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1. Spermatorrhea is a condition of excessive, involuntary ejaculation. It is a recognized disorder in traditional Chinese medicine, in which certain patterns of involuntary ejaculation reflect problems with kidney qi

Spermatorrhea, Strong

2. Spermatorrhea or Dhat syndrome is a disease seen in men in many communities

Spermatorrhea, Syndrome, Strong, Seen

3. Spermatorrhea is a male sexual dysfunction in which there is an excessive and involuntary discharge of semen even with urine. There can be a number of causes and medical conditions that can lead to Spermatorrhea in an individual.

Spermatorrhea, Strong, Sexual, Semen

4. Spermatorrhea is a disease of the Male Reproductive System

Strong, Spermatorrhea, System

5. Involuntary discharge of semen is Spermatorrhea

Semen, Strong, Spermatorrhea

6. Spermatorrhea is a health condition characterized by involuntary ejaculation of semen during sleeping hours at night. As per research, it is found to be as an underlying cause of reproductive diseases

Spermatorrhea, Strong, Semen, Sleeping

7. Persisting condition of Spermatorrhea can induce many serious impacts on patient's body.

Spermatorrhea, Serious

8. Spermatorrhea is a condition that is not very far from night emissions

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9. Spermatorrhea ring, from a 1915 surgical catalogue

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10. Spermatorrhea problem Asked for Male, 25 Years Sir, I have Spermatorrhea problem for 12 years I used too many herbal and homeopathic medicine but no good results I want to know if there is any allopathic treatment for Spermatorrhea I am waiting for your kind reply

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11. The Spermatorrhea Ring was comprised of a flexible metal band that comfortably accommodates an average sized penis

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Sized

12. Spermatorrhea is a condition, wherein the accidental discharge of seminal fluid takes place and sometimes this happens in larger quantity in some men

Spermatorrhea, Strong, Seminal, Sometimes, Some

13. Medical definition of Spermatorrhea: abnormally frequent or excessive emission of semen without orgasm.

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Semen

14. Spermatorrhea is a pathologic disorder in which the patient experiences spontaneous ejaculation without sexual activity.

Spermatorrhea, Spontaneous, Sexual

15. Spermatorrhea is not a disease, but mostly a disorder, which implies involuntary ejaculation of seminal fluid

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16. Furthermore, ejaculation of seminal fluid happens in an uncontrollable manner in cases of Spermatorrhea

Seminal, Strong, Spermatorrhea

17. Natural Spermatorrhea treatment handles prostate conditions and weak nerves efficiently to stop involuntary loss of semen and provide quick relief

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Stop, Semen

18. Best Natural Spermatorrhea Treatment

Strong, Spermatorrhea

19. Herbal treatment for Spermatorrhea is regarded as the best way to cure involuntary loss of semen naturally

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Semen

20. Spermatorrhea is a condition of excessive, involuntary ejaculation

Strong, Spermatorrhea

21. Spermatorrhea is a disease with many causes, but masturbation is far and away the most common

Spermatorrhea, Strong

22. The earliest first Spermatorrhea is 7.8 years old and 18.3 years old is the oldest. The time of first Spermatorrhea occurred in the 13 and 14 years old, which the urban is 28.4% and 28.8%, rural is 23.0% and 27.2%, respectively, Table 3 and Table 4

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23. Seasonal Distribution of the First Spermatorrhea

Seasonal, Spermatorrhea

24. Spermatorrhea is caused by the aggravation of Vata and Pitta Doshas


25. Definition of Spermatorrhea in the dictionary

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26. What does Spermatorrhea mean? Information and translations of Spermatorrhea in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

Strong, Spermatorrhea

27. Spermatorrhea (1) Ejaculation whilst asleep, often during an erotic dream; semen seeping whilst sleeping

Spermatorrhea, Semen, Seeping, Sleeping

28. Spermatorrhea sering disebut juga sebagai kondisi disfungsi seksual pria

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Sering, Sebagai, Seksual

29. Spermatorrhea accompanied by loss of libido severely lowers quality of life for men, but had never been reported as a possible adverse effect of TPM

Spermatorrhea, Severely

30. Spermatorrhea and Oversenstive Penis

Strong, Spermatorrhea

31. Spermatorrhea in American English (ˌspɜrmətəˈriə ; spərˌmætəˈriə)

Spermatorrhea, Sp

32. Spermatorrhea definition, abnormally frequent and involuntary nonorgasmic emission of semen

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Semen

33. In Spermatorrhea, the semen is secreted from testicles

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Semen, Secreted

34. The enlarged, congested or swollen prostate gland is one of the major causes of Spermatorrhea

Swollen, Strong, Spermatorrhea

35. Spermatorrhea is a culture-bound condition that causes anxiety, guilt and depression due to involuntary seminal emissions

Spermatorrhea, Seminal

36. Conventional medicine does not recognise Spermatorrhea as a specific disease and thus has no specific treatment for this condition

Spermatorrhea, Specific

37. Homeopathic Remedies for Emissions Spermatorrhea Acidum phos

Strong, Spermatorrhea

38. Spermatorrhea was an ancient concept,13 but its nineteenth-century form was an extension of theories about masturbation

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39. Oct 22, 2020 - Best natural remedies for Spermatorrhea and ways to prevent involuntary discharge of sperm!

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40. Spermatorrhea synonyms, Spermatorrhea pronunciation, Spermatorrhea translation, English dictionary definition of Spermatorrhea

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Synonyms

41. I have problem of Spermatorrhea, when I talk with my gf (even not on sex) it starts dropping

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Sex, Starts

42. Science Direct (Elsevier) [Internet]; Spermatorrhea; Killick SR, Leary C, Trussell J, Guthrie KA

Science, Strong, Spermatorrhea, Sr

43. Spermatorrhea is identified by regular involuntary discharge of semen during sleep

Spermatorrhea, Semen, Sleep

44. There are many herbs which work as potent and safe Spermatorrhea remedies to cure the problem completely.

Safe, Spermatorrhea

45. Spermatorrhea is defined as involuntary discharge of semen without an erection or an orgasm

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Semen

46. Spermatorrhea occurs at night due to an erotic dream or wet dream(s)

Strong, Spermatorrhea

47. "Spermatorrhea" References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries

Strong, Spermatorrhea

48. References in the ICD-10-CM Index to Diseases and Injuries applicable to the clinical term "Spermatorrhea" Spermatorrhea - N50.89 Other specified disorders of the male genital organs

Strong, Spermatorrhea, Specified

49. The symptoms of Spermatorrhea are probably a rare manifestation of seizure

Symptoms, Strong, Spermatorrhea, Seizure

50. Keywords Epilepsy, Spermatorrhea, …

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51. What is Spermatorrhea? Spermatorrhea: A term used to describe frequent involuntary orgasms or the release of larger amounts of sperm than is considered normal

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does spermatorrhea mean?

    Spermatorrhea is a condition of excessive, involuntary ejaculation. It is a recognized disorder in traditional Chinese medicine, in which certain patterns of involuntary ejaculation reflect problems with kidney qi.

    What is the treatment for spermatorrhea?

    A variety of drugs and other treatments, including circumcision and castration, were advised as treatment. Some alternative practitioners, especially herb healers, continue to diagnose and advise treatments for cases of spermatorrhea.

    Is there juice for spermatorrhea?

    Juice obtained from macerated leaf of Scoparia dulcis was also warmed with iron and then orally administered for treatment of spermatorrhea.

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