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Looking for sentences with "Spousehas"? Here are some examples.

1. 1 Where property is acquired for residential or holiday purposes, or for use in connection with any business, the distribution arises on the date such use commences. The amount of the distribution is the aggregate of the A male employee with adependant spousehas a salary of €100,000 and has 15 years until his intended retirementat age 60 : 9.
2. Each spousehas equal management, control and disposition rights over community property, whereasseparate property can be sold or given away without the consent of the other spouse. Obviously, this impinges greatly upon a Muslim woman’s right to exclusively control her ownproperty and earnings. A couple can redefine property as separate
3. •When to Use (and Not to Use) a Grantor Trust •Third-Party Grantor Trusts •Choosing the Right Powers for Grantor Trust Status •Grantor or Grantor’s spousehas actually borrowed from the trust •On an unsecured basis •Not repaid on the first day of the taxable year •Trustee is not Grantor, Spouse, or a Related / Subordinate
4. Rather than award periodic alimony, which the supporting spouse is unlikely to pay, the court can use the supporting spouse’s assets to award lump-sum alimony. Paying Back that the expenses to maintain the marital lifestyle are substantial, and that their spousehas the ability to earn even greater income (or is sheltering income through
5. Your use of the forms does not guarantee you will be successful in court. To learn how to fill out the forms and file them with the court, o You or your spousehas lived in Illinois for at least 90 days; AND o There is no other divorce case already filed and still pending anywhere else (not dismissed).
6. Required by lawto use yourfull retiredpay. As of April 1, 2008,the offsetrequired atage 62 will stop. The survivor annuity will be based on 55% for life. The information provided will be released to your current spouse if the spousehas not signed the reverse of this form. This notification is required by law. Information on this form may be
7. Last week, the Delhi-basedindustrialist filed a fresh petition for divorce on grounds that 'his spousehas neither been a good wife nor a good daughter-in-law in their decade-oldmarriage'.
8. Every surviving spouse of an intestate or of a testator, whether or not the surviving spousehas petitioned for an elective share, shall, unless the surviving spouse has forfeited thesurviving spouse's right thereto, as provided by law, be entitled, out of the personal property ofthe deceased spouse, to an allowance of the value of thirty
9. In the history of our marriage, my spousehas made up to (on commissions) a million a year. He’s closed all of our joint accounts, and at one point had stopped paying the mortgage for 3 months. It cost me 3000 in legal fees to have my attorney get him to bring the mortgage up to date. I’ve run up 20k in credit card debt supporting our 2
10. 97.570 spousehas vested right of interment 97.580 Divestitureof spouse’s right of interment 97.590 Transferof plot or right of interment 97.600 Descentof plot 97.610 Determiningoccupant of burial plot having co-owners
11. : If your American spousehas already been married before, please provide an original and a simple copy of the evidence of the termination of each of his/her prior marriage, as well.
12. The surviving spousehas appealed. We affirm the trial court’s decision and certify the court’s order as final. Presiding Judge Marshall L. Davidson, III,delivered the opinion of the Appeals Boardin which Judge David F. Hensley and Judge Timothy W. Connerjoined. Julian T. BoltonMemphis, , Tennessee, for the employee-appellant, Mattie
13. 4 surviving spousehas disp osed of the property or improved the property, the 5 extent of the surviving spouse’s liability can include interest on the fair 6 market value7 of the property. 7 This recommendation addresses only the interest rates in the provisions noted 8 above. For ease of reference, these provisions will be referred to as the

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