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1. Sonder - a new way to stay in your favorite neighborhoods around the world.

Strong, Sonder, Stay

2. I had a Sonder, a realization that the random girl sitting next to me inside of Starbucks might have a fantastic life or she might be dealing with a very ill family member

Strong, Sonder, Sitting, Starbucks, She

3. At Sonder Living, we create and curate design-led furniture and accessories, inspiring unique lives in designed spaces.

Strong, Sonder, Spaces

4. UPDATE (01/14/21): I came across a great description of Sonder in a Youtube video the other day, and I thought I should share it here

Strong, Sonder, Should, Share

5. Check out this Youtube video by Vsauce titled "Illusions of Time." The portion that describes Sonder begins at 1

Strong, Sonder

6. SonderMind Video Telehealth™ SonderMind Video Telehealth™ sessions are a safe, convenient, and secure way to see your therapist when time, weather, travel or any of life's curve balls make it difficult to have an in-person session.

Sondermind, Sessions, Safe, Secure, See, Session

7. Sonder is a dynamic team of hospitality, quality, and service-driven people in Bakersfield, California

Strong, Sonder, Service

8. The collaborative entity Sonder took form in 2016, quickly crafting a slew of songs characterized by minimal beats, blurry multi-tracked vocal harmonies, and a fragmented, futuristic take on

Strong, Sonder, Slew, Songs

9.Sonder” is the profound, individual realization that each person you meet is living their own life, that each person has their own world fitted with their own personal worries, pains, pleasures, ambitions, routines, etc– The same as yourself, in a sense, …

Strong, Sonder, Same, Sense

10. Sonder appears to have broken out of the hospitality slump

Strong, Sonder, Slump

11. Sonder provides 24/7 on-demand physical and psychological support technology to the Higher Education sector

Strong, Sonder, Support, Sector

12. As mental health emerging as the major issue during the coronavirus pandemic, Sonder has found 91% of calls now are mental health related.

Strong, Sonder

13. 2017–present: Into, Sonder Son, Fuck the World and Make It Out Alive

Strong, Sonder, Son

14. On January 26, 2017, Sonder released their debut EP Into, for which Duplion named them their "Artist of the Month" for January 2017

Strong, Sonder

15. Sonder is a $1 billion apartment rental company that claims to combine the best parts of hotels and private homes

Strong, Sonder

16. Made up of producers Atu and Dpat with lead vocals by Baltimore-based singer Brent Faiyaz, the collaborative entity Sonder took form in 2016, quickly crafting a slew of singles characterized by minimal beats, blurry multi-tracked vocal harmonies, and a fragmented, futuristic take on traditional R&B

Singer, Strong, Sonder, Slew, Singles

17. Sonder also scored a win in June 2020, when the company announced its latest fundraising round, with an additional $170 million investment led …

Strong, Sonder, Scored

18. Fast and efficient cross country trail bike with Rockshox Rockshox Reba RL forks and Sonder Nova XC wheels

Strong, Sonder

19. Sonder is an RACGP-accredited Quality Improvement (QI) & Continuing Professional Development (CPD) provider and runs regular education and training sessions for health professionals.

Strong, Sonder, Sessions

20. Louder for our friends in the back: subscriptions are now open for Sonder Magazine! This is for our pals who love us long time

Subscriptions, Strong, Sonder

21. Subscribe today and receive new issues of Sonder Magazine delivered to your door, online access to our previous issues and a bimonthly newsletter with all the latest Sonder updates! All for only €20/year.

Subscribe, Strong, Sonder

22. I rented Sonder unit #1134 on 2nd Street in Phoenix

Strong, Sonder, Street

23. This was a 29-day rental that I chose based on the photos and statements about cleanliness in Sonder's marketing materials.

Statements, Strong, Sonder

24. At Sonder, your comfort and wellbeing are our number one priority

Strong, Sonder

25. Beyond these standards, every Sonder is thoughtfully designed to ensure you have an

Standards, Strong, Sonder

26. Sonder is trusted to care and ready to respond to the safety and wellbeing of our members – every minute of every day

Strong, Sonder, Safety

27. Sonder, San Francisco, California

Strong, Sonder, San

28. Sonder ouvre un centre décisionnel international à Montréal et créera des centaines d’emplois de qualité December 16, 2020 December 16, 2020 Continue Reading

Strong, Sonder

29. Sonder Download from Github or DeviantArt Sonder is a Rainmeter skin with the essentials

Strong, Sonder, Skin

30. Sonder's Strategic Finance team is a critical internal function at Sonder that is responsible for: Board and investor reporting, long range forecast and scenario analysis, corporate development / M&A, and fundraising

Strong, Sonder, Strategic, Scenario

31. In June of this year, our team led Sonder's $170M Series E funding, valuing the company at $1.3 billion.

Strong, Sonder, Series

32. Sonder Hospice & Palliative Care provides individualized, compassionate care to patients in Austin, Texas, with serious illnesses through symptom management, education and support

Strong, Sonder, Serious, Symptom, Support

33. Multi-day titanium expedition mountain bike with the SRAM NX Eagle 1x12 groupset, Rockshox Recon forks, and Sonder Nova 650b+ boost wheels; this is designed for big mountain days and fully loaded adventures

Sram, Strong, Sonder

34. At Sonder, we strive to help people in our community live better lives by providing high quality care, health and support services

Strong, Sonder, Strive, Support, Services

35. We are looking for people who align with Sonder’s vision and mission, are enthusiastic and work well in teams

Strong, Sonder

36. [email protected] (08) 8209 0700

Strong, Sonder

37. Lovely was credited on Faiyaz’s SoundCloud as being produced by Sonder, and now

Soundcloud, Strong, Sonder

38. After confirmation, Sonder will reach out to guests through a secure link to gather some information regarding the guests stay

Strong, Sonder, Secure, Some, Stay

39. Sonder may require the guest to provide a photo of their government issued photo ID

Strong, Sonder

40. View deals for Sonder - Jung Residences, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation

Strong, Sonder

41. View deals for Sonder – The Pythian, including fully refundable rates with free cancellation

Strong, Sonder

42. Sonder for Home is a fully online store, offering free island wide delivery

Strong, Sonder, Store

43. Sonderkommando members did not participate directly in killing; that responsibility was reserved for the SS, while the Sonderkommandos ' primary duty was disposing of the corpses

Sonderkommando, Ss, Sonderkommandos

44. The Sonder Camino AL Rival1 was selected for an Editor’s Choice award in 2020

Strong, Sonder, Selected

45. Sonder is proud to offer competitive pay, benefits, and perks in the hospitality industry

Strong, Sonder

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sonder mean?

Top definition. sonder. Briefly, "the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own." Originally from the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, which has a lot more beautiful neologism definitions like this you might enjoy.

Is Sonder a real word?

Sonder is a real word. I can use it and some people will understand it (like my brother, who first introduced sonder to me). We have a similar form to concept binding. That’s how language works.

Who coined the word Sonder?

Coined in 2012 by John Koenig, whose project, The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, aims to come up with new words for emotions that currently lack words. Inspired by German sonder- (“special”) and French sonder (“to probe”).

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