station, Scales

30. The measuring device, which I later learned is called a Stadiometer, had a bracket on a slider that went up and down on a post.

Strong, Stadiometer, Slider

31. For mutans whollyabsolutely yellowedabsorbed after the redeemable prescription prozac of viverrini (healing happily occurs within four weeks), an sudafed four ways of Stadiometer is needed {50}.

Sudafed, Strong, Stadiometer

32. The Stadiometer has a removable scale with a measuring range of 0 to 230 centimetres

Strong, Stadiometer, Scale

33. We introduce ourselves as an eminent manufacturer and supplier Height Measuring Stand And Stadiometer which includes Infantometer and Floor Model Height Scale.This stand is manufactured with the quality-tested components and cutting-edge technology under the guidance of skilled technocrats, in compliance with the international standards.

Supplier, Stand, Strong, Stadiometer, Scale, Skilled, Standards

34. Portable Stadiometer Height-Rod with Weight Scale Function, to Measuare Height 190 cm and Weight 100 Kgs £188.00 £ 188

Strong, Stadiometer, Scale

35. Beli Stadiometer Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2021 di Tokopedia! Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%.

Strong, Stadiometer

36. A Stadiometer is a device that is used to measure height

Strong, Stadiometer

37. Stadiometers typically are used for regular medical exams, although they are used for other kinds of tests and experiments as well


38. The Seca 213 Portable Stadiometer: Free Standing Height Measurer is a collapsible, transportable Stadiometer that is perfect for healthcare workers on the move

Seca, Strong, Stadiometer, Standing

39. The built-in handle and interlocking parts that secure with ease make this Stadiometer

Secure, Strong, Stadiometer

40. The Seca 217 Portable Stadiometer is designed to be uniquely portable

Seca, Strong, Stadiometer

41. Physicians who visit schools, nursing homes, and other care facilities will appreciate how lightweight and easy to carry this portable Stadiometer is, allowing them to take accurate height measurements wherever they go.

Schools, Strong, Stadiometer

42. Stadiometer is a piece of medical equipment used for measuring human height


43. Evan Matthews explaining how to use a standard Stadiometer to measure a persons height.Click the link below to find a video on how to me

Standard, Strong, Stadiometer

44. Stadiometer definition: an instrument that measures the length of curves , dashes , etc, by running a toothed Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

Strong, Stadiometer

45. Seca 216 Wall Mounted Stadiometer - Replacement Head Piece-This replacement head piece for the Seca 216 Wall Mounted Stadiometer height measuring devi 800-485-2737 Contact Us

Seca, Strong, Stadiometer

46. How to say Stadiometer in English? Pronunciation of Stadiometer with 1 audio pronunciation, 2 synonyms, 1 meaning, 5 translations, 1 sentence and more for Stadiometer.

Say, Strong, Stadiometer, Synonyms, Sentence

47. A Stadiometer for measuring height of a person to the nearest millimeter and sixteenth-of-an-inch has an upright rail movably supporting a slide carrying a height measuring arm

Strong, Stadiometer, Sixteenth, Supporting, Slide

48. It is compatible with the Harpenden Wall Mounted Stadiometer, model 602VR, the Portable Stadiometer, model 603VR, and the Sitting Height Table, model 607VR

Strong, Stadiometer, Sitting

49. Flexible Tape Holtain ’ s anthropometric replacement Flexible Tape, model 606, is an replacement part used with Holtain's anthropometric Pocket Stadiometer, model 608.

Strong, Stadiometer

50. PUSH is a handheld, next-generation Stadiometer that uses an ultrasound sensor to measure an individual's height with pinpoint accuracy

Strong, Stadiometer, Sensor

51. The Stadiometer of claim 13 wherein: the low friction means is a plastic tape secured to said diverging walls of the slide means and engageable with said side walls of the rail

Strong, Stadiometer, Secured, Said, Slide, Side

52. The Stadiometer of claim 10 wherein: the rail has opposite upright edge means having upright grooves, said shield means having upright edges projected into said

Strong, Stadiometer, Said, Shield

53. Price : Get Quote We are offering Stadiometer

Strong, Stadiometer

54. The mobile Stadiometer seca 217 boasts unmatched stability, a cleverly designed assembly system and particularly high-quality materials

Strong, Stadiometer, Seca, Stability, System

55. All this lends the Stadiometer an exceptionally high degree of stability – almost the same as a permanent installation

Strong, Stadiometer, Stability, Same

56. Infant Stadiometer are Pediatric Height Scales manufactured by Detecto in two versions— as a Mechanical Infant Stadiometer and as a Digital Infant Stadiometer

Strong, Stadiometer, Scales

57. The MLM Mechanical Infant Stadiometer is a portable baby length measuring device that requires no electricity to operate

Strong, Stadiometer

58. The Mechanical Infant Stadiometer is used in pediatric settings to measure the length of new-borns and …

Strong, Stadiometer, Settings

59. 1 product rating - Seca 217 Stadiometer for Mobile Height Measurement (Height Rod) C $259.47

Seca, Strong, Stadiometer

60. NEW Seca 769 Digital column scale with BMI function and Stadiometer

Seca, Scale, Strong, Stadiometer

61. Our original Stadiometer has been the standard in the industry for over three decades

Strong, Stadiometer, Standard

62. This unit is the choice of healthcare professionals who require an accurate and long-lasting Stadiometer at an economical price

Strong, Stadiometer

63. Users of this Stadiometer appreciate its …

Strong, Stadiometer

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is a stadiometer used to measure height?

    A stadiometer is a piece of medical equipment used for measuring human height. It is usually constructed out of a ruler and a sliding horizontal headpiece which is adjusted to rest on the top of the head. Stadiometers are used in routine medical examinations and also clinical tests and experiments.

    What is a digital stadiometer?

    Digital stadiometer with close up insert of the device's headpiece. A stadiometer is a piece of medical equipment used for measuring human height. It is usually constructed out of a ruler and a sliding horizontal headpiece which is adjusted to rest on the top of the head.

    What do you mean by instrument to measure height?

    Also found in: Dictionary, Wikipedia . An instrument to measure height both standing and sitting. A device used to measure body height, esp. of children. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

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