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Synonyms: 1. Legal
1. The plant has sonde Depot the electronic branch machine plants electroplating plants plant parts electronic sonde Depot six plants
2. Selecting optimum sonde of laterolog is the key to "quick look"interpretation
3. The sonde of Array Induction Imaging ToolAITdiffers from the conventional one which consists of one transmitter and several receivers
4. Professor has constructed a measuring sonde based on magnetostriction
5. The theory and method for measuring the sonde errors of horizontal array induction logging tool in half space are discussed and the correction charts and correction formulae are presented
6. An electrode on a laterolog sonde that focuses the current sent by the central current-emitting electrode A
7. sonde Housings have a special anti-vibration structure the effective protection of prober wired and wireless dual-use
8. The apparatus includes a sonde adapted to be moved through the wellbore and a plurality of voltage measurement electrodes are disposed on the sonde at spaced apart locations
9. A meteorological sounding system consisting of a miniature robot plane an aircraft borne digital sonde unit and a ground based subsystem
10. The outside steel case of a cartridge or a sonde in a wireline logging tool
11. At least one current source electrode is disposed on the sonde
12. As there are anisotropy in the media surrounding the sonde the stress coefficients may be fitted with the analytical function of the ellipsoid
13. The section of a wireline logging tool that contains the telemetry the electronics and power supplies for the measurement as distinct from the sonde that contains the measurement sensors
14. The ships are also equipped with a range of weather forecasting equipments including weather radar sonde and weather balloon meteorological satellite image receiving terminal
15. A measurement made by a type of electrode device in which the current flow and hence the measurement is focused in a disk that is concentric with and perpendicular to the sonde
16. This paper introduces the necessity techniques and request of replacing - MSFL mechanical sonde with CSU - DRS
17. This paper mostly describes the type choosing of detectors application of shield materials upon the detector and characteristics and advantages of sonde body innovated design
18. By using the adaptive digital filtering method[http://sentencedictcom/sondehtml] numerical integration of responsing field of the sonde in plane stratified media has been carried out
19. This paper introduces the preparatory work the receiving and sorting out of the sounding data before flying the TD-A digital electronic sonde
20. A sonde is a tracking instrument. As the drill head, the BHA, moves along the design pathway; you can follow its progress through the radio signal it transmits to a receiver on the surface. Using the sonde to track the BHA's progress allows installation accuracy of one inch or less.
21. sonde definition, a rocket, balloon, or rockoon used as a probe for observing phenomena in the atmosphere. See more.
22. sonde definition is - any of various devices for testing physical conditions (as at high altitudes, below the earth's surface, or inside the body).
23. A sonde is a self-contained battery operated transmitter used for tracing the paths of pipes, ducts, sewers and drains and in the precise location of blockages or collapses. 21. Translations of the word sonde from english to finnish and examples of the use of "SONDE" in a sentence with their translations: Drop the sonde and get us a reading. 22.
24. A: sonde One helps employers keep the workplace safe using a simple and fast daily screening protocol for employees. sonde One includes a COVID-19 symptom questionnaire based on CDC guidelines, a temperature check, and an objective assessment of respiratory symptom risk based on Sonde’s proprietary vocal biomarker technology.
25. XT512 Pipe Camera sonde Locator - Live Introduction - Duration: 6:43. Borescopes & Inspection Camera Channel Recommended for you. 6:43. Digitrak repair.
26. Sondes. Sondes are small self-contained battery powered transmitters.Sondes are propelled through non-metallic pipes and ducts and can be located on the surface by a sonde locator or buried utility locator with a sonde mode.Sondes are also built into other products such as a sewer push camera, robotic crawler camera, or attached to a jetter hose.. Sondes come in a variety of sizes which ties
27. Working with a modified Molchanov sonde, Sergey Vernov was the first to use radiosondes to perform cosmic ray readings at high altitude. On April 1, 1935, he took measurements up to 13.6 km (8.5 mi) using a pair of Geiger counters in an anti-coincidence circuit to avoid counting secondary ray showers.
28. Sleek, easy to use with automatic depth calculator for accuracy +/- 10%. The LF 2200 is ready to accurately locate your underground utilities. It comes loaded with 3 built-in industry standard sonde frequencies, 16 Hz (steel or ductile iron), 512 Hz (cast iron or non-metallic) and 8 KHz (nonmetallic only) sondes.
29. Used to locate buried plastic Water Pipes, Gas Pipes and any other non-magnetic utility, Sondes are self-contained transmitters that are used with our cable and pipe locators. Sondes are typically attached to a Flexrod, pushed along the pipe, and the position of the sonde detected from above ground. The Flexitrace product allows the entire path of the pipe to be located, rather than just the end.
30. A dropsonde is an expendable weather reconnaissance device created by the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), designed to be dropped from an aircraft at altitude over water to measure (and therefore track) storm conditions as the device falls to the surface. The sonde contains a GPS receiver, along with pressure, temperature, and humidity (PTH) sensors to capture atmospheric
31. To use the FlexiTrace, the rod or sonde can be energised by using a Radiodetection transmitter and located using a suitable Radiodetection locator. By connecting the output of the transmitter across both stud terminals of the FlexiTrace, only the sonde will be energised and can be used for pinpointing blockages etc.
32. Appropriate use of temporal averaging provides a better estimate of the ABL depth than a single sonde profile can, in spite of the resolution limitations (a few tens of meters typically). Mean wind profiles can be measured to within 1 m s −1 from both Doppler radars and sodars. Adding an acoustic source with a wavelength half that of the
33. To use as a sonde, connect both transmitter leads to the FlexiTrace stud terminals. As the FlexiTrace terminals are not colour coded it does not matter to which terminals the leads are connected. To use the FlexiTrace in line mode, connect the red transmitter lead to one of the FlexiTrace terminals and connect the black transmitter lead to a
34. Use these locator sonde with the Radiodetection underground utility locators and Jameson duct rodders to pinpoint sonde locations and depths or choose a locatable conduit rodders to locate the entire rod length. Top Ten Tips You Should Know Before You Buy An Underground Line Locating System.
35. The vLoc3-Cam is the easiest to use sonde locator on the market today. The omni-directional antenna array allows for approaching the sonde from any position. The directional arrows will guide the user first to the front or rear locate point and then directly to the sondes position. The vLoc3-Cam includes multiple sonde frequencies making it compatibleRead More
36. Flashing LED indicates that sonde is transmitting. Meets FCC Class B and EN 55022 Class B requirements. Support Documents. Brochure Diagnostics and Drain Cleaning Product Catalog (13.28 MB) Catalog Sheet Remote Transmitter Cat Sheet
37. Other EXO sonde Options • EXO2 sonde has 7 ports for the ultimate monitoring platform • EXO3 sonde has 5 ports for a lower cost option using the central wiper • EXO2s sonde offers the same features as the EXO2, but without the battery compartment.

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