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1. The Southern hemisphere is the southern portion or half of the Earth


2. 33 rows · The Southern hemisphere is the half of the Earth south of the Equator, and it …

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3. Other articles where Southern hemisphere is discussed: scrubland: Biota: …distinct from that of the Southern hemisphere

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4. The Southern hemisphere is the half of Earth south of the Equator, containing 80.9% water (20% more than the Northern Hemisphere) from four oceans, including the Indian, South Atlantic, Southern, and South Pacific)

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5. Because the Southern hemisphere has significantly more ocean and less land, climates tend to be milder than similar latitudes in

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6. To determine which countries are in the Southern hemisphere, one must know which countries lie on the equator


7. The list of Oceanian countries that completely fall within the Southern hemisphere is extensive


8. One-third of Africa is located in the Southern hemisphere.


9. In the Southern hemisphere, the full moon in June is known as the Full Cold Moon or Cold Moon


10. WHY? Because in most of the Southern hemisphere, the winter season truly begins from the month of June

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11. That’s why it will be the first full moon after the occurrence of the winter solstice in the Southern hemisphere.

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12. First of all, the Southern hemisphere accounts for a much smaller share of the Earth’s landmass and population than the Northern one

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13. Astrologers in the Southern hemisphere (SH) look northwards to view the Sun as it creates the zodiac, while astrologers in the northern hemisphere (NH) look southwards to view the same zodiac.

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14. Southern hemisphere Seeds (SHS) was born out of the desire of a group of farmers and industry leaders to make available to the South African market the latest technologies in the world for the production of soya

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15. The Vernal (Spring) Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere is the Autumnal (Fall) Equinox in the Southern hemisphere and vice versa

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16. Dutch-American astronomer Bart Bok once famously stated that “the Southern hemisphere holds all the good stuff,” and he was right

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17. View all ski resorts in Southern hemisphere

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18. Compare Southern hemisphere ski resorts by terrain, mountain stats, number of lifts & acres open & visitor reviews.

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19. Southern hemisphere definition is - the part of the earth that lies south of the equator.

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20. The Southern hemisphere is the area of Earth that is south of the Equator

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21. The Southern hemisphere is home to almost half of the world's conifers including a small number of tropical species that occur in both hemispheres (Table 1)

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22. Southern hemisphere cyclones: Everything you need to know

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23. Meteorologist Chris Tibbs explains how Southern hemisphere cyclone systems develop

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24. Southern hemisphere definition, the half of the earth between the South Pole and the equator

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25. The Southern hemisphere produced four fewer tropical cyclones through Jan


26. The lack of hurricane-strength cyclones in the Southern hemisphere has set records.

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27. The Southern hemisphere influenza season typically peaks around this time of year, but the WHO stated that “the influenza season has not commenced.” The current weekly update does indicate that COVID-19 could be disrupting surveillance and reporting for seasonal influenza, so “data should be interpreted with caution.”

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28. Southern hemisphere cheat sheet

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29. The Southern hemisphere encapsulates all of Antarctica, the south of Asia, approximately one-third of Africa, all of Australia and approximately 90 percent of South America (below the mouth of the Amazon River)

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30. The North Pole, of course, is in the Northern Hemisphere, while the South Pole is at the most southerly part of the Southern hemisphere.

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31. Southern hemisphere synonyms, Southern hemisphere pronunciation, Southern hemisphere translation, English dictionary definition of Southern hemisphere

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32. This bundle contains 9 ready-to-use Southern hemisphere Worksheets that are perfect for students who want to learn more about the Southern hemisphere which is the southern portion or half of the Earth (map)

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33. Moon Map for Southern hemisphere This map depicts the Moon as it will appear from the Southern hemisphere on September 26, 2020, the date of International Observe the Moon Night

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34. The group's pick for the 2009 H1N1 strain is the same as this season's Northern Hemisphere vaccine, but is different than the one included in the current Southern hemisphere vaccine, which is A/Michigan/45/2015

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35. The WHO recommends the following for the Southern hemisphere vaccines: For H1N1, an A/Brisbane/02/2018-like virus


36. Southern hemisphere influenza vaccine will be administered to all permanently or temporarily assigned to an area designated as a Southern hemisphere influenza zone between April and October


37. Northern and Southern hemisphere-designated countries will be identified by the Defense Health Agency or the Type/Combatant Command to which an individual


38. From culturally significant sites in South America such as Machu Picchu and Easter Island to safaris in South Africa and rugged landscapes in New Zealand, these Southern hemisphere hotspots should be on every traveler's list.

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39. It surely does make sense to face north in the Southern hemisphere to attract the most warmth of the sun, as much as it does to face south in the northern hemisphere

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40. In the Southern hemisphere, the UTM zone is a negative value or identified as UTM South

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41. When creating an island, the player has the choice of choosing either a Northern Hemisphere island or a Southern hemisphere island


42. By default, the Northern Hemisphere option corresponds to North America, Europe, and Asia, while the Southern hemisphere option corresponds to Australia and South America.

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43. It is warming faster than the Southern hemisphere, with some of the most rapid warming rates on Earth located in the Arctic, where sea and land ice is …

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44. The Southern hemisphere Space Studies Program (SHSSP) is designed for students, academics and professionals from all disciplines

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45. Countries in the Southern hemisphere are reporting lower numbers of flu cases this year compared with previous years—and health officials are attributing the decline to widespread coronavirus restrictions such as mask wearing, travel restrictions, and social distancing

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46. Perisher, in New South Wales, is the largest resort in the Southern hemisphere

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47. Southern hemisphere Best Track Data Click on a year link in the left-hand column to view or download Best Track Data files for Southern hemisphere tropical cyclones for that year


48. Note that the Southern hemisphere covers both the Southwestern Pacific and Southern Indian Ocean basins.

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49. Dear Tom, Do hurricanes occur in the Southern hemisphere? I’ve never heard of one landing in Brazil


50. The authors examined influenza activity in the Southern hemisphere during June to August 2020 using data reported to the World Health Organization FluNet …


51. Ozone depletion in the stratosphere continues to affect not only ultraviolet (UV) radiation levels at the Earth's surface but also climate in the Southern hemisphere, an international study reports.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between northern and Southern Hemisphere?

Geographical Differences. The Northern Hemisphere refers to the half of the planet that is north of the equator, while the Southern Hemisphere is all of the planet south of the equator.

What are the continents in the southern hemisphere?

Two continents, Australia and Antarctica, are located completely within the Southern Hemisphere, as well as parts of Africa, South America, and Asia. Additionally, the Southern Ocean is located entirely within the Southern Hemisphere, plus parts of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans.

Is the Southern Hemisphere at the bottom of the Earth?

The Southern Hemisphere is the bottom half of Earth that is south of the Equator.

What exists in the southern hemisphere?

One-third of Africa is located in the Southern Hemisphere, and the list includes these countries: Angola Botswana Burundi Comoros Equatorial Guinea Eswatini Gabon Kenya Lesotho Madagascar More items...

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