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1. Speed skater Bonnie Blair, one of the most successful American Olympic athletes of all time, recalls fondly her first Games in Sarajevo in 1984 in this new episode of our video series "Word of Olympians."

Speed, Skater, Successful, Sarajevo, Series

2. Shani Earl Davis (; born August 13, 1982) is an American Speed skater.At the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy, Davis became the first black athlete to win a gold medal in an individual event at the Olympic Winter Games, winning the speedskating 1000 meter event

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3. Speed skaters – also known as Skater Hops – is a plyometric exercise that builds lateral hip strength and power while challenging your balance & endurance

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4. Most gym exercises are forward and backward, but Speed skaters are side to side, which builds lateral and rotational strength.

Strong, Speed, Skaters, Side, Strength

5. Personal trainer Kai Simon out of San Diego, CA demonstrates a Speed skater exercise

Simon, San, Speed, Skater

6. Christine Diane "Chris" Witty (born June 23, 1975) is an American Speed skater and racing cyclist and participated in the Olympic Games in both sports

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7. Speed skaters are a classic exercise that’s often found within many fitness programs

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8. Our instructors takes you through how to properly perform a Speed skater

Speed, Skater

9. World champion short track Speed skater Lara van Ruijven died on Friday after a short illness at the age of 27, the International Skating Union (ISU) reported on its website

Short, Strong, Speed, Skater, Skating

10. Steven John Bradbury OAM (born 14 October 1973) is an Australian former short track Speed skater and four-time Olympian

Steven, Short, Speed, Skater

11. Apolo Anton Ohno, (born May 22, 1982, Seattle, Washington, U.S.), American short-track Speed skater who was the most-decorated American athlete in the history of the Winter Olympics

Strong, Seattle, Short, Speed, Skater

12. Inline Speed skater the leading source for inline speed skating news

Speed, Skater, Source, Skating

13. Speed skaters will strengthen your quads, calves, and glutes while energizing your workout at the same time

Strong, Speed, Skaters, Strengthen, Same

14. What makes the Speed skater even more intense than a lunge is the cardio: To replicate the moves of a Speed skater, you will do a lateral leap from one leg to the other.

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15. What makes the Speed skater even more intense than a lunge is the cardio: To replicate the moves of a Speed skater, you will do a lateral leap from one leg to the other

Speed, Skater

16. Emerging as one of the top Speed skaters, McDermott-Mostowy was the United States national champion in both the 1000-meter and the mass start at the U.S

Speed, Skaters, States, Start

17. The self-styled civil rights activist charged in the US Capitol riots is a former Olympic Speed skater wannabe — and alleged conman accused …

Self, Styled, Speed, Skater

18. Star Speed skater at Macalester College speaks on sexuality, hopes to join ranks of openly gay Olympians A junior at Macalester College has become a …

Star, Speed, Skater, Speaks, Sexuality

19. Speed skater This move lets you get in a quick cardio workout without any equipment

Speed, Skater

20. Olympic Speed skater Training With Joey Mantia – Plyometrics, Long Track Skating, Dryland, Turn Cable

Speed, Skater, Skating

21. Join world champion Speed skater, Joey Mantia for a training day in Salt Lake City, Utah

Speed, Skater, Salt

22. South Korean Speed skater Lim Hyo-jun has been banned from the country’s skating federation for one year after he reportedly pulled down the pants of a …

South, Speed, Skater, Skating

23. Speed skater 2 boosts Speed by +3, and nerfs Acceleration (-2) and Agility (-4)

Speed, Skater

24. On this page you will find the solution to Speed skater Ohno crossword clue crossword clue

Solution, Speed, Skater

25. Speed skater Olympic Gold, released 18 August 2017 1

Speed, Skater

26. Speed skater synonyms, Speed skater pronunciation, Speed skater translation, English dictionary definition of Speed skater

Speed, Skater, Synonyms

27. Speed skater Dan Jansen, a favorite to win the gold medal in the 500-meter race at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, falls during

Speed, Skater

28. The skating trainer slideboard is perfect for strengthening all the muscles that a Speed skater needs to succeed

Skating, Slideboard, Strengthening, Speed, Skater, Succeed

29. Speed skater Mug - Speed skater Gifts - Funny Speed skater Mug - Yoda Best Speed skater Gifts - Yoda Best Speed skater Pun Mug AmendableMugs

Speed, Skater

30. Heiden had been training as a Speed skater since the age of 14

Speed, Skater, Since

31. Daniel Erwin Jansen (born June 17, 1965) is a retired American Speed skater.A multiple world champion in sprint and perennial favorite at the Winter Olympics, he broke a ten-year Olympic jinx when he won a gold medal in his final race, which was the 1,000 meters in the 1994 Winter Games.

Speed, Skater, Sprint

32. Swedish Speed skater Sigge Ericsson sitting with Russian Speed skaters Oleg Goncharenko and Boris Shilkov during the Winter Olympics

Swedish, Speed, Skater, Sigge, Sitting, Skaters, Shilkov

33. Bonnie Blair, in full Bonnie Kathleen Blair, (born March 18, 1964, Cornwall, New York, U.S.), American Speed skater who was one of the leading competitors in the sport

Speed, Skater, Sport

34. Speed skater Heiden is a crossword puzzle clue

Speed, Skater

35. Speed skater Heiden is a crossword puzzle clue that we have spotted 8 times

Speed, Skater, Spotted

36. British Speed skater Elise Christie will NOT be able to win her fourth world title after the Dutch government refused to give sportspeople an exemption …

Speed, Skater, Sportspeople

37. Synonyms for Speed skater in Free Thesaurus

Synonyms, Speed, Skater

38. 1 synonym for Speed skater: speedskater

Synonym, Speed, Skater, Strong, Speedskater

39. What are synonyms for Speed skater?

Synonyms, Speed, Skater

40. If you’ve been paying attention, you may have noticed the fashionable design choice of the Olympic Speed skaters’ uniforms, specifically the inner thigh region

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