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1. About 15,000 wetland birds of 26 species, including several vulnerable species, have been recorded at the Yellow River Source area, where an infrared camera captured rare images of snow leopards and black wolves, proving that the natural resources and ecosystem have been restored effectively since the construction of the national park.

Species, Several, Source, Snow, Since

2. Location of Source area, distance from Source area, sorting of sediment 29

Source, Sorting, Sediment

3. Source areas for pollen-slide charcoal are subcontinental to global, and diagrams of pollen-slide charcoal are biased toward nonlocal charcoal

Strong, Source, Slide, Subcontinental

4. Hatoma Island was also a major Source area for simulated coral spawn and larvae arriving in the Kuroshio downstream region

Source, Simulated, Spawn

5. In fact, it was the most important Source area for both the interior


6. The locations of areas generating saturation-excess runoff, typically called variable Source areas (VSAs), depend on topographic position in the landscape and soil transmissivity

Strong, Saturation, Source, Soil

7. Variable Source areas expand and contract in size as water tables rise and fall, respectively.

Strong, Source, Size

8. Variable Source area (VSA) Hydrology is the concept that runoff-generating areas in the landscape will vary in location and size over time

Strong, Source, Size

9. CRITICAL Source area IDENTIFICATION AND BMP SELECTION: SUPPLEMENT TO WATERSHED PLANNING HANDBOOK SUMMARY Effective application of agricultural, urban, and other nonpoint source (NPS) best management practices (BMPs) requires that these measures are properly planned, sited, and sized for implementation.

Source, Selection, Supplement, Summary, Sited, Sized

10. Source areas and relative pollen representation are shown to depend on basin size according to functions that describe the amount of pollen remaining airborne at increasing distances from single pollen sources

Source, Shown, Size, Single, Sources

11. Source area estimates appear to differ by methodology


12. Source area estimates made using lake sediment cores are generally the largest, and those derived from atmospheric sediment traps are generally the smallest

Source, Sediment, Smallest

13. The fact that pollen Source area depends on basin size in the model is a consequence of the small value of the exponent n/2 in Equations (7) and (8) (1' in Equation (4))

Source, Size, Small

14. The Source area of the Yellow River is located in the mosaic transition zones of seasonally frozen ground, and discontinuous and continuous permafrost on the northeastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

Source, Seasonally

15. Variable Source area Hydrology is the concept that the majority of runoff exiting a watershed is driven by a relatively small portion of the watershed

Source, Small

16. We used both time domain (deuterium) and Source area (alkalinity) tracers to reduce uncertainty in simple conceptual rainfall-runoff models applied to a larger (749 km 2 ) heterogeneous catchment with both upland and lowland headwaters

Source, Simple

17. Variable Source area (VSA) Summary Many water quality models use some form of the Natural Resources Conserva-tion Services (formerly Soil Conservation Service) curve number (CN) equation to predict storm runoff in ways that implicitly assume an inīŦltration-excess response to rainfall.

Source, Summary, Some, Services, Soil, Service, Storm

18. Source area 7 is a former unregulated disposal area located north and east of Balsam Avenue in southeast Rockford

Source, Southeast

19. Source area characterization found that the former Oil Landfarm area (Solid Waste Management Unit 1) was contributing to this plume

Source, Solid

20. The cell being copied is called the Source area (or copy area)


21. Untreated Firewood Source area Wildwood State Park TM STATE YORK NEW Preservation and Historic Parks, Recreation 0 25 Miles Legend State Park 50 Mile Allowable Soure Area Asian Longhorned Beetle Quarantine Zone Oak Wilt Quarantine Zone New York State Firewood Regulations-It isillegal to transport untreated firewood more than 50 miles from its

Source, State, Soure

22. Untreated Firewood Source area Westcott Beach State Park TM STATE YORK NEW Preservation and Historic Parks, Recreation 0 25 Miles Legend State Park 50 Mile Allowable Soure Area New York State Firewood Regulations-It is illegal to transport untreated firewood more than 50 miles from its source or origin-It is illegal to bring untreated firewood

Source, State, Soure

23. The Dawn of Hope peat slide: understanding the Source area

Strong, Slide, Source

24. An IDL based code to calculate and output gridded turbulent Source areas following the Kormann and Meixner analytical model


25. Individual Source areas for one time step can be merged into a cumulative Source area for a climatology

Source, Step

26. A conceptual approach to assessing water quality risk in the context of variable Source area hydrology was developed and applied to the New York City (NYC) water supply watersheds

Source, Supply

27. Slope croplands in the water Source area should adopt the tillage measures of TCP and PL.These measures can reduce 85% of the runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus compared to the bare land

Slope, Source, Should

28. 7 hours ago · The Pretoria High Court has issued an interdict preventing a coal mining company from commencing mining and related activities in a Strategic Water Source area

Strategic, Source

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