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1. Sound pressure The Sound pressure is the departure of the pressure from the normal ambient pressure and is expressed as newtons per square metre (N/m2) *

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2. Sound pressure or acoustic pressure is a scalar quantity used to indicate the amplitude level of sound at a specific location in space. It is the deviation from the ambient atmospheric pressure and is caused by a sound wave

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3. Sound pressure depends on the distance the measurement is taken from and in what atmospheric environment it is taken in.


4. Sound pressure is the pressure applied by the sound waves


5. The Sound pressure level is the ratio of the actual Sound pressure and the reference level which is the lowest intensity sound that can be heard by maximum people


6. In other words, a Sound pressure level decides the amount of pressure on the sound.


7. The Sound pressure is the force (N) of a sound on a surface area (m2) perpendicular to the direction of the sound. The SI-unit for the Sound pressure is N/m2 or Pa

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8. The Sound pressure Level in decibel can be expressed as Lp = 10 log (p2 / pref2)


9. The difference between Sound pressure and volume is that the closer that to the source of the sound, the more pressure you will hear

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10. Sound pressure is the difference between the pressure from a sound wave and the ambient pressure of what the sound is traveling through (usually air for our purposes). The reason Sound pressure levels and decibels are so important is that it gives us a numerical scale to work with to help prevent hearing loss.

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11. A Sound pressure is the pressure deviation from atmospheric pressure caused by a sound wave, in pascals. The Sound pressure level (SPL) is a logarithmic measure of the ratio of a Sound pressure over a reference Sound pressure (corresponding to the hearing threshold of a …

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12. Sound pressure is the pressure measured within the wave relative to the surrounding air pressure

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13. Loud sounds produce sound waves with relatively large Sound pressures, while quiet sounds produce

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14. The Sound pressure is a pressure disturbance in the atmosphere, the intensity of which depends on the sound source itself, the environment in which the source is located and the distance between the sound source and receiver

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15. Our ears and acoustic measurement instruments are able to perceive the Sound pressure (LP), but not the sound power (LW).


16. Sound pressure (p) is the average variation in atmospheric pressure caused by the sound


17. The unit of pressure measurement is pascal (Pa) Note: The term 'Sound pressure' may be proceeded by other noise measurement terms such as ‘instantaneous’, ‘maximum’, …

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18. Sound pressure (p) is the change in the atmospheric pressure caused by sound waves radiating from a sound source and measured in pascals

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19. Sound pressure Definition (IEC 801-21-20) root mean square of the instantaneous Sound pressures over a given time interval, unless specified otherwise.

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20. Sound pressure (level) — (A.) Sound pressure: Root mean square of the instantaneous Sound pressures in a stated frequency band and during a specified time …

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21. Sound power is the cause of this, whereas Sound pressure is the effect


22. To put it more simply, what we hear is Sound pressure, but this Sound pressure is caused by the sound power of the emitting sound source

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23. Sound pressure or acoustic pressure is the local pressure deviation from the ambient (average, or equilibrium) atmospheric pressure, caused by a sound wave


24. In the air, Sound pressure can be measured using a microphone, and in water with a hydrophone


25. Sound pressure levels quantify in decibels the intensity of given sound sources

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26. Sound pressure levels vary substantially with distance from source, and also diminish as a result of intervening obstacles and barriers, air absorption, wind and other factors

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27. Sound pressure Level (SPL) , where p o = 2x10-5 N/m 2

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28. Digital Sound Level Meter, Decibel Meter with Backlight Portable Sound pressure Level Meter (SPL)30~130 dBA, Sound Noise Meter Audio Volume Monitoring Instrument Meter for Home Office (Beige-White) 4.2 out of 5 stars 88

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29. Sound pressure synonyms, Sound pressure pronunciation, Sound pressure translation, English dictionary definition of Sound pressure

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30. Sound pressure level, also sometimes referred to as acoustic pressure level, measures the loudest sound that a device can record without distortion

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31. Sound pressure level is denoted Lp and measured in dB


32. To make measuring the Sound pressure level easier, we use the decibel scale.

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33. Sound pressure, on the other hand, is the result of sound sources radiating sound energy that is transferred into a specific acoustical environment and measured at a specific location

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34. Sound power is the cause, and Sound pressure is the effect.


