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Looking for sentences with "Somersaults"? Here are some examples.

1. How to use somersaults in a sentence. Example sentences with the word somersaults. somersaults example sentences.
2. ‘Level Three were the most difficult containing moves such as back flips, somersaults and full cartwheels.’ ‘His heart turned a somersault at her use of his given name.’ ‘Gymnasts start early and children as young as two use soft apparatus to learn their first somersault and handspring, under the watchful eyes of more than 20
3. somersaults example sentences. 3. Don't allow a child younger than age 6 years to use the trampoline. Allow only one person to use the trampoline at a time. Don't allow flying somersaults or other potentially risky moves on the trampoline without supervision, instruction and proper use of protective equipment such as a harness. Don't allow
4. somersaults highlights the nutty taste of sunflower and sesame seeds with a touch of sea salt on these crunchy nuggets. 5 oz. bag $3.99 Desired quantity for Sea Salt - 5 oz. bag. Add Sea Salt - 5 oz. bag to Your Cart Add to Cart. 6-Count (6 x 5 oz. bag) $22.14
5. The somersaults quest to bake the perfect snack led us to the miraculous sunflower. One serving of sunflower seeds (one half-ounce) is packed with heart healthy "good fats", delivers 3 grams of plant-based protein, and provides a good source of vitamin E.
6. Amber Foister from Johnson City in Tennessee rescued this raccoon when it was just three weeks old. While being taken care of, the cute animal figured out that by performing somersaults she's be
7. How to use somersaults in a sentence. Example sentences with the word somersaults. somersaults example sentences. 36. Sonic using the somersault move on a Caterkiller. The somersault Kick is a move that appeared in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Lost World as one of the moves Sonic can use due to the Parkour system.
8. Definition of somersaults in the D dictionary. Meaning of somersaults. What does somersaults mean? Information and translations of somersaults in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
9. In order to navigate out of this carousel please use your heading shortcut key to navigate to the next or previous heading. Back. somersaults Sunflower Seed Bites, Dutch Cocoa, 6 Ounce, 6 Count 4.5 out of 5 stars 117. $22.74.

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