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1. A " Squall line " refers to a linearly-oriented zone of convection (i.e., thunderstorms)

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2. Squall lines are common across the United States east of the Rockies, especially during the spring when the atmosphere is most "dynamic."

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3. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration 's (NOAA) National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) defines a Squall line as a group of thunderstorms arranged in a line, often accompanied by a

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4. A Squall line is a narrow band of intense thunderstorms

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5. Blinding rain and dangerous lightning also accompany Squall lines


6. Squall line A line of sudden, sometimes violent thunderstorms that develop on the leading edge of a cold front

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7. Squall lines can form up to 80 to 240 km (50 to 149 mi) in front of an advancing cold front and can be more than 160 km (99 mi) long.


8. A Squall line is a line of thunderstorms that have a common lifting mechanism

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9. The initial stage of Squall line development featured fewer but larger drops

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10. Previous studies have linked such a pattern with Squall lines in inland …

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11. Squall line (The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series Book 9) - Kindle edition by McKenna, Dawn Lee

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12. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Squall line (The Forgotten Coast Florida Suspense Series Book 9).

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13. Squall lines typically form in unstableatmospheric environments in which low-level air can rise unaided after being initially lifted (e.g., by a front) to the point where condensationof water vapor occurs

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14. Multicell Lines also known as Squall lines Multicell line storms consist of a line of storms with a continuous, well developed gust front at the leading edge of the line

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15. A Squall line is line of broken to continuous thunderstorms - which means you can't fly through the line


16. So why does a Squall line become so strong - and why can it last far longer than a typical thunderstorm? The key is in how a typical storm operates

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17. Squall line Squall lines are the most common type of midlatitude MCS and severe lines are most frequent in the spring, producing twice as many tornadoes, high wind, and hail as more circular MCSs

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18. A Squall line can form from an individual storm that has split

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19. There are two types of Squall lines


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21. A Squall line may be thought of as any line of convective cells


22. Squall lines are usually composed of a series of ordinary cells spread along and behind the leading edge of the system

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23. By definition, Squall lines are clusters of thunderstorms that have a prominent, relatively linear signature on images of radar reflectivity

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24. While Squall lines can produce any kind of severe weather, they most prominently produce damaging straight-line winds.

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25. Squall line definition is - an intersection or boundary between the cold and the warm winds of an extratropical cyclone or between the cold air of an advancing anticyclone and the warm air of a cyclone : cold front—called also wind-shift line.

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26. Definition of Squall line in the dictionary

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27. What does Squall line mean? Information and translations of Squall line in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.


28. Took this footage in Joplin, MO as a powerful and destructive Squall line swept through town

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29. In squall …rain, hail, or thunder; a line squall is one associated with a Squall line of thunderstorms that is often hundreds of kilometres long.


30. The trailing convergence zone was referred to as the Squall line or cold front.


31. Squall line is a common term you might hear meteorologists say when there is a threat of severe thunderstorms in your area

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32. A Squall line is a system of thunderstorms that have formed into a line

Squall, System

33. The Squall line is a type of mesoscale convective system distinguished from other types by a larger length-to-width ratio.

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34. Squall line synonyms, Squall line pronunciation, Squall line translation, English dictionary definition of Squall line

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35. ‘Seas are 10 to 15 feet above normal, with higher swells and the Squall line is pretty intense.’ ‘We had a Squall line move through here about an hour ago.’ ‘High winds and sheets of rain lashed the Keys all morning today, as Squall lines from Hurricane Rita moved through.’

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36. A derecho is a type of Squall line that meets certain criteria and can feature gusts over 100 mph in extreme cases – the equivalent of an EF1 tornado


37. As the Squall line crossed into Grant, Adams and Whitman counties it continued to gain steam, impacting the Central Columbia Basin from areas near Moses Lake east to almost the State Route 195 corridor in eastern Washington.

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38. A powerful Squall line clobbered parts of North Florida on Thursday with high winds that knocked down trees and power lines and left thousands of electric customers in the dark.


39. A squall is often named for the weather phenomenon that accompanies it, such as rain, hail, or thunder; a line squall is one associated with a Squall line of thunderstorms that is often hundreds of kilometres long

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40. Squall line definition: a narrow zone along a cold front along which squalls occur Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

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41. Squall line A line of active thunderstorms, either continuous or with breaks, including contiguous precipitation areas resulting from the existence of the thunderstorms


42. How a Squall line is Formed How a Squall line is Formed How a Squall line is Formed How a Squall line is Formed


43. Definition of Squall line in the dictionary

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44. What does Squall line mean? Information and translations of Squall line in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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45. Squall line - Any line or narrow band of active thunderstorms


46. Squall line (The Inland Seas Series #1) by Gwyn McNamee Squall line was a great 5 star read and book one in The Inland Seas series

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47. Looking Back on August 31, 2014 from the Air Residents of west-central Iowa may remember the powerful Squall line that tore across the region on the evening of August 31, 2014, leaving a wide swath of wind damage from Crawford to Dallas counties

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48. Synonyms for Squall line include line squall, squall, storm, tempest, tropical storm, wind-shift line, cold front, snap, cold snap and cold spell

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49. Squall line is the ninth and now I have to wait until number ten comes out


50. Squall lines occur along the leading edge of a cold front


51. The dynamical, thermodynamical and microphysical structures of convective cells associated with a Squall line that occurred on 23 June 2011 in northern China are investigated using observational data and the Regional Atmospheric Modeling System (RAMS)

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52. The results suggest that: 1) The Squall line appears in the front of the upper-level trough with moderate vertical wind shear at the …

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53. The Squall line produced a serial derecho as it swept across the Florida peninsula, Cuba, and adjacent waters

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54. The Squall line reached the northern part of Florida's west coast and western Cuba between 11 p.m


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SQUALL LINE [ˈskwôl ˌlīn]

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a squall line and supercell?

Squall lines tend to pass quickly and are less prone to produce tornadoes than are supercells . They can be hundreds of miles long but are typically only 10 or 20 miles wide. A supercell is a long-lived (greater than 1 hour) and highly organized storm feeding off an updraft (a rising current of air) that is tilted and rotating.

How a squall line is formed?

Squall lines are made up of many individual thunderstorms that have organized themselves into a weather freight train. Cloud formations of squall lines resemble a shelf or triangular shaped mass. Squalls are considered a severe weather event and are second only to hurricanes in damages and casualties.

What are the different regions of a squall line?

What Are the Different Regions of a Squall Line?

  • Squall Line Radar Loop. The leading edge of the line is typically where the heaviest of the precipitation and the most...
  • Cross Section of a Squall Line. When vertical shear is strong, a squall line may evolve into a structure known as a bow...
  • More ...

    What is front creates a squall line?

    A squall line is a system of thunderstorms that have formed into a line. This often occurs ahead of a cold front, where wind shear combined with unusually widespread lifting of the lower atmosphere causes convection to become arranged in a banded structure.

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