35. Sound pressure is the instantaneous local pressure deviation from the average pressure caused by a sound wave.


36. However, since Sound pressure at any radius from the source is proportional to the square root of the sound power producing it, the decibel scale for expressing the Sound pressure is defined as 20 times the logarithm of the ratio between the measured Sound pressure and 0 dB, because to square a number its logarithm must be doubled.

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37. Sound pressure Level ``Threshold of audibility'' or the minimum pressure fluctuation detected by the ear is less than of atmospheric pressure or about N/mat 1000 Hz


38. Definition of Sound pressure in the dictionary

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39. What does Sound pressure mean? Information and translations of Sound pressure in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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40. Sound pressure level (SPL) measurement of voice and speech is often considered a trivial matter, but the measured levels are often reported incorrectly or incompletely, making them difficult to compare among various studies.

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41. The Sound pressure (RMS) is the most important quantity in sound measurement


42. Our hearing is a Sound pressure receptor, or a Sound pressure sensor, because the eardrums (tympanic membranes) are moved by the Sound pressure as a sound field quantity

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43. That is the important effect of the excess Sound pressure


44. Sound pressure level is the logarithmic measure of the root mean squared (RMS) Sound pressure of a sound relative to a reference value

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45. ‘In positive contribution areas, interior Sound pressure increases as vibration amplitude increases.’ ‘Together these form parabolic troughs leading to the ears that can increase Sound pressure tenfold.’ ‘Those vibrations correspond to the Sound pressure on the …


46. The Sound pressure in air varies over a wide range—from 10 −5 N/m 2 close to the threshold of audibility to 10 3 N/m 2 for very loud sounds, such as the noise of jet airplanes

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47. Sound pressures up to 10 7 N/m 2 are produced in water at ultrasonic frequencies of the order of several megahertz by means of …

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48. Sound pressure, or Sound pressure level, is the result of the pressure variations in the air achieved by the sound waves


49. The lowest Sound pressure which can be heard by humans is called the hearing threshold, the highest which can be endured is known as the pain threshold.


50. ( National Sound pressure League ), High Point, North Carolina


51. The Sound pressure level is equivalent to the mean time-averaged Sound pressure level (in other words, the average of noise measurements at different locations around the source)

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52. Sound pressure is the difference, in a given medium, between average local pressure and the pressure in the sound wave


53. Also, because the ribbon has much less mass it responds to the air velocity rather than the Sound pressure


54. Field levels are used for voltage, current, Sound pressure.


55.Sound pressure is a surrogate for acoustic energy 5

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56. This video provides an introduction to sound power versus Sound pressure and how each is measured


57. The unit for Sound pressure is pascal (Pa), equal to newton per square metre (N/m²)

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58. The Sound pressure may be measured with a pressure sensitive device such as a microphone (for measurements in air) or a hydrophone (for measurements in water)

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59. Sound intensity and Sound pressure, p, in a plane wave are related through the equation:


60. Barometric pressure when Sound pressure is given calculator uses Barometric pressure=Atmospheric Pressure-Pressure to calculate the Barometric pressure, The Barometric pressure when Sound pressure is given is the pressure within the atmosphere of Earth.


61. Sound pressure Level (SPL) Share

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62. Sound intensity with respect to Sound pressure calculator uses sound intensity=pressure rms^2/(Density of air*velocity of sound wave) to calculate the sound intensity, The Sound intensity with respect to Sound pressure is defined as the power carried by sound waves per unit area in …


63. Sound pressure meter (SPL) is meant for noise measurement

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64. The difference in Sound pressure level between two sounds with p1 and p2 is defined as: 20 log (p2/p1) dB where the log is to base 10

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65. Sound pressure Level and Power Sound pressure Level ``Threshold of audibility'' or the minimum pressure fluctuation detected by the ear is less than of atmospheric pressure or about N/m at 1000 Hz


66. ``Threshold of pain'' corresponds to a pressure times greater, but still less than 1/1000 of atmospheric pressure.; Because of the wide range, Sound pressure measurements are made on a logarithmic

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