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  - break or cause to break forcibly into parts, especially into halves or along the grain.

  - (with reference to a group of people) divide into two or more groups.


  - a tear, crack, or fissure in something, especially down the middle or along the grain.

  - a thing that is divided or split.

  - the time it takes to complete a recognized part of a race, or the point in the race where such a time is measured.


break, chop, cut, hew, lop, cleave, snap, crack, bust, fracture,

"Splits" in Example Sentences

1. Ethane, when heated to this degree, splits up into ethylene and hydrogen, whilst ethylene decomposes to methane and acetylene, and the acetylene at once polymerizes to benzene, styrolene, retene, &c. A portion also condenses, and at the same time loses some hydrogen, becoming naphthalene; and the compounds so formed by interactions amongst themselves build up the remainder of the hydrocarbons
2. Use "for example, the" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "for example, the" As Chua shows, the American Dream is a recurring theme in other literature as well, for example, the fiction of Asian Americans; The Supreme Court splits on this issue. In Atkins v.
3. splits in a sentence 🔊 Definition of splits . Third-person singular simple present indicative form of split | plural of split | (dance, plural only) A manoeuvre in dance or gymnastics by which the legs are extended straight out and perpendicular to the body, either to the sides or in front and behind. How to use splits in Sentences? 1
4. As I explained in an earlier post, the best strategy for GMAT Sentence Correction is most certainly NOT to read all five answer choices thoroughly. That's a strategy for disaster! The most efficient way to tackle GMAT SC is to eliminate answer choices in batches using splits. The most common splits are 3-2 splits, although others appear (4-1, 2-2-1, etc.)
5. How to use splits in two in a sentence Looking for sentences with "splits in two"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. The chimney pushes through the steep roofline and splits in two.
6. How to use to do the splits in a sentence Looking for sentences with "to do the splits"?Here are some examples.
7. Example sentences for: splits How can you use “splits” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: But in this case, the market really isn't recognizing hidden value by rewarding stock splits.. The commentariat splits on the merits of the WTO--and not along ideological lines.. Gene splits /merges. You often hear that splits are important because they
8. "She was very flexible because she could do the splits." How can you use the word suppleness in a sentence? Suppleness means flexible; so I would use it as this: "The tree's thin branches have

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